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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
39968 Frutas y verduras Ceres Frutas o verduras deshidratadas
Descripción : we are manufaturer and exporter of OEGANIC vegetable,fruits,berries,cereal.we have gotten organic certificated from Ecocert,CERES. we can supply
AD,FD,IQF carrot,beet,broccoli,califlower,leek,pumpkin,potato,tomato,green cabbage, red cabbage,green beans,parsley,garlic,celery,coriander,shallot,onion,bellpepper,radish,spiach,green peas,brussel sprout......strawberry,apple,pear,lingonberry,blueberry,blueberry,blackcurrant,blackberry,sweetberry,rosehip,wild kiwi.
39869 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Plantas medicinales
Descripción : We are a company specialised in the production, processing and trading of medicinal organic plants
39871 Textil Soil Association Certification Ltd otros Textil
Descripción : Raw wool 25 micron 10000kg
39865 Productos preparados Ecocert Platos preparados
Descripción : Lasagnes,Hachis Parmentier
39853 Frutas y verduras Agrior Ltd Verduras frescas
Descripción : Green, Red, Yellow, orange Bell Peppers

Ramiro Peppers
39759 Productos cosméticos Australian Certified Organic Cuidados del cuerpo
Descripción : Harmony Harvest developed range of certified organic body care, baby care, hair care and food supplement.
We are located most beautiful and clean natuer island in Tasmania. We use beautiful organic honey,essential oil, seaweed, rosehip and callendula...from Australian gowth.

Out hair care products do not contain any of chemical, not hash to hair, promote beautiful hair also relax mind.

Also we cleate top quolity of organic manities which sooth in 5 star class hotels.
39723 Carnicería chacinería y embutidos Other Bovinos , ovinos , porcinos
Descripción : Head on leaf in carcasses for delivery to Central America
39722 Comestibles Washington State Department Of Agriculture Soja y derivados (granos, gérmenes, salsas, postres, tortas)
Descripción : Dried, ground and processed sprouts
39721 Cafè, té, chocolate Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Café y sucedáneos
Descripción : Green bean, roasted and processed coffee available.
23361 Textil Control Union Tejidos
Descripción : We undertake manufacturing of 100% cotton organic fabrics as per the specification provided by our customers.
39715 Textil Other Tejidos
Descripción : We are certified by FLOCERT GERMANY for Manufacturing of 100% cotton FAIR TRADE woven fabrics
39716 Textil Other otros Textil
Descripción : We are certified by FLOCERT GERMANY for the manufacturing of FAIR TRADE aprons and cotton bags
23360 Textil Control Union otros Textil
Descripción : We are manufactureres of 100% organic COTTON BAGS,FACE TOWELS,TEA TOWEL,KITCHEN TOWELS,BED LINENS & PILLOW CASES.
39641 Aceites Other Oliva
Descripción : .
39640 Especias condimentos Other Aceitunas, alcaparras
Descripción : .
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