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82301 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione Marruecos Aceites esenciales 2021-08-30 2020-06-02
Descripción : Vente des huiles essentielles Bio de lavande, armoise, thym, origan
82355 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Marruecos Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2021-02-15 2020-06-02
Descripción : Les plantes médicinales sont séchés à l'ombre et selon les normes d'hygiène et qualité: nous avons les plantes suivantes: Lavande, armoise, thym et origan
95394 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Uzbekistan Plantas medicinales 2021-09-28 2020-06-02
Descripción : Achillea millefolium
Alhagi pseudoalhagi
Artemisia absinnthium
Bidens tripartita
Equisetum arvense
Glycyrhiza glabra
Helianthus tuberosus
Hypericum skabrum, perforatum
Inuloa helenium
Leonurus turkestanicus
Matricaria chamomile
Melissa officinalis
Origanum tytthnthum
Peganum harmala
Phaseolus vulgaris (beans)
Polygonum aviculare
Salvia sklarea
Tanacetum vulgare
Thermopsis alterniflora regel
Urtica dioica
Ziziphora pedicellata
Mediasia makrofila
Amygdolis bucharica
Persicaria hydropiper
Plantago major
Jugians regia (folium)
Capsella Bursa-Pastoris
Eleagnus angustifolia
Coriandrum sativum
Kapparis spinosa
Mentha piperita
Mellilotus officinalis
Crataegus turkestanika
Rosa canina
Mentha asiatica
Cucurbita pepo
Aerva lanata
Achillea filipenduli
Nigella safiva
Calendula officinales
Ziziphus jujuba
83869 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De La Región De Murcia Espana Plantas aromáticas 2021-12-31 2020-06-02
83868 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De La Región De Murcia Espana Aceites esenciales 2021-02-02 2020-06-02
99305 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Albania Plantas medicinales 2022-11-21 2020-04-30
  Descripción : BioAlb is an Albanian initiative to promote our natural wild-growing plants. The collection of aromatic and medicinal herbs is more concentrated in the regions of Malesi e Madhe, Shkoder, Skrapar, Elbasan, Korce, Berat, Permet, and Durres.
99294 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Egipto Plantas aromáticas 2022-05-12 2020-04-30
  Descripción : We offer organic herbs and spices guaranteed from our farms. Products include, and not limited to, garlic, onions, chamomile, marjoram, caraway, fennel, calendula, spearmint, peppermint, dill, parsley, sage, lemon grass, jew's mallow, hibiscus, basil, coriander, cumin, sesame, nigella, dried lemon, fenugreek, thyme, cilantro, licorice, rosemary and a variety of beans and seeds.
55590 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Bulgaria Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2022-07-05 2020-04-30
  Descripción : Bulgarian Rose oil is one of the symbols of Bulgaria. All around the world it is known as the “queen of the essential oils”. It is produced by the Rose Damascene (Rosa Damascena Mill).
94386 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Bosnia y Hercegovina Aceites esenciales 2022-12-12 2020-04-22
  Descripción : Greetings,

We want to introduce to you "Helichrysum Herzegovina d.o.o ", a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Our work is based on organic farming of Hellicrysum Itallicum (immortelle). Our final product is essential oil of great quality which we produce through steam distillation. We have all of the necessary GC/MS analyses, and are also certified by the renovated firm "Ecocert" from France.
You can find the certificates in the following link:,proving our organic production .
Our firm is located in the southern region of Herzegovina. This location is known for its plentiful wild medicinal and aromatic herbs. For centuries, these herbs have been exported within Europe, as well as other continents.
It is important to note that the southern region of Herzegovina, known for its climate, geology, and its large number of sunny days, is a natural reservation for these kinds of herbs. This region is not surrounded by any industries; thus, no industrial pollution is ever created. Lack of industrial pollution is a prerequisite for organic production.

Currently, we are working with 25Ha of land on which our plantations are located.
Yearly, we produce around 300 to 350 kg of high quality essential oil.
We own a distillery where we follow strict rules of the production process of essential oils.
With this presentation of our company, our goal is direct cooperation with distributors and producers, so that our pure and organically produced essential oil can reach clients.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, we can send you more information about our firm, with all of our analyses and certifications.
I hope "Helichrysum Herzegovina d.o.o" can meet your demands for a long term cooperation.

Best Regards.

KLara Markic Novak



99248 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Iran Plantas medicinales 2022-01-01 2020-04-22
  Descripción : I would be pleasure to inform you that EBRAHIMI TRADING is a Medicinal plant and Herbal product and cosmetic raw material trader.
We are exporting mainly cosmetic and medicinal related Iranian plants like GALBANUM, THYME, DAMASK ROSE, ASAFOETIDA, safflower, malva flower, flax seed from Iran to Europe
85768 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Marruecos Plantas aromáticas 2021-07-04 2020-04-22
Descripción : Lavande papillon sauvage bio et le gattilier sauvage bio en abondance au Moyen Atlas du Maroc
Recherche d'acheteur potentiel au Maroc ou à l'étranger
86303 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Marruecos Aceites esenciales 2021-12-31 2020-04-22
Descripción : Huile de figue de barbarie
99209 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Iran Plantas medicinales 2022-03-31 2020-04-14
Descripción : we can sell high quality essences and medicinal and aromatic plants to other countries.
99207 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Portugal Plantas aromáticas 2022-03-31 2020-04-14
Descripción : Mentha piperita - Peppermint
Mentha spicata Rotundifolia - Apple Spearmint
Mentha spicata - Spearmint (Green)
Origanum majorana - Marjoram
Origanum vulgare - Oregano
Melissa officinalis - Lemon Balm
Satureja montana - Winter Savory
Aloysia thripylla - Lemon Verbena
Artemisia dracunculus - French Tarragon
Stevia rebaudiana - Stevia (natural sustitute for sugar)
Thymus vulgaris - Thyme
Thymus citriodurus - Lemon Thyme
Thymus mastichina - Iberian Thyme
Laurus nobilis - Bay Leaves
Rosmarinus officinalis - Rosemary
Salvia officinalis - Sage
81691 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Iran Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2022-02-02 2020-04-14
Descripción : Hypericum perforatum
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