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Description : We are an Indian company, which manufactures and markets a unique line of active sportswear made of 100% organic cotton. This natural cotton is without chemicals or dyes. The colours of the cotton are natural and organically grown.

Our Belief --- By nurturing, protecting and respecting our planet, its natural resources and its inhabitants, we enrich our own lives and those of future generations.

Our Fabrics: 100 % certified organic cotton grown in villages of India.
Other natural fibers and fabrics .

Our Dyes: We use plants and vegetables to extract the colours .These are 100% chemical free , even the water used is from Tube wells . Following are the botanical names of the vegetables and the shades we derive from them. We are also mentioning the nearest pantone colours which these vegetables give.
Control Union


We manufacture 100% organic cotton knit velour fabrics (perfect for stuffed toys and babywear and bedding)and all types of organic cotton knit garments.

We import Contol Union certified yarns and process them into fabrics and garments under our strict control in China. Our name and detailed yarn description appears on each transaction certificate.

We use environmentally-friendly European dyestuffs (Clariant) that are AZO-free, heavy metal-free and formaldehyde-free.

As a result, we offer excellent quality fabric and garments and direct traceability that our cotton is truly organic.

We require that the Union Asia name appear on each transaction certificate and a copy is delivered with each shipment to our customers. This enables our customers to track specific Control Union certified yarn shipments to us that relate directly to their production -- not many steps removed from certification like some other suppliers.

We have exported our products to customer in the EU, Australia, US, Brazil, Hong Kong and Canada.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : We have developed an online International Directory of Essential Oil Distillers. On the directory there is business and contact information for 40 distillers from 17 countries.

If you are looking for Essential Oil Distillers to purchase organic essential oils from directly, please visit us at

The cost to join the directory is $250.

If you have any questions please feel free to email.

Kind regards,
Andrea Butje
Raw materials & supplements
Description : Welcome to Vanilla Venture, delicacy wholesale. Vanilla Venture is a food import company specializing in the sourcing and provision of fine foods from around the world
Dietetic & health foods
Energy biscuit bars
Description : Energy-Box

Balanced nutrition means low fat, low sugar, much energy. Not only for sporting people we created our ENERGY-BOX: Fibre-rich cereals for breakfast, banana chips and fruit bars for now and then.

Be active - stay active!

Content: 1 x organic cereal, fibre-rich 375 gr, 1 x organic banana chips 125 gr, 3 x organic fruit bars a 40 gr
Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Present-Box "Espana"

Taste the sun of Spain... Organic red wine "Tempranillo" seasoned in oak vats combined with spanish organic almonds. Incidentally almonds are rich in minerals and B-vitamins.

Content: 1 x organic red wine 'Terra del Mana' 0,75 l, 1 x organic almonds brown 200 gr, organic almonds blanched 200 gr
Dietetic & health foods
Food supplements
Description : Vitamin-Box

Vitamins are an important part of a balanced nutrition: That is why we assorted products with a high content of vitamins:fruit juice, dried fruits, fruit cereal and fruit bars

100 % organic - 100 % great taste

Content: 1 x organic cereal with dried berries 375 gr, 1 x organic fruit juice 330 ml, 2 x organic fruit bars a 40 gr, organic dried fruits 100 gr
Grocery products
Other grocery products
Description : Bavarian Snack-Box
Two tasty kinds of organic cold sausage from Swabia, organic whole-grain bread from Franconia, a bottle of Bavarian organic surely will enjoy this solid meal at home or at a picnic.

Content: 2 x tins organic cold sausage a 200 gr, 1 x 0,5 l organic beer, 3 x organic whole-grain bread a 50 gr
Fruit & vegetables
Dried fruit
Description : We offer the following product range packed in consumer packs under our brand name "Taste of Nature:

organic hazelnuts

organic hazelnuts chopped

organic roasted hazelnut powder

organic almonds

organic almonds blanched

organic almonds chopped

organic roasted almond powder

organic blanched almond sticks

blanched and sliced almonds

During 2008 dried fruit and nut mix will be added to our product range.
Fruit & vegetables
Dried fruit
Description : Organic Dried fruits (Mango, pineapple, papaya, banana, coconuts, chocolate) as snacks
Description : We make Yoga clothes and Yoga accessories
Oils for cooking & dressing
Control Union
Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : VCO is Virgin Coconut Oil .
Oil from coconut by natural processing with low temperature, by destilation.
Under USDA Organic by Control Union Certifications
Herbs, spices & condiments
Control Union
Cooked (mustard and pickles)
Description : Ginger Pickles
Herbs, spices & condiments
Control Union
Spices, peppers
Description : Cinnamon/Cassia Vera, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cardamon, Black/White Pepper
Herbs, spices & condiments
Control Union
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Gambier, Galangal, Long Pepper, Cubeb
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