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94951 Cosmetic products Body care 2021-12-30 2020-06-17
  Description : We want to buy Skincare, cosmetics, Perfumes, Diapers and Toiletries products.
Quantity: 3 containers load.
Payment terms: Bank Wire Transfer.
Delivery Port: Odessa Seaport, Ukraine
85674 Cosmetic products Perfumes 2018-02-02 2016-04-06
  Description : Searching for true ambergris, helichrysum, rose damascena, neroli, bergamot.
82352 Cosmetic products Perfumes 2017-02-15 2015-08-24
  Description : Attars, natural perfumes, essential oils
Delivery place: Canada
81275 Cosmetic products other Cosmetic products 2017-01-29 2015-04-28
  Description : organic skincare products and Health supplement
72086 Cosmetic products other Cosmetic products 2015-03-23 2013-09-03
  Description : organic body care products
71595 Cosmetic products Perfumes 2014-01-05 2013-07-30
  Description : I am looking for organic perfume and organic perfume ingredients
71181 Cosmetic products Body care 2015-02-10 2013-06-26
  Description : Organic skin care
71180 Cosmetic products Make up 0000-00-00 2013-06-26
  Description : Organic make up
70655 Cosmetic products Body care 2014-01-10 2013-05-27
  Description : My company is looking for organic colour cosmetics to import new brand for Finnish market.
66081 Cosmetic products Body care 2012-07-30 2012-07-31
  Description : Certified Organic lanolin
62195 Cosmetic products other Cosmetic products 2012-12-31 2011-09-06
  Description : Henna, Indigo and Alma Powders
60847 Cosmetic products other Cosmetic products 2012-02-10 2011-04-20
  Description : Established in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1973, Kadac is one of Australia’s largest distributors of natural personal care, health products, organic foods, vitamins and supplements, beverages, confectionary, snacks and biscuits.

As an importer and distributor for over 200 national and international manufacturers, our extensive range comprises over 4000 products, of which over 900 are certified organic. Kadac also distributes its own brands, which include Lotus, Lotus Organic, Nature First, Nature First Organic, Global Organics, Oz Organics and Honey Australia .
59908 Cosmetic products other Cosmetic products 2012-03-27 2011-01-12
  Description : organic make up and cream