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98478 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other Nepal Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para consumidores 2022-01-01 2019-12-05
Descripción : We are the manufacturer and exporter of handmade felt wool laundry dryer balls from Himalayan country Nepal. Our products are all handmade natural and eco-friendly, made of 100% wool. We are the largest manufacturer of felt products in Nepal . We are exporting felt wool dryer ball and soapnuts to North America, Europe and Japan since 2015.
57562 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Soil Association Certification Ltd Reino Unido Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para consumidores 2021-12-31 2019-11-04
  Descripción : Ecosoapia Hand & Body Wash is a range of 100% organic (soil association certified) liquid soaps made from the purest natural
ingredients using organic oils and plant extracts. Available in seven scents, all products will smooth and condition your whole
body, whilst being completely free of any chemicals, toxins or harmful preservatives.

As a product which is used regularly, it is essential to use a body wash which helps regain skins’ moisture and is kind to skin. The
absence of nasty chemicals that are found in much soap and the subtle scents make Ecosoapia ideal for frequent use. Offered in
minimal packaging, the soaps are an affordable, everyday luxury.

The range includes seven varieties:
- Almond is for those with a sweet tooth. The warm, sweet and sensuous scent is perfect for anytime
- Eucalyptus can be used to clear heads. It will give a lighter and brighter start to the day
- Lavender is the most relaxing scent. Its calming properties will enable a good night’s sleep if used before bedtime
- Peppermint is a fresh and clean scent which will help in giving that extra kick in the morning
- Rose Geranium is purifying and calming, the traditionally English scent is the ultimate feminine luxury
- Tea Tree includes antiseptic and antibacterial oil which will wash away all germs whilst leaving skin soft and smooth
- Unscented is for those with especially sensitive skin. Free from essential oils, it will keep skin silky without giving any

Ecosoapia uphold their environmentally friendly philosophy by using minimal packaging and donating 10% of all profits go to
Iracambi (registered charity) to help conserve the rainforest. Ecosoapia has also been included in the ‘Good Shopping Guide’
which only promotes ethical products and companies.
76523 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other La India otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2020-10-10 2019-06-05
  Descripción : Soapnuts are highly-effective and gentle at the same time. It will leave your laundry fresh and clean and compared to other detergents, its mildness will keep colours bright, maintaining fabric structure of your clothes for longer periods. It can be used on all fabrics and at all temperatures. It is a 100% substitute to normal detergents.
Soap nuts are allergy-free and hence are good for your skin especially good for babies, eczema and sensitive skin. This chemical free product is excellent for washing children’s clothing. Soapnuts are Hypoallergenic. They are naturally antibacterial and antifungal and very gentle on the skin.
Washing your skin regularly with soapnuts can also help prevent many skin diseases and is gentle enough to look after your skin. The chemicals in detergents are absorbed through the skin and into the blood stream. In comparison, soapnuts are a 100% natural product.
70928 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other La India Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas 2020-03-02 2019-04-03
  Descripción : VERDURE HERBALS is the largest exporter & supplier of Soapnut shells fine powder which is 90% water soluble & used as Eco-Friendly washing detergent
72920 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other La India Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas 2020-06-12 2019-02-25
  Descripción : 100% organic solutions for cleaning and sanitizing. CLEANECO is completely organic multi-purpose cleaner with unique 3 - in - 1 formula, with cleansing, deodorizing and insect repellence properties. CLEANECO is completely safe, ecofriendly and is an excellent replacement of hazardous and unsafe chemical cleaners, bleaching agents and allergic insect repellents
62565 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Ecocert Espana Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas 2020-12-15 2019-02-25
  Descripción : Fabricamos el preciado jabón de Alepo importamos y distribuimos otros productos naturales certificados o con ficha técnica de seguridad como:

Aceite de Argan. Aceite de Nigella Sativa, Manteca de Karité, Arcilla Roja, Barros, Sales y agua del Mar Muerto. Piedra de Alumbre en distintos formatos (piedra, polvo y pulverizable) Agua de rosas de Damasco, agua de Azahar..

También contamos con productos naturales elaborados: Leche corporal de aceite de Sésamo y Manzanilla, Jabón Negro de Hamman , Champú y Gel para distintos tipo de cabellos, Jabones líquidos fabricados en frió y Certificados Bio.

Otros productos de nuestra firmas son: Guantes de Lufa, y Hamman (para aplicación del jabón negro) Correa de Lufa y cepillos corporales así como las cajas de artesanía Siria, Jaboneras en mármol y madera natural.

Disponemos de una gama de jabones naturales para el lavado de la ropa a mano o a maquina: Jabón en escamas o líquido, natural o con esencia de Jazmín.

Nuestra Compañía esta innovando en presentación de productos y formulación de nuestra propia línea de cosmética

Trabajamos con tiendas y distribuidores con tarifa especial para el sector.

Nuestras materias las pueden solicitar por Kg o Litros ideales para centros de belleza, Spa o profesionales del sector que deseen formular sus propias cremas y productos,
72047 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other E.E.U.U. otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2020-02-01 2018-12-12
  Descripción : Freshana's® fully organic Air Purifier eliminates odors instantly!

It is completely safe for kids, adults and pets. It doesn’t mask odors like the harsh or “scented” products on store shelves. It actually gets RID of odors, and leaves you with an odor-free, toxic-free, environment. Saving you time and money!

The Freshana Air Purifier that you are looking at right now is revolutionizing industries: hotel, manufacturing, and, soon, the oil industry – and you can have all three industries right in your own home or small business – and you can have it all in one aerosol can.

You think there may be an odor too strong for our Freshana Air Purifier? It eliminates the worst of the worst: fish, urine, feces, bodies, pets, ammonia, food, cigarette and cigar smoke – you name it! Our Air Purifier can turn a smelly room or house into a place that is as fresh as the great outdoors in seconds – and do it organically.

Freshana® is the ONLY patented, all-natural, food-grade, 100% organic, complete odor remediator in the world!

Case of twelve 14-ounce or 2.5-ounce cans.
64240 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other Filipinas otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2019-02-10 2018-08-28
Descripción : DNAMAXX Enzymes are purely organic and biodegradable that makes it 100% environmentally and ecologically friendly. It is 100% safe to humans, animals, plants, marine life and the soil. Guaranteed safer, cheaper and more effective substitute to Chemical Deodorizers, Sanitizers, Fertilizers and Resigens utilized in garbage management, agricultural farming and disease fogging operations.

Equally important, DNAMAXX Enzyme is a DISEASE BUSTER, effectively destroying the larval stage of insects, thus preventing the spread of insect and water borne diseases, containing outbreaks of the following thru intensified clean-up operations at the safest means possible - DENGUE, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Epidemic Typhus, Onchoceriasis (River Blindness), Filiariasis, Dracunculiasis and Sleeping Sickness. Regular use of DNAMAXX Enzyme accelerates the degradation of organic wastes and averts
the excessive build-up of nitrates and phosphorous that pollutes the environment. It can prevent these diseases by reducing water contamination.

BD-CSS believes that we bring the feasible solution to the country’s problems in Environmental Management, Agricultural Productivity, Health Consciousness, Solid Waste and Waste Water Management. These solutions should and must be synonymous with economic growth. On the other hand, referring to the DNAMAXX Enzyme Disease Buster, it is unfortunate that DENGUE outbreaks and waterborne diseases throughout the country has reached critical levels with a Seventy-Five Per cent (75%) Increase in recorded cases from the same time the previous year. And even if immediate and decisive action is to be undertaken in resolving the problem - to contain the outbreaks and intensify clean-up operations, the Department of Health (DOH) is to make a thorough assessment of the situation in employing the safest means possible.

BD-CSS is the Distributor of DNAMAXX Enzyme. Other products include the Dengue Buster, Enzol, Micronutri and the Manigo Organic Fertilizer. Orders are delivered within two to three days from time of issuance of a Purchase Order. DNAMAXX Enzyme is an award-winning product – a Grand Winner for the LIKHA AWARD Category of the 2006 UNLAD PILIPINAS AWARDS. Should your good office find interest in this breakthrough product, BD-CSS is willing to demonstrate to you and your technical working group the efficacy and usefulness of our product at your convenience.
83088 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other Turquia Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas 2019-02-02 2018-04-18
Descripción : Our company is an Istanbul based manufacturing company which was founded by the engineers who like chemistry as a profession in 1994 to produce hygienic industrial products which are indispensable elements for healthy living and offer related technical services.
83296 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other Brasil otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2019-08-30 2018-01-18
Descripción : Organic Technology Company, green chemistry, produces blends with objective is to develop natural and biodegradable cleaning products - compared to the chemicals present in the current market
66505 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other Canada otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2019-02-20 2017-10-04
  Descripción : Certified organic mint and lemon: Antiseptic, anti-viral, promotes micro-circulation. Stops bad breath.

Without fluor, sulfates, gluten, paraben, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or other chemicals.
66340 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other La India Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para consumidores 2018-08-14 2017-01-16
Descripción : We manufacture a range of Soaps, creams, scrubs and lip balms high up in the Himalaya's. Sustainably manufactured using the classic cold process method. Each bar of soap is hand cut and for two months cured in the pure himalayan air and individually packed. No artificial color or preservatives.
88732 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other La India otros Limpieza y higiene ecológicos 2018-12-31 2016-11-10
Descripción : Wet Bee venom :
Apitoxin, or honey bee venom is a bitter colorless liquid. Its active portion a mixture of proteins (Enzymes), peptides, Biogenic amines, Amino Acids sugars, Volatiles (Pheromones) and Minerals. Venom is quickly dried when extracted from honey bees. The mixture of proteins, which causes local inflammation and acts as an anticoagulant. A honeybee can inject 0.1 mg of venom via its stinger.
Hole Dried Bee Venom(Crude venom):
Honey Bee Venom is a colorless fluid It becomes a white powder like material after drying, if it is protected from oxidation. If it is not protected from oxidation the color will change from white to brownish yellow. Changes caused by oxidation may decrease its healing effect.
Medical grade Bee venom(Lyophilized):
In Order to get Purified bee venom, SP Organic EVA followes Purification and lyophilization Procedure to eliminate all Contaminants and preservation protocol to protect from moisture and light which can be stored for five years or more. It will not lose its toxicity. It is widely used in creams, liniments and ointments. In a tablet form, it can be used to prepare venom solution for electrophoresis or ultrasonophoresis applications. It is easy to sterilize with syringe filtration.
88723 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other Francia Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas 2018-02-02 2016-11-10
Descripción : Gammes de textiles de nettoyage, nouvelle génération, brevetées, particulièrement efficaces, pour l'absorption des salissures par capillarité, le récurage et efficaces dans 80 % des cas sans agent chimique.
Nos solutions sont couplées, lorsque cela est nécessaire, d’une gamme de produits nettoyants Eco Plus, désinfectants, agréés agroalimentaire.
58629 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Ecocert Francia Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para consumidores 2018-04-20 2016-11-07
  Descripción : Natural Soaps (ECOCERT/USDA Certified) CosmeSoap specializes in vegetable based soaps for spas, thalassotherapy centers, and beauty and aromatherapy institutes. Our natural soaps can be customized using essential oils (sweet almond, ylang ylang, and evening primrose oil etc.), plant extracts ( lavender, geranium, green tea, ginkgo biloba, seaweed, etc.), as well as with grape or orange extract. Natural ingredients such as honey, shea butter, and clay can be used to create soaps with detoxifying, exfoliating, hydrating, or massaging qualities depending on your specific needs.
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