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62931 Frutas y verduras Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De La Región De Murcia Espana Frutas o verduras congeladas 2019-04-02 2017-10-04
  Descripción : We are IQF organic vegetables processors.
Pepper, brocolli, cherry tomato, tomato, aubergine, cucumber and courgette are some of our products.

We also have a line of CRAFT ORGANIC PRODUCTS.
. Pepper bottoms
. calibrated pepper halves
. halves courgettes
. empty peppers
73036 Frutas y verduras Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Italia Frutas o verduras en conserva 2018-04-03 2017-10-04
  Descripción : Organic Legumes in Vegetable Broth in Jars. 360 g
62269 Frutas y verduras Control Union Tailandia Frutas o verduras congeladas 2019-12-31 2017-10-04
  Descripción : Young Thai coconut meat. Vacuum packed and frozen. No additives, no chemicals and certified organic. Ideal for further processing for dairy free ice cream or baby food company.
92767 Frutas y verduras Other Serbia Frutas o verduras congeladas 0000-00-00 2017-10-03
Descripción : Organic IQF Raspberry rolend 95-5,crumble,whole&broken60/40.
92454 Frutas y verduras Other Perou Frutas secas 2019-01-01 2017-09-19
Descripción : Organic Brazil Nuts
Bertholletia Excelsa

Brazil nuts are an energy and nutritious food, rich in protein and healthy fatty acids. It has good antioxidant effect thanks to its content of selenium.

Small, medium and large.

Peeled Brazil nuts

44 Lb- 20 kg box

USDA and EU Organic certification.
92453 Frutas y verduras Other Perou Frutas y verduras exóticas 2018-12-12 2017-09-19
Descripción : Organic Camu Camu
Myrciaria Dubia

The main characteristic of Camu Camu is its high content of ascorbic acid. Its vitamin C content is higher than any other fruit known on the planet.

Raw Camu Camu powder
Dry camu camu extract

1 kg -5 kg - 10 kg
4 Oz- 8 Oz -12 Oz
1000 und- 100 und jar.

USDA and EU Organic certification
92452 Frutas y verduras Other Perou Frutas y verduras exóticas 2019-10-10 2017-09-19
Descripción : Organic Inca Berries /Golden Berries

Physalis Peruviana

Inca Berries have a high content of minerals and vitamins. Source of provitamin A and vitamin C and some B complex vitamins (thiamin, niacin and vitamin B12), Its protein content and phosphorus are exceptionally high.

Dried Golden Berries.

5 kg -10 kg
4 Oz- 8 Oz -12 Oz

USDA and EU Organic certification.
80659 Frutas y verduras Other La India Frutas y verduras exóticas 2018-03-20 2017-09-19
Descripción : We are cultivation mango in organic, presently we applied for Global GAP to our farm.

May month is the harvest for mango.
80660 Frutas y verduras Other La India Verduras frescas 2018-02-10 2017-09-19
Descripción : we can cultivate the vegetables in organic as required
80401 Frutas y verduras Other Rumania Frutas secas 2019-03-27 2017-09-19
Descripción : Organic certified walnuts in shell from Romania.
70031 Frutas y verduras Other Tailandia Frutas y verduras exóticas 2019-05-04 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Merit Food Products (MFP) was established in 1993 as a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality canned coconut products. The company history was originated from an enterprise with more than three decades of experience in Thai coconut business. MFP's product line majorly covers coconut milk and cream, coconut drinks, which has already been certified as "GMO-free" from DNA Technology Laboratory, BIOTEC, Thailand.We would like to offer: -Certified organic coconut milk with various fat contents i.e. 21%, 18%, 15%, 12% and 6% in various sizes i.e. 160ml, 400ml, 300ml and 18.5kg. 18.5kg.
80586 Frutas y verduras Other Italia Puré de frutas 2018-01-05 2017-09-19
Dear Sir/Madam
I take pleasure to send you our introductory letter.

GELFRUIT ITALIA S.R.L. is a producer and supplier of nuts (almond, hazelnuts,pistachio,walnuts...) and ingredients for ice cream and confectionery.
We do organic and conventional products. We export high quality products and we are active in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, etc.
Our customers are primarily: Wholesalers; ice cream, confectionery, chocolate industries, Import-Export Distribution, Wholesalers for Nuts; marzipan producer; nougat producer biscuiteries and many others.

We have:
100% pure nut paste (almond, hazelnuts, pistachio, pine nuts, etc..), wich can be organic or conventional and new line of spreadable creams of Sicilian pistachio, almond and moka coffee creams (used for filling, icing frosting used cold cakes, etc..) and pesto di pistachio (for savory dishes).
We not use artificial colors or preservatives.
We have also alot of fruit variety paste, like ( strawberry, coconut, orange, flower fruit lemon, ficodindia, alcantara peach and much more) as well we have traditional paste like ( amaretto di Sicilia, cassata siciliana, cannolo palermitano, zabaione, tiramisù, coconut and much more).
92446 Frutas y verduras Imo Camboya Frutas secas 2020-10-10 2017-09-19
Descripción : Certified Organic Garcinia Cambogia dry fruits, TBC
91695 Frutas y verduras Other Ucrania Frutas o verduras congeladas 2019-12-31 2017-08-17
Descripción : IQF Wild Blueberry organic & conventional
IQF Wild Blackberry organic & conventional
IQF Cranberry organic & conventional
IQF Lingonberry organic & conventional
IQF Elderberry organic & conventional
IQF Aronia organic & conventional
92110 Frutas y verduras Other Serbia Frutas o verduras congeladas 2020-12-12 2017-08-15
Descripción : Organic deep frozen raspberry sort willamet - original
We have analyses Belgic laboratory Primoris.
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