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92348 Epicerie Other Pâtes
Description : Product: Organic Soybeans Fettuccine
Standard: EU
Origin: China

Quality parameters
Purity: 100%
Appearance: Typical light-yellow colour, very few discolourisation,wide silks.
Odour: Typical flavour without any off flavour
Taste: Typical taste without any foreign taste
Size and tolerance: Selected according to sizes
damaged kernels/seeds: None
unhulled seeds: None
breakage: Max 30%
Rotten and mouldy beans: None
91852 Epicerie Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Autres epicerie
Description : Rice nooldes and bean instant noodles, Organic, Kosher, BRC, HACCP Gluten free, Vegan certificates.
91851 Epicerie Other Soja et dérivés (graines, germes, sauces, desserts, galettes)
Description : Beans pasta,Organic, Kosher, BRC, HACCP Gluten free, Vegan certificates.
91850 Epicerie Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Pâtes
Description : Chinese Pasta, Chinese noodles.Organic, Kosher, BRC, HACCP, Vegan certificates.
91310 Epicerie Other Autres epicerie
Description : Since 2006 Media Chianti Group is one of the Italian leading distributor of specialty foods,wines and natural cosmetics.
MEDIA CHIANTI Group has signed important agreements with manufacturers (wine companies, olive oil companies, delicatessen companies, dairies, cured meats factories, pasta factories, biscuit factories, honey producers, coffee producers, natural cosmetics producers) in the last eleven years creating a spirit of collaboration that has led to the enhancement of the quality of the product, in fact all the raw materials used by our companies are exclusively from the Tuscan area.

The MEDIA CHIANTI GROUP ensures that each system and its related management system are always adequate to the strictest current industry standards using external certification bodies of international level thanks to regular analysis on products and thanks to daily and strict internal inspections.

Our leading products are: The best wines (Chianti wine D.O.C.G, organic Chianti wines D.O.C.G, Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G,, Vernaccia di San Gimignano D.O.C.G, Rose Sparkling wine), best cheeses (Pecorino Toscano DOP of Pienza, Vegetable pecorino cheese) the best Tuscan Pasta produced at low temperatures, the best Tuscan meat sauces, game sauces and Chianina meat, the best gastronomical alimentary products, the best Tuscan ready-made sauces and condiments, the best Tuscan specialties (pappa al pomodoro, ribollita, Tuscan trippa, Lampredotto of Florence..), the best Tuscan salami (Cinta Senese, wild boar, truffle salami, white wine salami..), the best and famous truffles (San Miniato), the best extra virgin olive oil DOP of the Chianti,Montalcino and San Gimignano areas, Grappa, the best typical Tuscan pastries (Tuscan Typical biscuits "CANTUCCINI+organic Cantuccini"), Gourmet Coffee, Honey products, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Ice Creams, Seaweed, Seeds, Berries, Cereals/Grains, Soups, Chocolate Cakes and Dragées, natural Honey beauty-care products.

The MEDIA CHIANTI group can perform the production in several ways: both buyer's private label and producer's label, this proves the high reliability we have achieved towards Italian and foreign retail chains.

The MEDIA CHIANTI GROUP of Tuscan producers under the same company name promote the authenticity and the highest quality local specialty foods, the best wines from the Tuscan area and all natural honey beauty care products.
Tuscan gastronomy is one of the major pleasures that brings a unique experience of tastes, aromas and textures. And Chianti wines need no introduction...Natural skin care products made with the highest quality, natural ingredients for the skin-care. We have an excellent assortment of high quality natural products for all skin and hair types.
We guarantee the finest top quality and the original and real Made in Tuscany flavours , scents and recipes.
90937 Epicerie Ecocert Soja et dérivés (graines, germes, sauces, desserts, galettes)
Description : afin d'assurer la qualité du produit à destination il est important de d’expédié par container ou des sacs
90754 Epicerie Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China Sauce tomate
Description : ?rganic Tomato souse
90753 Epicerie Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China Pâtes
Description : ?rganic Tomato Paste 38% BRIX 220-240 steel drums with aseptoc bags
90752 Epicerie Other Muesli, corn flakes
Description : Oat flakes ORGANIC (bag paper 20 ?g)
BBuckwheat unground UNSTEAMED «Green ORGANIG (0,8kg – 24pc.)
BBuckwheat unground UNSTEAMED «Green ORGANIG (50 or 25kg)
Buckwheat unground STEAMED ORGANIC (50 or 25kg)
Buckwheat flakes ORGANIC (bag paper 20??)
?orn flakes Organic (bag paper 20??)
90184 Epicerie Other Pâtes à tartiner
  Description : Gluten Free Carob Spread

Carob spread will be indispensable for your breakfast! Besides 100% natural content; gluten-free and sugar-free carob spread is very tasty and healthy.
It does not contain any preservatives, sweeteners, additives. Rich in minerals and vitamins; locust bean is rich in calcium and contains vitamins A, B, E and zinc, phosphorus.
Carob spread, which is good for asthmatics and shortness of breath, can be eaten with spoon, and can be spread on bread.

Carob Nectar and Carob Powder 80%, Vegetable Oil(Olive), Peanut, Milk, Natural Flavor(Vanilla)

Gluten Free, No added Sugar.
Does not contain sweetener, preservative and additive.
89848 Epicerie Ceres Pâtes
  Description : Organic pasta and noodles made from beans.
88121 Epicerie Other Autres epicerie
  Description : Organic foods and food supplements
87519 Epicerie Other Autres epicerie
  Description : Our dried organic Estonian apples are nice and crunchy, earning them the nickname Crunchies.
86448 Epicerie Other Muesli, corn flakes
Description : Offering Flakes
85162 Epicerie Other Pâtes à tartiner
Description : Natural & organic pomegranates paste (280 gr glass bottle/330 gr //): This is pure without additives with pure pomegranate properties. Pomegranate paste with a natural taste is a very suitable ingredient as the sauce in food and partly used in cooking. The pomegranate paste produced from pomegranate juice without additives, salt and sugar is of a very high quality. This paste has the letter of certificate for the quality brand (This product has organic certification)//
Pomegranate sauce (350 gr): This sauce is a product from pomegranate concentrate, vinegar, and spice having the natural property and it a very suitable replacement for the current fatty sauces. This sauce is very useful and delicious which can be served with chicken, fish, shrimps, noodles, macaronis, all fried chickens, all kinds of salads and fast foods and while make food more delicious it will not have the disaffects of fatty current sauces with having high calorie and fatness.
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