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Offer N°CategoryProduct
82637 Services Consulting
56089 Services Other Services
  Description : Partenariat possible
56088 Services Consulting
  Description : Partenariat pour compléter expertise et avoir des antennes un peu partout.
50769 Services Consulting
  Description : Services related to importing Organic fabric and fiber
48005 Services Consulting
  Description : consulting to set up companies in france and spain
39754 Services Associations
  Description : Christian associations, environmental, local associations.
39727 Services Consulting
  Description : We consult to International companies concerning food production, processing, branding and marketing.

We design fully integrated food production systems for local and regional companies interested in exporting their products into International markets.
39674 Services Consulting
  Description : .
35265 Services Other Services
  Description : Textiles
25133 Services Other Services
  Description : Organic farms and tanneries where it may be possible to purchase leather in order to make products
17549 Services Other Services
  Description : n/a
17484 Services Other Services
  Description : n/a
17348 Services Other Services
  Description : n/a
17142 Services Other Services
  Description : n/a
17115 Services Other Services
  Description : n/a
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