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61415 Textil Other Egipto otros Textil 2018-12-30 2016-01-07
  Descripción : organic cotton garments, fabrics and yarn
64289 Textil Other Egipto Ropa 2018-04-12 2016-01-07
Descripción : NATURETEX, founded originally under the name of CONYTEX in 1998, is a high quality producer of fabrics, fashionable home textiles, dolls and colorful baby wear using only organic cotton. The design and development of the products is done in-house in its own studio, and produced and marketed under its own brand Cotton People Organic (CPO), NatureTex, Organic Baby, or under private labels such as “Under the Nile” or “Alnatura”. NATURETEX competes successfully in the global market for organically produced textiles through the design, manufacturing, and marketing of beautiful and high quality products from Egypt, the home of today’s premium cotton production.

NATURETEX´s staff is not only committed to customer satisfaction and high quality standards and service, but also to the organizational development process and the continuous upgrading of employee’s skills. All textile products are made from organic cotton, and the products are ISO 9001 certified and fully conform to the international Demeter guidelines.
63559 Textil Other La India Ropa 2018-11-21 2015-12-17
Descripción : We are textile manufacturing and Distribution Company specializing in ORGANIC TEXTILES and other eco-friendly products. We have made organics lively and colorful. All our organic products are certified by agencies such as ETKO (of TURKY) and specifications such as GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards.) We place emphasis on both environment and health. We continually research and develop lively and fashionable products which also meet the eco-friendly and health criteria. We are among the most knowledgeable and most advanced organic textile companies. Our products range includes home textiles, apparels, organic fabrics and yarn.

We also specialize in developing and private label manufacturing textile products. Our efforts to provide eco-friendly products are continuous. Our 100% organic cotton products rank among the top of eco-friendliness. In many of our products even the packaging is also organic. Our mission is to eliminate chemicals and eco-damaging processes. For more details pls contact us
66625 Textil Other Canada Tejidos 2017-10-26 2015-12-09
  Descripción : Patchwork Madras, organic cotton fabric, madras plaids, and more.

Fabrics for Fashion Designers /Quilting /Dressmakers / Sewing / Interior Design, such as quilting cottons, silk, cotton prints, fleece, bamboo fabric, suiting & shirting fabric, seersucker, and all fabric for apparel / clothing, quilting, crafts, handbags / totebags, and all retail, wholesale and custom-manufactured fabrics, textiles, garments, belts, accessories, table mats, cushion covers and bed-spreads.
71871 Textil Other Espana Ropa 2018-03-02 2015-11-26
Descripción : Ropa 100 % ecológica
Para hacer yoga
43961 Textil Other La India otros Textil 2017-03-20 2015-10-02
  Descripción : “AURA HERBAL WEAR” is a GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) certified integrated textile unit located at Ahmedabad, India exporting to major markets of USA and European countries. Our major strength lies into ORGANIC TEXTILE & HERBAL DYEING. Our product range starts with organic and herbal dyed yarns; fabrics (woven/knits) and then we deal into different made ups as well from ready made man/woman/children garments to home textile, towels and spa utility textile etc.

We work on custom orders as well.
49725 Textil Control Union La India Tejidos 2017-01-31 2015-10-02
  Descripción : 100% Orgainc cotton, Herbal Dyed Fabrics, are most natural & Eco Friendly fabrics ever manufactured. The colourof the fabric and yarn is developed from rare mediticinally rich herbs like Myrrobalam, Turmeric, Indigo, Madder, Onion Skin, Heena, Sandalwood, Apple, Tea, neem and Amaltas etc. and is machine dyed at our works. Most of the fabrics are woven on handlooms. They absorb moisture readly and are smooth, lustrous and light weight. Have immense natural beauty with rich medicinal value for our skin and body. All garments are dyed , designed and stitched at our works under our strick supervision.
49727 Textil Control Union La India otros Textil 2017-02-01 2015-10-02
  Descripción : 100% Orgainc Cotton Herbal Dyed Bed Linen available in SUN WHITE & ECRU.
49728 Textil Control Union La India otros Textil 2017-02-02 2015-10-02
  Descripción : 100% Orgainc Cotton Herbal Dye Towels available in 11 colors. Heavy Discount's available on them.
49729 Textil Other La India otros Textil 2017-01-01 2015-10-02
  Descripción : 100% Orgainc Herbal dyed packaging solutions, bags, conference bags, Tote bags, shoping Bags, school Bags, Orgainc Paper Bags etc.
49730 Textil Control Union La India otros Textil 2017-01-01 2015-10-02
  Descripción : 100% Orgainc Cotton Herbal Dyed plain T-Shirt @ USD 10/pc ex fty.
55831 Textil Control Union Turquia Tejidos 2017-07-30 2015-10-02

Piletex is a supplier of organic textile products. We provide complete full package Private Label manufacturing for your requirements of children’s, womens, mens knit and woven apparels as well as towels, robes and raw/finished fabrics made of 100% certified organic cotton. Piletex UK office is in Sittingbourne, Kent.

We work with the manufacturers in Turkey who are certified by Control Union Certifications according to Global Organic Textile Standartds (GOTS) We have an office in Turkey for sourcing and to keep the whole production process under our control.
76491 Textil Control Union Turquia Ropa 2017-12-31 2015-09-02
  Descripción : OrganicEra is established in 2007 and since then has been servicing its customers for sourcing organic certified textiles, clothing ( baby, children and for adults ), home textiles, baby hooded towels, children / adult bathrobes, bed linen, towels, baby slings, plush toys, hand knitted organic toys and cloths.
OrganicEra is also wholesaling the widest range of organic products within Turkey, and has dedicated distributors in Lebanon, KSA, Dubai, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal and in Hong Kong. Please visit www.organicera.com for more information.
75255 Textil Other La India Ropa 2017-12-31 2015-08-24
Descripción : Cotton Eco Fashion is a readymade garments manufacturing company. It is inspected, assessed & certified according to the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS). Organic Clothing has been our passion. We have been working since 2000 in the field of Organic Clothing. Inspired by our own consciences and ground level working experiences we gained the knowledge. As a result we resolved to offer & promote natural, chemical, pesticide free clothing that enables the preservation of a beautiful world for our children to grow up in, with luxuriously-soft organic cotton and sweatshop-free manufacturing. With a clear vision, great passion, strong determination and big dreams, but limited resources, we dreamt of starting our own company. Based on our diverse backgrounds, working experiences and talents we created our company by keeping in mind sustainable and socially responsible values — and thus CEF was born! FAITH makes all things possible! HOPE makes all things work!
71593 Textil Other La India Ropa 2017-03-03 2015-04-14
Descripción : We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as manufacturers of 100% Organic Cotton Babywear, based in Umbergaon, near Mumbai in India.
Established in the year 2000, we have been manufacturing and selling to labels in the USA, , UK, THE EUROPEAN UNION , AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, JAPAN, and KOREA..
Our capacity is in the region of 2000-4000 pcs of baby and toddler styles per day. We also manufacture a small range for their mothers.
Both knitted & woven fabrics, all 100% organic cotton, are used by us for production.
We have supplied almost the entire gamut of requirements for infants and toddlers, starting from Baby blankets, Baby bodies, Baby underwear, Jumpsuits, Bibs, Baby Wrap suits, Overalls, etc. We also make garment accessories, bath products, bedding.
We make flat knit cotton sweaters and cable throws as well.
Being a babywear factory, we are quite religious about maintaining the integrity of Children wear Safety norms.
Our factories are fully compliant on all aspects of worker welfare, production and security of product.
We are a SA8000 certified Organisation.
We are also FAIRTRADE certified.
All the organic cotton we use is traceable from farm to fashion, and we are able to attach the GOTS label for all our production.
We attach herewith, a brochure of the company for your perusal.
Also attached is a catalogue from one of our customers. All the garments in this catalogue have been produced by us. This is to familiarise you with our capabilities and workmanship possibilities at our factory.
We look forward to the future...
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