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84581 Fruits legumes Other Perou Fruits et légumes exotiques 2018-02-02 2016-02-02
  Description : organic Camu Camu (myrciaria dubai)

This is one of the world´s richest sources of NATURAL vitamin C. It raises the spirits, strengthens the immunological and nervous systems, and is a potent antioxidante. It keeps eyes, skin and gums healthy. It helps to maintain a healthy level of white blood corpuscules and detox the body.
84580 Fruits legumes Other Perou Fruits et légumes exotiques 2018-02-02 2016-02-02
  Description : Organic Incan Berries (physalis peruviana)

These have been consumed since Pre-Incan times, they are popular because of their unique flavour (sweet and sour), and significant health benefits. They contain vitamins A and C and bioflavonoids, which give them anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and diuretic properties. They are also a natural tranquillizer.
84579 Epices condiments Other Perou Autres epices condiments 2018-02-02 2016-02-02
  Description : Organic Maca (lepidium meyenni)

Maca is a powerful root from the Peruvian Andes, especially the High Plateau of Junin, used as a food and health source for thousands of years before the Inca period. With its high glucosinolate and macamide content it increases energy levels, and combats physical and mental fatigue and stress. It is important for sportsmen and women because of its effect on physical resistance and mental clarity. It balances the diet, giving protection from manutrition, and raises the libido.
84578 Fruits legumes Other Perou Fruits et légumes exotiques 2018-12-31 2016-02-02
  Description : Organic Arracacha (arracacia xanthorrhiza)

Arracacha, with its pleasant flavour, contains vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. It is especially rich in such minerals as calcium and iron, and Vitamin B3 (niacin), exceeding their content in other tubers and roots such as potato and manioc. The roots contain an easily digestible starch. The bright yellow roots are an undoubted source of Vitamin A.
84572 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Tunisie Autres plantes aromatiques medicinales 2018-02-02 2016-02-02
Description : Nous somme une société Spécialisée dans le séchage, l'extraction et le développement de nombreuses molécules actives
à base de plantes les plantes médicinales de la flore endémique Tunisienne.
plante ou partie de plante séchée (feuille d'olive ,nopal ,persil....)
extrait de feuille d'olive >20% oleuropein
84571 Café, thé, chocolat Other Inde Café & succédanés 0000-00-00 2016-02-02
Description : we have 2 tons of arabica green coffee bean(organic certified)from kodaikanal(4500ft) INDIA
84465 Epices condiments Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Sel 2016-12-31 2016-01-27
Description : Flavoured Sea salt for:
Game meat
84460 Produits sucres Other Emirats Arabes Unis Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche 2018-12-31 2016-01-27
Description : Miel. Propolis. Honey. Pollen.
84459 Epices condiments Other Iran Autres epices condiments 2018-12-31 2016-01-27
Description : Iranian Traditional medicinal plants
84458 Semences Other Iran Semences en vrac 2018-12-31 2016-01-27
Description : all of oily seeds
84457 Produits sucres Other Iran Purée de fruits secs 2018-12-31 2016-01-27
Description : Iranian dried fruit puree for confectionary
84456 Textile Other Iran Tissus 2018-02-02 2016-01-27
Description : Iranian Traditional fabric products
84455 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Egypte Plantes médicinales 2018-12-31 2016-01-27
Description : Chamomile flower (Whole – Pollen – Petals – Dust)
Calendula flower (Whole – Petals)
Hibiscus (flower-slices-TBC)
Dill leaves (L.C - TBC)
Parsley leaves (L.C – TBC)
Basil leaves (L.C – TBC)
Peppermint leaves (L.C – Crushed - TBC)
Spearmint leaves (L.C – Crushed TBC)
Sage leaf
Bay leaf
Fennel seeds
Caraway seeds
Anise seeds
Dill seeds
Coriander seeds
Basil seeds
Fenugreek seeds
Nigella seeds
Lemon grass
Lemon palm
and other kinds of herbs, seeds, spices
72920 Nettoyage & hygiène écologiques Other Inde Nettoyage & hygiène écologiques pour professionnels 2017-06-12 2016-01-27
  Description : 100% organic solutions for cleaning and sanitizing. CLEANECO is completely organic multi-purpose cleaner with unique 3 - in - 1 formula, with cleansing, deodorizing and insect repellence properties. CLEANECO is completely safe, ecofriendly and is an excellent replacement of hazardous and unsafe chemical cleaners, bleaching agents and allergic insect repellents
72921 Intrans Ecocert Inde Autres intrans 2018-03-03 2016-01-27
  Description : Ecopot is formulated in specialized granular form containing unique consortia micro organisms (nitrogen fixing, phosphate solubilizing, potassium mobilizing and disease controlling organisms) with natural plant nutrient supplements.
Granules are specially formulated for slow release of plant growth supplements for extended soil enrichment benefits.
Ecopot is used for soil nutrient management and plant growth promotion.
Benefits :
Triple advantages: Soil nutrient enrichment, plant growth promotion and disease control.
Helps to strengthen roots and helps in plant establishment.
Enhances soil structure and porosity, thus improves water retention capacity.
Development of resistance against bacterial and fungal pathogens.
Provides plant growth promoters facilitating flourished growth of plants.
Helps to boost the soil fertility by increasing the soil micro flora and proving balanced ecosystem.
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