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Offre N°CatégorieOrigineProduitValidité de l'offreDate de l'offre
91387 Fruits legumes Purées de fruits 2020-12-12 2019-05-14
  Description : Organic raspberry puree. Fresh or frozen. Packed in aseptic bag in box or drums.
60377 Fruits legumes Processing 2020-02-10 2019-04-17
  Description : purée de tomates
coulis de tomates
93882 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2019-01-01 2017-12-11
  Description : ORGANIC IQF, Juices, Concentrates, Air dried and Freeze dried fruits of all kinds. Only bulk - business to business
93285 Fruits legumes Fruits et légumes exotiques 2018-12-12 2017-11-06
  Description : Mango
Delivery place: South Africa
88938 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2017-02-10 2016-11-29
  Description : frozen fruits-bio,organice
88721 Fruits legumes Fruits et légumes exotiques 2017-07-07 2016-11-10
  Description : Im looking for exotic fruits. Such as dragon fruit and leechy
63170 Fruits legumes Fruits secs 2018-10-10 2016-10-11
  Description : I am now looking for the organic clover honey from Canada

The details are as below.

Product : Organic Clover (100%) Honey

Origin : Canada or other countries

Packing : Drum (180-220kg)

Quantity : 20$B!G(B dry container loads

Price : C&F Osaka port, Japan
87511 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes 2017-12-31 2016-08-18
  Description : Sommes intéressés pour recevoir des offres sur les fruits et légumes frais.
86659 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes 2018-02-02 2016-06-15
  Description : Any fresh vegetables with Organic Certificate.
86316 Fruits legumes Fruits secs 2018-12-31 2016-05-31
  Description : amandes, noisettes, noix de cajou, raisins sultanines, bananes, pommes, pécan, macadamia, abricot pour distribution
73805 Fruits legumes Etats-Unis Fruits secs 2018-01-05 2016-04-06
  Description : Looking for dried fruits preferable organic.
- Please provide shipping terms FOB Los Angelas, USA.
- Include bulk package size, units per pallets and pallets per 20" container
-Must be able to provide COA
-Product must be approved before offer made
- buyer had the right to change terms
Email address:
81274 Fruits legumes Fruits et légumes exotiques 2015-12-30 2015-04-28
  Description : We are importer of fresh fruit. We are intrested only for high quality organic PAPAYA (solo varieties), PASSION FRUIT (purple varieties) and POMEGRANATE (wonderfull or similar varieties).
80949 Fruits legumes Fruits et légumes exotiques 2017-04-15 2015-04-08
  Description : Fruit and veg originating from Jamaica.
79962 Fruits legumes Purées de fruits 2016-03-10 2015-02-02
  Description : Organic dried fruits
79825 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2028-02-20 2015-01-23
  Description : we are looking for
10 tons Organic raspberries, IQF
Would you be so kind as to send us an offer.
Could you please send us the specifications and the certificate of analysis along with the offer?
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