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69704 Productos azucarados Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Mexico Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-02-15 2018-05-15
Descripción : Dzidzilché honey
83086 Productos azucarados Other Iran Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2020-02-02 2018-04-18
Descripción : Our trading company Ahwaz Marketing Chamber (AMC) established under the chamber of commerce, Ahwaz southern Iran.
Now we are ready to supply Honey, natural Honey from Iran.
94459 Productos azucarados Other Republica Checa Especialidades 2020-02-02 2018-02-22
  Descripción : All of our products are baked according to our original recipes and are certified organic, as we make them using only ingredients from certified organic farming. Our organic products have no artificial trans fats, refined white sugar, chemical preservatives, or artificial colouring or flavouring.
Our product range also includes organic gluten-free biscuits, VEGAN products, biscuits for children 1+ year and FREE-FROM all alergens products.
74849 Productos azucarados Dirección General De Desarrollo Rural - Consejeria De Agricultura Y Medio Amblente Espana Otros productos azucarados 2019-08-06 2018-02-06
Descripción : Ingredientes: Naranja * (80%), azúcar blanco de caña *. El elaboramos de forma casera mediante la cocción de la naranja cortada a mano y endulzada con azúcar blanco de caña procedente de cultivo ecológico.
Consejos: Esta mermelada es ideal para acompañar con quesos curados, foie, pescados y como ingrediente para elaborar una vinagreta dulce. En los postres, es ideal para acompañar con yogur natural, requesón y repostería.
83092 Productos azucarados Other Lituania Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-02-15 2018-01-30
Descripción : honey for sale 3-4 tones flower and forest honey
45930 Productos azucarados Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Alemania Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2020-11-05 2018-01-10
  Descripción : worldwide supplier of organic-certified honey, agave syrup, royal jelly

The trade, processing and storage of our bio/organic products are controlled and certified by an official European authority:
BCS Öko-Garantie GmbH, Nuremberg (Germany)
57497 Productos azucarados Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Alemania Otros productos azucarados 2020-06-28 2018-01-10
  Descripción : Norevo offers organic-certified products from ecological supply source and will develop this activity in the future.

The trade, processing and storage of Norevo’s organic products are controlled and certified by BCS-Öko-Garantie GmbH, Nuremberg (Germany) as an official European authority in the field of ecological certification.

* Organic Honey
* Organic Royal Jelly
* Organic Agave Syrup
* Organic Agar-Agar
60972 Productos azucarados Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Mexico Otros productos azucarados 2019-02-13 2018-01-10
  Descripción : Organic Blue Agave Syrup does not have an after taste and will enhance the flavor of food. It is an ideal replacement for sugar, honey, and artificial sweeteners. Today, Agave syrup is being used in the manufacturing of fruit preservatives, baked goods, juice, beverages, energy bars, soy products, cereals, sauces, salad dressings, and more.

* Sweetener: Agave Syrup is a 100% Natural Sweetener, lowers the calories and is sweeter than sugar giving manufacturers the opportunity to offer a healthier product by not using sugar or artificial sweeteners.

* Agave Syrup is also a natural flavor booster, using it as an ingredient gives food better taste and also is a natural conservative

*Shelf life is 3 years minimum

* The important thing is that besides all of its properties Agave Syrup has low Glicemic Index, our company, Best Ground International has the lowest in the market which is 17 (sugar is 100), this is very important because it gives you the opportunity to enter to a completely different market that nowadays is increasing more rapidly, this is the Diabetic Market, Agave Syrup is so versatile that is consumed for regular people, but is also great for diabetics and perfect for kids! How problematic is that our kids are eating giant quantities of sugar and this just leads to a unhealthy life with blood pressure problems, obesity, and hyperactivity... This is a great opportunity leading to a healthier and better choice.
56359 Productos azucarados Other Italia Helados, congelados 2019-05-05 2017-12-11
  Descripción : Biodynamic and fairtrade ice creams
vanela, chocolate, tartufo, mango....
82452 Productos azucarados Other China Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-02-10 2017-12-11
Descripción : Natural honey and organic honey, all parameters are comply with the EU foodstuff, no antibiotics, GMO.
92809 Productos azucarados Other Reino Unido Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-01-01 2017-10-10
Descripción : Sourced directly from beekeepers working to the highest ethical standards, our premium honey is produced from remote forests and mountainous regions around the world. The Al-Ameen range of Organic Honeys fully meet all conditions and regulations as established by the European Union for the organic farming sector
62784 Productos azucarados Other La India Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-07-20 2017-10-10
  Descripción : We have natural Hill Honey.
71174 Productos azucarados Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2018-03-25 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Honey of the Park Organic - Montesinho
- 50g - Box of 30 units
- 165g - Box of 12 units
- 300g - Box of 6 units
- 400g - Box of 6 units
- 500g - Box of 6 units
- 1Kg - Box of 6 units

Origin: Bragança - Portugal
Cultivation type: Organic
Classification: Protected Designation of Origin of Parque do Montesinho Region

Flavor & Fragance: Strong and characteristic dark-colored with green and red reflections (> 7 on the Pfund scale)

Nutritional Value: Humidity: (%) ±16.3 – 17.5 %; pH: ± 4.54 – 4.62; Calories (kJ / kcal): ± 296.5 – 334.0 kcal; Proteins: ± 0.35 – 0.4 gr/100gr; Carbohydrates ± 80.6 – 85.7 gr/100gr; Lipids: ± 0.25 – 0.35 gr/100gr.

Validity: 22 months
91909 Productos azucarados Other Africa Del sur Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-04-12 2017-07-26
  Descripción : Organic African Honey straight from the Zambian Miombo forest, 100% organic, free of preservatives, additives, and adulterations. Amber colored, poly-floral honey with a complex taste.
We are exporters of African honey, with over 12000 beekeepers in the Miombo forest we produce the best tasting honey in Africa.
91867 Productos azucarados Other Turquia Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-01-01 2017-07-17
  Descripción : Certified Organic Wildflower Honey

Certified Organic Chestnut Honey
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