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77433 Productos cosméticos Other E.E.U.U. Cuidados del cuerpo 2018-02-20 2017-02-01
  Descripción : Bath Salts, Lip Balm, Sanitizer
65980 Productos cosméticos Other Malasia Cuidados del cuerpo 2018-03-07 2017-02-01
  Descripción : Paul Penders skincare is developed and researched by our professional R&D team and made in small batches. They are cold-blended, ensuring their bioactive ingredients maintain their full strength, giving you optimally effective products (cold-blending is a system we pioneered). Plus our natural makeup range contain only certified organic pigments. All Paul Penders products are guaranteed free from harmful chemical foam boosters, emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives with an extensive ingredient list which meets the strictest EU and US ingredient listing regulations
89686 Productos cosméticos Other Francia Cuidados del cuerpo 2020-10-01 2017-01-25
  Descripción : Fabriqués à Benet en Vendée depuis 2012, artisan savonnière par saponification à froid, en mention bio Nature et Progrès. Une gamme conditionnée à l’unité en boites "Capucine" fermées, à offrir ou utiles pour vous. vendus également en vrac, sans la boîte "Capucine" en lots de 4 savons à choisir, plus utilitaire. Tous les ingrédients sont là pour faire de mes savons, votre savon de famille.

La gamme des savons liquides répond au même cahier des charges qui consiste à ne pas acheter une base lavante à un industriel. Les savons liquides sont fabriqués intégralement au labo ici à Benet. J'approvisionne mes matières premières directement auprès d'agriculteurs identifiés, en circuit court. Le faible nombre d'ingrédients étonne et dénote dans le paysage des savons liquides. 5 à 8 ingrédients pour un savon liquide c'est rare ! essayez les.
89661 Productos cosméticos Other Marruecos Cuidados del cuerpo 2018-09-12 2017-01-23
  Descripción : pays d'argan sarl est une société implantée au MAROC , spécialisée dans la production de L'huile d'argan et l'huile rare de pépins de figue de barbarie issue de l'agriculture biologique selon le Règlement Européen (CE) n° 834/2007, ainsi que le Règlement NOP (National Organic Program) des États-Unis.
66292 Productos cosméticos Ecocert Marruecos otros Productos cosméticos 2018-10-10 2017-01-16
Descripción : L'huile de graines de figues de barbarie biologique L'huile de jouvence par excellence, antioxydant puissant aux propriétés raffermissantes et restructurantes, elle revitalise les tissus. Grâce à sa forte teneur en stérols, en acides gras polyinsaturés et en vitamine E, le vieillissement est ralenti et la peau régénérée retrouve tonus et éclat.

L'huile d'argan biologique non torréfiée Une ode à la beauté, utilisée inlassablement dans la pure tradition berbère. Une huile issue de l'arganier, arbre emblématique du sud marocain, protégé par l'Unesco. Gorgée d'acides gras insaturés, de vitamine A et E, elle représente un agent restructurant hors pair au pouvoir régénérant et hydratant.
67125 Productos cosméticos Other Republica Checa maquillaje 2018-03-23 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Organic make up - mascara, powder, lipgloss, lipbalm, eyeshadow etc.
76047 Productos cosméticos Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione Tunez otros Productos cosméticos 2019-12-20 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Elle est précieuse, rare et incroyablement efficace. Cette huile est un véritable sérum 100% pure à l'efficacité redoutable, elle attenue les rides, lisse les contours des yeux.
L'huile de pépin de figue de barbarie est restructurante, nourrissante, elle renforce le film hydrolipidique et donne du tonus à votre peau. Elle a un effet lift profond grâce à ces omégas 3, 6, 7 et 9. L'huile de pépin de figue de barbarie est très riche en acide gras essentiel dont l'acide linoléique plus de 68% et sa vitamine E. Elle permet de stimuler les céramides.

It is precious, rare and 100% pure serum incredibly effective. It lessens wrinkles, smooths the eye contour, restructuring, nourishing, strengthens the hydrolipidic film and gives tone to the skin. It has a deep lift effect thanks to omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. The prickly pear seeds oil is rich in essential fatty acids including more than 68% of linoleic acid and vitamin E. It stimulates ceramide.

This oil is an exceptional ally against skin aging. It will be the basis for the greatest cosmetic laboratories to create the most powerful lines of anti-aging.

Cette huile est un allié exceptionnel pour lutter contre le vieillissement cutané. Elle servira de base par les plus grands laboratoires cosmétiques pour créer les lignes les plus redoutables d'anti-âge.
76173 Productos cosméticos Other Australia otros Productos cosméticos 2019-12-12 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Nim-Véda Australia Certified Organic Neem Oil
Neem Oil is a real standout for skin care and is rich in fatty acids that build collagen and promote wound healing. Our Neem Oil is great for treating varying skin diseases such as eczema due to its anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.
78412 Productos cosméticos Other Alemania otros Productos cosméticos 2018-10-10 2017-01-05
  Descripción : Relaxing, having time for yourself, grooming and pampering .... with the new Tanamera products a very special treat. They are based on traditional Asian recipes of herbs, plant extracts and special colloidal minerals.

TANAMERA is Malaysian and means "Red Earth". An appropriate name for a range of care products from plant materials that are grown in the fertile soil of the rainforest. TANAMERA combines the knowledge of effective traditional cures Asian plants with modern production techniques. TANAMERAs of respect for people and the environment embossed company philosophy dictates the avoidance of chemical dyes and fragrances and preservatives as well as an environmentally friendly and lovingly designed packaging of TANAMERA products for home and travel.
78413 Productos cosméticos Other Alemania Cuidados del cuerpo 2019-12-12 2017-01-05
  Descripción : Natural Black soap, Dudu Osun is the most popular product of all African traditional beauty natural products. It contains palm kernel oil (in the traditional manner made??) and valuable ash of cocoa pods and dried palm parts. The ingredients are shea butter, aloe vera, citrus extract, african sandalwood and glycerine. The deep cleansing action of the rich lather is unbeatable compared to all modern soaps. Can be used Dudu Osun as soap, facial mask, peeling, and even as a shampoo or shaving cream. The soap is free of chemical or synthetic additives.
89298 Productos cosméticos Other Suiza Cuidados del cuerpo 2017-02-15 2016-12-21
Descripción : ORGANIC RUM (ETHANOL) for Perfume production

5 X 200 litres organic Rum (ETHANOL) for perfume production
95.5% alkohol
made from organic grapes
Certififaction from the Netherlands SKAL no. 027370, NL-BIO-01
200 litres in a one way drum 1,600 EUR net price (8.00 EUR per litre net)

The goods are located in Innsbruck, Austria in a bonded warehouse.
80715 Productos cosméticos Other Rumania Perfumes 2018-12-31 2016-11-29
Descripción : Lavander oil
78864 Productos cosméticos Other Turquia Cuidados del cuerpo 2018-01-29 2016-11-21
  Descripción : IVA NATURA ORGANIC CERTIFIED PRODUCTS WITH ANATOLIAN PLANTS. The formulas are guaranteed by the European certification ETCO COSMOS ORGANIC. For you, we put these special plants that grow and survive with durability for years against the features of Anatolia that are hard and requires struggle, into a beauty that comes from the Nature. Iva Natura provides to you youth, beauty and resistance against the corrosive city conditions by using the energy of Anatolia and the rich features of the plants.

In order to transfer the natural beauty of the plants to you, artificial substances are not being used, ultra-modern technology is used, all production stages are strictly controlled and followed. Growth stage, harvesting stage and obtaining the extract of the herbs are guaranteed by international certification companies, and their inspections are carried out in parallel. They are produced in extremely modern way with strict control and monitoring system in the Laber Kimya facilities that own Organic cosmetic production certification. In this way, these plants present their natural properties at the maximum level.

Iva Natura is certified organic cosmetics. This means that it is eco-friendly, safe and effective that has reached the highest international standards.
76667 Productos cosméticos Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione Marruecos otros Productos cosméticos 2018-10-01 2016-11-21
Descripción : Sale of argan oil and opuntia seeds oil extracted by first cold pressure.
Our conditionings(packagings) adapt themselves to all your needs. We sell loose (trunk or tin) or conditioned(packaged) (roll-on, flasks pump, flasks, of 7ml to 100 ml)
70178 Productos cosméticos Other Jordania Cuidados del cuerpo 2018-02-20 2016-11-21
Descripción : We are a leader company of production of Dead Sea natural cosmetics & skin care products.
We have a very nice range of products: creams, salts, mud, shampoo, hair masks, massage oils... for both retail and professional uses.
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