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91384 Especias condimentos Especias, pimienta 2019-12-12 2019-05-14
  Descripción : Organic nutritional yeast, dried ginger, sumac berries (whole or powdered), parsley
91385 Especias condimentos Ajos, cebollas 2019-12-12 2019-05-14
  Descripción : Organic roasted garlic. Fresh, flaked or powdered.
91386 Especias condimentos Cocidos (mostaza y legumbres condimentos) 2020-12-12 2019-05-14
  Descripción : Organic dijon mustard. Packed in bag in box or drums.
93727 Especias condimentos Aceitunas, alcaparras 2019-11-10 2017-11-28
  Descripción : Throumba unsalted dried
Delivery place: Australia
86822 Especias condimentos Especias, pimienta 2018-12-31 2016-06-22
  Descripción : We are one of the leaders in the U.S. spice and food industry. We are a direct importer, distributor and wholesaler with the finest quality spices, herbs, nuts and many ingredients. Our mission is for the American people to easily have tasty meals that are prepared with nutritious ingredients.
84096 Especias condimentos Otras especias condimentos 2018-02-02 2016-01-08
  Descripción : Dry Herbs
Delivery place: Israel
82155 Especias condimentos Otras especias condimentos 2017-02-15 2015-07-24
  Descripción : Poppy Seeds
Star Anise
82060 Especias condimentos Especias, pimienta 2018-02-02 2015-07-17
  Descripción : Black Pepper,

Delivery place : Germany
81782 Especias condimentos Otras especias condimentos 2017-01-29 2015-06-23
  Descripción : Curcuma en polvo y en raiz...
81757 Especias condimentos Especias, pimienta 2015-09-19 2015-06-19
  Descripción : curcuma en polvo y en raiz. Pimienta negra en polvo.
81166 Especias condimentos La India Especias, pimienta 2015-12-31 2015-04-29
  Descripción : My name is Ganesh and I live in New York City. I am in the process of starting an online organic spice company/brand and am currently looking for suppliers. My aim is to provide the absolute best quality, organic, fair trade, spices to the US market under a new brand marketing in unique ways. On my website, I plan to make short written articles which include stories, videos and photos of farmers actually planting, growing and harvesting the spices. In addition to purchasing from you, I need to be able to put me in contact with some of your farmers (or cooperatives) who you source from so that I can create videos/content for my. Here is a sample kind/type of video and article that I plan to do (except on farmers in India): )

I am currently at the information gathering stage so I am not ready to place an order just yet, but would like to ask a few questions and gauge your interest in partnering with me.

1. Do you currently ship in bulk to the US?

2. Are all of the exporting requirements, customs, etc. must be handled on your end.

3. Where can you ship to? Is it to a port in the US? I need the shipment to Brooklyn, New York.

4. I must be able to label and sell the product under my own brand. I need you to keep my purchase confidential.

5. I would like to know your bulk price for the following products: Black Pepper (tellicherry), White Pepper Ground, Ginger Ground, Turmeric Ground, Cardamom Whole, Clove Whole, Nutmeg Whole, Nutmeg ground, Vanilla Whole, Coriander powder, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, kashmiri chili powder, oils? Send me a price sheet for everything.

6. How much would the bulk price be for shipping and any additional fees to the US?

7. I need products only with pre-existing USDA Certified as well as other fair trade and organic certifications. Please make sure you send me all of the certifications that you have.

Thank you very much. I prefer email to any other contact.

80948 Especias condimentos Otras especias condimentos 2017-02-15 2015-04-08
  Descripción : Dried Culinary and medicinal herbs from Jamaica.
80942 Especias condimentos Especias, pimienta 2018-12-10 2015-04-08
  Descripción : Organic Spices
Delivery place: UK
79963 Especias condimentos Otras especias condimentos 2017-01-05 2015-02-02
  Descripción : Organic spices
78953 Especias condimentos Otras especias condimentos 2015-12-10 2014-11-20
  Descripción : Organic Spices
Delivery place: Portugal
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