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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
39070 Fruits legumes Ecocert Fruits et légumes exotiques
Description : I am the representative of a group of organic exotic fruits producers from Cameroon.
We are EcoCert certified for some of us
We produce papayas, pineapples, bananas, mangos dried and fresh.
39068 Produits sucres Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Miel, gelée royale, tous produits de la ruche
Description : We are beekeepers organic production dedicated to the beehive, extracting honey, pollen, propolis and jelly.
Our hives are in protected natural areas, high biological value, as the nature reserve of the Montes de Málaga, Paraje Natural Ardales, Sierra de las Nieves (Biosphere Reserve) etc.
Our flora is the typical scrub and some Mediterranean forest. (Rosemary, cantueso, thyme, broom, alhuaga, almoradur, rockrose, jaguarzo, heather, oak, cork oak, eucalyptus, altabaca, thistles, almond, etc.
Handle with hives differentiation chamber chamber breeding and honey or hike melaria extracting honey from these latest with what is not altered the organization of the chamber succeed in breeding and honey higher quality with a moisture content less. The extraction of honey is totally craft, as well as packaging.
We offer our honey in glass bottles ½ and 1 kilogram, in boxes of 15 and 12 jars respectively.
We also offer our honeys bulk packaging, exporters and importers, ect.
We have honey multiflorales of woods and Mediterranean maquis, monoflorales thyme, rosemary, as well as other blooms Azahar, chard, oak, broom, etc. in small quantities.
Our production is organic and is certified by CAAE. control sistem EC ES-AN-00-AE.
We are interested in selling our products to mergado internationally.
If you are interested in our products, please contact us and we will send prices.
Telephone: 0034-659067132
39239 Services Other Consulting
Description : Irashai Services Ltd was set up in 2005 to help support European Businesses with cultural advice and also export compliance training.
The business supports producers from the EU/UK to sell their products in Japan as well as Japanese producers who wish to sell their organic products in the UK/EU.
30200 Produits diététiques Other Autres produits dietetiques
Description : 01) The Nutrition Facts of red rice bran consists of
68 vitamins and minerals and 107 anti-oxidants.
02) This native organic product is derived from the
pastoral-system red rice that is organically-grown
on mid-elevation volcanic soil from Mount Isarog
in Camarines Sur, Bicol Province.
03) It has the identical traits as that of the
wild-harvest magenta rice described above.
04) For a comprehensive information on rice bran,
please consult the Internet.
05) This organic red rice bran and rice germ
is raw and unprocessed. Its natural state
remains unchanged for five (5) months until
the enzyme lipase and living organisms
begin to take hold and affect product.
8687 Fruits legumes Sohiscert Sa Légumes frais
Description : Potatoe var. Kennebec, Red Pontiac, Agria. Big-bags or 10kg bags with Bio-label.

Onions var. Grano, also peeled. Big-bags or 10kg nets with Bio-label

Delivery Perpignan palets 1100 Kgs.
39260 Céréales dérivés Other Oléagineux, protéagineux (colza, tournesol, soja, sésame, pois, fèves)
Description : we have organic soybean,kidney bean,adzuki bean, buckwheat, sunflowerkernels, millet, flaxseeds,and so on,

we have our own organic farms and processing factories,which are certified as organic.

we have always exported to European, USA and Japan market for good quality and service.

if you have some purchse plan, pls contact me directly. I hope we will have the chance to cooperate in the future.

your reply will be much apprecited
39257 Produits diététiques Soil Association Certification Ltd Compléments alimentaires
Description : NEW V-Pro™ is the innovative powdered protein supplement for adding to drinks and meals.

Approved by the Vegetarian Society, it’s suitable for all vegetarians and vegans
With its delicate nutty flavour it can be added to virtually any drink or meal, from breakfast cereals, Yoghurts, smoothies and shakes, soups, pasta dishes – it can even be used in baking!
V-Pro™ contains all essential amino acids - and a single serving provides 35% of the Guideline Daily Amount of protein based on a 2,000 calorie diet
V-Pro™ is low in fat, and free from dairy, wheat, gluten, soya, nuts and cholesterol
Approved by the Soil Association - it's completely organic and non-GM
V-Pro™ is easy to digest, and helpful to the digestive system - milled entirely from live viable hemp
39234 Céréales dérivés Argencert Autres cereales derives
Description :
Brokens: Max. 8%
Moisture: Max. 13.5%
Paddy: Max. O,3 %
Foreign Matter: 0.30%
1000 kg Bags
39175 Céréales dérivés Other Oléagineux, protéagineux (colza, tournesol, soja, sésame, pois, fèves)
Description : The Xenon International company is situated in the heart orange city Nagpur ,India.The company has been working with organic farming producer.Certification by SKAL.
our farmer\'s group take the succsesful new crops and the crops are available for sell.the products as :-soyabean,toor (arher)
38385 Epices condiments Ecocert Autres epices condiments
Description : le gingembre séché: il es fendu en deux et séché. Taux d’humidité 8 -13 % maxi.
38389 Fruits legumes Ecocert Autres fruits legumes
Description : Emballage
Grade A sacs PP de 12 ,5kg net (pour garder les fleurs entières)
Autres: sacs PP de 25 kg net ou selon demande du client

Quantité par conteneur
Grade A
Maxi 7 MT par 40\'
Grade B
6 MT par conteneur 20\'
12 MT par conteneur 40\'
39142 Produits diététiques Control Union Compléments alimentaires
Description : capsulas de 500 mg.
potes de 100 unidades.
potes de 200 , 500 gr.
bolsas de 1 , 2 5 kilos.
39141 Ingredients Control Union Ferments lactiques, levures, mélasse et sucre
Description : granulada en bolsas de kilo.
39140 Fruits legumes Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Fruits ou légumes surgelés
Description : entero , en rodajas , en porciones
39139 Fruits legumes Agreco R.f. Göderz Gmb. Fruits ou légumes sous vide
Description : entero , en rodajas , en prociones.
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