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64038 Cereales derivados Australian Certified Organic Australia Harina 2017-04-10 2015-07-15
  Descripción : Australian Certified Organic Besan Flour - milled in same mill used for wheat flour from Desi Chickpeas -
66915 Frutas y verduras Ecocert China Otras frutas y verduras 2017-11-15 2015-06-30
  Descripción : red jububes

Organic Dried Jujubes-Red&Black Series:We use high-quality organic jumbo jujubes which planted along the Yellow River; we sift impurities and broken berry out strictly to achieve 95% guaranteed purity
66914 Frutas y verduras Ecocert China Frutas y verduras exóticas 2017-12-12 2015-06-30
  Descripción : Organic Dried Goji Berry Series – Superior: We adopt international quality standards from picking, washing, to processing and sift impurities and broken berry out strictly to achieve high guaranteed
81874 Productos cosméticos Other La India otros Productos cosméticos 2018-06-12 2015-06-30
  Descripción : Nirja henna natural powder is used for body decoration, temporary tattooing on the skin as well as on hair. The herbal natural henna powder is derived from henna leaves grown on an evergreen shrub 3” to 5” tall which is slow growing, bright green, foliage, dense and compact with dainty. The leaves of this shrub are dried naturally and then finely meshed to get the henna natural powder. The henna natural powder contains no artificial ingredients which can harm the skin or hair. The henna paste made from henna natural powder has been used as a mark of celebration in different festivals and occasions like Diwali, Eid, weddings etc. since years.
81778 Cereales derivados Other Paquistan Arroz, trigo negro sarraceno, avena, centeno, diversos 2017-10-10 2015-06-23
Descripción : When you have a demand for Organic certified brown and white Super Basmati rice, than do not hesitate to ask me a quote. we have superb quality from Pakistan and have good prices.That is the reason we work in Europe, with a lot of the biggest traders. We have NOP USDA organic en sell in bulk and private label pp and paper packaging

Super Organic White Rice (Crop 2014-15)



Broken Max


Damage Dis, Dis color



7.15 mm

Constrasting Variety Max




Kett Degree (Whiteness)




Foreign Matter


Super Organic Brown Rice (Crop 2014-15)



Broken Max


Min Milling Yield


Damage Heat/Yello


Damage Dis, Dis color



7.40 mm







Paddy Grains






Other Varieties

72529 Productos del mar Other Madagascar Algas 2017-03-30 2015-06-04
Descripción : La société Madalg est spécialisée dans la culture d’algues rouges de la famille Kappaphycus Alvarezii ou Eucheuma Cottonii Alvarezii dans le sud-ouest de Madagascar plus précisément sur la commune de Morombe.

A terme nos sites de productions s'étendront sur 150 hectares, et notre prévisionnel de production est de l’ordre de 10 000 tonnes par an.
Toute la production est intégrée, nous contrôlons de ce fait tout le process depuis le bouturage en mer jusqu’au compactage des algues.
Un laboratoire de contrôle qualité et en cours d’installation.
Actuellement la société compte plus d’une centaine de personne dédiée à la production.
Le staff de la société est Français, la supervision terrain est assurée par des locaux.

Notre démarche est de pouvoir proposer une source d’approvisionnement en algues rouges pour l’extraction de Carraghénanes avec une approche Qualité et ainsi sécuriser une partie de vos productions.
62788 Bebidas Other La India Bebidas a base de plantas (tisanas, concentrados, elixires) 2017-12-31 2015-05-26
  Descripción : Lakefield Farms - The Art of Tea Drinking:
25 round tea bags in a silver tin that preserves freshness (5 flavours). Label design by an Indian Artist exclusivly for this brand.

Weikfield Organic - The awarded elegant Design Box
The independent International Quality and Taste Institute ITQI, Brussels, awarded our Weikfield Organic Golden Mango Tea with the Superior Taste Award 2006. Organic Tea in squared tea bags and packed in hermetically sealed sachets to preserve freshness.
81527 Frutas y verduras Other Perou Frutas secas 2017-01-29 2015-05-21
Descripción : We are a freeze dry company, our team has 30 years of experience in the freeze died industry, we specialized in Tropical Organic Fruits and Fair Trade, Banana Slices, Mango Chunks
71982 Cafè, té, chocolate Ceres Filipinas Azúcar 2017-12-30 2015-05-21
Descripción : organic coconut sugar made from freshly harvested 100% pure coconut sap
72042 Productos dietéticos Other Australia Otros productos dietéticos 2017-10-10 2015-05-21
  Descripción : We offer a wide variety of eating options to suit all dietary requirements. Choose from hot or cold food, coffee carts and snacks, platters and buffets, formal dinners or BBQ’s, with full service and equipment available
72047 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other E.E.U.U. otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2017-02-01 2015-05-21
  Descripción : Freshana's® fully organic Air Purifier eliminates odors instantly!

It is completely safe for kids, adults and pets. It doesn’t mask odors like the harsh or “scented” products on store shelves. It actually gets RID of odors, and leaves you with an odor-free, toxic-free, environment. Saving you time and money!

The Freshana Air Purifier that you are looking at right now is revolutionizing industries: hotel, manufacturing, and, soon, the oil industry – and you can have all three industries right in your own home or small business – and you can have it all in one aerosol can.

You think there may be an odor too strong for our Freshana Air Purifier? It eliminates the worst of the worst: fish, urine, feces, bodies, pets, ammonia, food, cigarette and cigar smoke – you name it! Our Air Purifier can turn a smelly room or house into a place that is as fresh as the great outdoors in seconds – and do it organically.

Freshana® is the ONLY patented, all-natural, food-grade, 100% organic, complete odor remediator in the world!

Case of twelve 14-ounce or 2.5-ounce cans.
81519 Especias condimentos Ecocert La India Especias, pimienta 2017-02-15 2015-05-21

81518 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Iran Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2018-12-10 2015-05-21
Descripción : 1. Dried Roses
We can supply all kind of Dried Roses specially Damask Rose and Sanaz Roses in different sizes and colors.

2. Borage
3. Manna of hedysarum
4. Tragacanth
All kind of Herbs are available upon your request.
81517 Especias condimentos Other Iran Otras especias condimentos 2018-12-10 2015-05-21
Descripción : Saffron from Iran is the best product in the World. Our product is organic and high quality.
81516 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Iran Plantas medicinales 2017-01-05 2015-05-21
  Descripción : Organic medicinal plants

About us:

Leading company in research, development and manufacturing of herbal medicine products in Iran

Development of traditional medicine in Iran by producing natural products in the form of modern and competitive pharmaceuticals (industrializing of traditional pharmaceuticals);
Iran’s efficient entry into regional and trans-regional herbal medicine market and export of herbal pharmaceutical product from raw materials to finished goods;
Quality and quantity promotion of organic farming industry in order to produce healthy natural product in the country;
Creating direct and indirect job opportunity for hundreds of people in the country.
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