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91591 Ingredientes Other Marruecos Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-05-10 2017-06-20
Descripción : Best quality of argan oil , naturel and organico , wit certification of Ecocert ,
91309 Ingredientes Ecocert Marruecos Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 0000-00-00 2017-06-06
Descripción : Morganico proudly offers one of the most diverse selections of Natural and Organic products and ingredients available in Morocco.
We provide :
- Organic argan oil
- Prockly pear seed oil
-Essential oils : ( bleu tanasy - verbena - atlas cedar - myrthe -Romasery)
-Ghassoul ( moroccan lava clay)
-black soap without and with herbs
79875 Ingredientes Other Iran Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-01-05 2017-03-23
  Descripción : Henna, lawsoni inermis, is a plant which has large bush and grows in hot and dry climates. Organic henna, is a green powder that smells like fresh grass. The leaves of the henna have red – orange molecules and have medicinal properties, so henna is an alternative way for dying hair in red. Henna grows in meditrainian regions in the world and also, grows in south of Iran and cites like Kerman, Yazd, Sistan and baloochestan.
89771 Ingredientes Other Francia Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-01-01 2017-02-01
Descripción : Nous sommes fabricants et fournisseurs d'huile d'argan bio , d'huile de figue de barbarie bio de qualité PRÉNIUM .
Nous cherchons des clients souhaitant l'excellence de la qualité au meilleur prix afin d'établir une relation commerciale durable .
Nous avons également des crèmes , des huiles essentielles , des savons tous bio .
89650 Ingredientes Other Marruecos Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-12 2017-01-23
  Descripción : Nous somme une societe marocaine de commercialisation et exportation
huile d'argan alimentaire bio
huile d'argan cosmétique bio
huile de graine de figue de barbarie bio
huile de nigelle
huile d'olive bio
89490 Ingredientes Other La India Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-12-12 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Aryan specializes in varied range of Natural and Organic Cosmetic ingredients in India. We offer complete range of soaps, toiletry, aromatherapy and creams. Aryan International, being one of the top organic cosmetic formulations company offers the best quality of organic ingredients for customer’s requirements on Organic Cosmetics, giving them a one window experience and increasing their productivity and efficiency. We offer cosmetic bases, essential oils, carrier oils, exotic butters & waxes, cosmetic & soap making ingredients, fruit & herbal extracts.

Psyllium husk or popularly known as Isabgol in India is an effective home remedy used for treating and relieving common gastro-intestinal troubles.
Isabgol offers an excellent mixture of soluble and insoluble fibre, which makes it a very good remedy for constipation. Psyllium has a property to absorb liquid and can give you the feeling of having your stomach being full. Psyllium’s been proven to help people with diabetes to help them manage their blood sugar. Isabgol also helps in treating diarrhoea, acidity, weight loss, and helps to improve digestion, keeps heart healthy, prevents diabetes, Cures anal fissures and piles.
Psyllium can provide the fiber that is missing on low carbohydrate diets.For people who are simply wishing to improve digestion and intestinal tract health. Psyllium can lower your risk of heart disease by lowering your blood pressure.
89489 Ingredientes Other La India Otros ingredientes 2018-12-31 2017-01-09
  Descripción : Organic Arrowroot Powder and Starch
78420 Ingredientes Other Espana Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-12 2017-01-09
Descripción : Product (all certified organic)

Cardamom Powder
Cinnamon Powder
Coriander Powder
Cumin Powder
Horse Gram
Turmeric Powder
Arrow root
78626 Ingredientes Oregon Tilth Certified Organic E.E.U.U. Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-01-01 2017-01-05
Descripción : Aloe vera barbadensis. certified organic, freeze dried whole leaf powder (100X), or inner leaf powder (200X)
78665 Ingredientes Oregon Tilth Certified Organic E.E.U.U. Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-31 2017-01-05
Descripción : Aloe Vera Barbadensis juices, concentrates and freeze dried powders. All are available as whole leaf or inner leaf, cosmetic grade or food grade.
78900 Ingredientes Other Great Britain (UK) Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-03-07 2016-11-29
Descripción : Welcome to Opuntia, manufacturers and producers of 100% pure, Prickly Pear cactus oil. We have offices in the UK and France working with our own Moroccan based farms to bring you the highest quality organic opuntia barbary fig oil available. We provide the finest quality cold pressed prickly pear cactus seed oil for retail and to the trade.
88872 Ingredientes Other Tunez Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-31 2016-11-23
Descripción : Nous sommes une société de production et de commercialisation de l ' huile d argan.ces produits sont commercialisés au maroc et souhaitant les exportés en Europe
Notre société a obtenu des certificats qui affirment la haute qualité de l'huile d'argan produite par la société et sa conformité aux normes internationales imposées par les experts en agriculture
79131 Ingredientes Ecocert Costa de Marfil Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-03-07 2016-11-21
Descripción : beurre de karité naturel et non raffiné, très propre. de couleur jaune pâle et de très bonne odeur. c'est un produit certifié.
88563 Ingredientes Other Estonia Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-12-31 2016-10-19
  Descripción : Organic chaga powder, organic pine buds powder
88558 Ingredientes Other Marruecos Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-01-01 2016-10-19
Descripción : Oriental Group is able to offer cosmetic Argan oil manufacturers and food Argan in bulk or packaged, as well as products of oriental Hammam and care: argan oil manufacturers, black soap, natural soap, Rasul, kassa glove, floral waters (rose, lavender, jasmine) ... Only for professionals, we supply major retailers in Europe, Spa and Hammam and supermarket and most of the Argan oil manufacturers Amazon seller according to Amazon Fulfillment rules.
All our Argan oil manufacturers has been certified organic IMC and USDA and meet this end, international standards of quality extra virgin argan oil manufacturers 100%
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