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80722 Cereales derivados Other Ucrania Cereales (trigo, cebada, maíz, escanda) 2019-04-15 2017-09-19
Descripción : We offer organic wheat, spelt wheat, corn.
Certified by Organic Standard and AB Cert.
80723 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Irlanda Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2019-04-15 2017-09-19
Descripción : Organic herbs
80724 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Francia Plantas medicinales 2018-04-15 2017-09-19
Descripción : plantes médicinales exclusivement de la caraïbe Processus de cueillette et de production 100% naturel et manuelle. Produit de de qualité premium. Vendu en vrac séché naturellement au soleil et à température ambiante.
70135 Productos cosméticos Other Francia otros Productos cosméticos 2018-05-04 2017-09-19
  Descripción : OLIV' in Provence. Professional Skincare. 100% Geolocated. 0% Paraben, synthetic, colorants etc...
70031 Frutas y verduras Other Tailandia Frutas y verduras exóticas 2019-05-04 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Merit Food Products (MFP) was established in 1993 as a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality canned coconut products. The company history was originated from an enterprise with more than three decades of experience in Thai coconut business. MFP's product line majorly covers coconut milk and cream, coconut drinks, which has already been certified as "GMO-free" from DNA Technology Laboratory, BIOTEC, Thailand.We would like to offer: -Certified organic coconut milk with various fat contents i.e. 21%, 18%, 15%, 12% and 6% in various sizes i.e. 160ml, 400ml, 300ml and 18.5kg. 18.5kg.
59760 Ingredientes Ecocert Francia Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-03-27 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Producteur de beurre de karité non raffiné, biologique et 100% naturel, nous vous proposons notre production directe du Bénin. Notre site est équipé pour produire 20 tonnes par mois de beurre frais. Nous avons nos propres processus exclusifs de production, vous proposant un beurre dont l'odeur est naturellement atténué, et la couleur light.
Bien entendu, Territoire d'Afrique mène des actions terrains pour contribuer à l'essor de l'économie sociale.
70929 Ingredientes Other Francia Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2018-03-27 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Distillateur de plantes pour hydrolats et huiles essentielles depuis 1932.
Les plantes sont distillées selon vos besoins mais nous avons un stock sur certaines références.
Merci de nous contacter au 05 65 21 03 61.
70928 Limpieza y higiene ecológicos Other La India Limpieza y higiene ecológicos para empresas 2018-03-02 2017-09-19
  Descripción : VERDURE HERBALS is the largest exporter & supplier of Soapnut shells fine powder which is 90% water soluble & used as Eco-Friendly washing detergent
63030 Ingredientes Other Marruecos Ingredientes para productos cosmeticos 2019-07-20 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Notre huile essentielle provient directement de nos plantes médicinales BIO cultivées et distillées à l’intérieur de notre ferme certifiée.

La distillation est faite par notre propre alambic en inox alimentaire basse pression.

Géranium, nom botanique : Pelargonium asperum
Mélisse citronnelle, nom botanique : Melissa offinalis
Moutarde, nom botanique : Brassica juncea
Camomille Officinale, nom botanique : Matricaria chamomilla
Basilic Pourpre, nom botanique : Ocimum Basicum
Basilic Citron, nom botanique : Ocimum Basicum Citrodorum
Basilic Canelle, nom botanique : Ocimum Basicum Cinnamomum
Sariette Annuelle, nom botanique : Saturia Hortensis L.
Basilic Thym, nom botanique : Ocimum Basilicum
Aneth Tetra Gold, nom botanique : Anethum Graveolens linné
The des Jardins, nom botanique : Dracocephlum Modavica
Stevia Rebaudiana
Bredy Mafana Cresson de Para, nom botanique : Spilanthes
Anis Vert, nom botanique : Plantago Coronopus
Sauge Officinale, nom botanique : Salvia Officinalis
Moutarde Rouge de Rode, nom botanique : Amsoim Brassica juncea
Mauve sauvage, nom botanique : malva sylvestris
Thym, nom botanique : thymus
80586 Frutas y verduras Other Italia Puré de frutas 2018-01-05 2017-09-19
Dear Sir/Madam
I take pleasure to send you our introductory letter.

GELFRUIT ITALIA S.R.L. is a producer and supplier of nuts (almond, hazelnuts,pistachio,walnuts...) and ingredients for ice cream and confectionery.
We do organic and conventional products. We export high quality products and we are active in Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, etc.
Our customers are primarily: Wholesalers; ice cream, confectionery, chocolate industries, Import-Export Distribution, Wholesalers for Nuts; marzipan producer; nougat producer biscuiteries and many others.

We have:
100% pure nut paste (almond, hazelnuts, pistachio, pine nuts, etc..), wich can be organic or conventional and new line of spreadable creams of Sicilian pistachio, almond and moka coffee creams (used for filling, icing frosting used cold cakes, etc..) and pesto di pistachio (for savory dishes).
We not use artificial colors or preservatives.
We have also alot of fruit variety paste, like ( strawberry, coconut, orange, flower fruit lemon, ficodindia, alcantara peach and much more) as well we have traditional paste like ( amaretto di Sicilia, cassata siciliana, cannolo palermitano, zabaione, tiramisù, coconut and much more).
62022 Productos dietéticos Other E.E.U.U. Complementos alimenticios 2019-07-20 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Whole-istic Solutions is a whole food nutritional supplement supplier, providing encapsulated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, digestive enzymes and probiotics as well as protein and fruit and vegetable drink powders. We provide wholesale supplements to healthcare providers.
78435 Plantas aromáticas medicinales National Organisation For Certification And Inspection Of Agricultural Products -agrocert Grecia Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2019-10-09 2017-09-19
  Descripción : Oregano vulgaris ssp hirtum
Thymus vulgaris
Melissa officinalis
Salvia officinalis
Rosmarinus officinalis
Chamomile matricaria
78500 Plantas aromáticas medicinales National Organisation For Certification And Inspection Of Agricultural Products -agrocert Grecia Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2020-10-10 2017-09-19
  Descripción : The Company Aroma Mediterraneo is a small company composed by producers from Northern Greece, who nurtures aromatic and medicinal plants on private land, following good agricultural practices for spices and herbs ,due to respect to human beings , nature and environment.
Reaching April 2015 the company is characterized as certified organic cultivation in a transition stage and after this period as an organic cultivation. The goods that are cultivated are Oregano vulgaris ssp hirtum , Thymus vulgaris , Melissa officinalis , Rosemary officinalis , Salvia officinalis , Chamomile matricaria .
The company can provide you quantities of the dried goods above , consistently and valuably. Also there is the possibility of buying directly and be flexible to brand the product to your needs, in competitive prices.
70138 Productos cosméticos Other Reino Unido otros Productos cosméticos 2018-05-10 2017-09-19
  Descripción : A pioneering brand established in 1997, Green People is the leader in certified organic body care products. With an extensive range of natural products – shampoos, face creams, sun lotions and body washes to name just a few – it is one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK.
92450 Bebidas Other Rumania Bebidas sin alcohol (agua, zumo de frutas, verduras, bebidas de cereales, soja) 0000-00-00 2017-09-19
  Descripción : We are S.C.PARMEN S.R.L producers of fruits and of fruit juices, based in Romania.
PARMEN juice is 100% natural, fresh and healthy, obtained from carefully selected fruits, washed, chopped, cold-pressed, pasteurized and packaged in "bag-in-box". 100% natural juice contains no preservatives, flavors, food additives (E numbers) and has no added sugar.

Our offer:

1. Apple juice : 0.3 liter bottle - 0.6 euro €
2. Apple juice : 1 liter bottle - 1 euro €
3. Apple juice : Bag in Box 3.0 liters – 2.5 euro €
4. Apple juice : Bag in Box 5.0 liters – 3.8 euro €
5. Pear juice : 0.3 liter bottle - 0.66 euro €
6. Pear juice: 1 liter bottle - 1.2 euro €
7. Pear juice: Bag in Box 3.0 liters - 3.15 euro €
8. Pear juice: Bag in Box 5.0 liters – 4.5 euro €
9. Apple juice with carrots : Bag in Box 3.0 liters – 3 euro €
10. Apple juice with carrots : Bag in Box 5.0 liters - 4.75 euro €
11.Apple and beet juice: Bag in Box 3.0 liters – 3 euro €

Please note:
- Prices do not include VAT
- We provide deliveries of up to 5.0 tons produced / day up to 200-300 tonnes per year.
- We can also provide seasonal fruit (apples, pears, plums, etc.) limit of 150 to 200 tonnes per year.
- You can make a private label for the juice
- We can produce any other types of juices
- we have ISO 9001 and 22000 HACCP certifications, these certifications are international standard that specifies the requirements for a food safety management system .
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