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76765 Especias condimentos Other La India Otras especias condimentos 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
  Descripción : We want to sell dry stevia leaves in bulk quantity.
87380 Productos de cultivo - intrans Other La India Semillas 2019-12-31 2017-11-06
Descripción : We are a leading suppliers of organic products and herbal seeds and powder. You can contact us through, Mobile no (91) 044 9884303071.
77590 Cereales derivados Other Ucrania Oleaginosos, proteaginosos (colza, girasol, soja, sésamo, guisantes, habas) 2019-12-31 2017-11-06
Descripción : We are the suppliers of Organic raw materials for animal feed and human consumption and are registered with The ETKO Ekolojik Tar?m Kontrol Org. Ltd. Sti, an UA-BIO-109 inspection body and have an Organic Certificate according to European Regulations 834/2007, 889/2008.You may be interested in the following products: organic corn; flax; millet; mustard; yellow peas; rape seed; soybean; sunflower seeds (expeller); wheat; oat; spelt.All our products are of Ukrainian origin and are supplied by vessels as well as by trucks.
Send your requests by skype luxomark-eco1
87488 Frutas y verduras Ministry Of Agriculture Estonia Frutas o verduras congeladas 2019-09-20 2017-11-06
  Descripción : Frozen blackcurrant from Estonia. Organically grown berry with certificate. 750 kg in one pallet. Please contact
71775 Productos dietéticos Other La India Cápsulas, gélulas, ampollas 2019-12-12 2017-11-06
  Descripción : Our ORGANIC INDIA herbal formulations are all registered and licensed Ayurvedic Medicines.
71777 Especias condimentos Other La India Especias, pimienta 2019-10-06 2017-11-06
  Descripción : Organic spices

Aniseed, Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ginger Powder, Ginger Slices, Ginger Whole, Mace, Nutmeg, Powdered Turmeric, Red Chili, Whole Turmeric
71942 Cereales derivados Control Union La India Cereales (trigo, cebada, maíz, escanda) 2019-12-12 2017-11-06
  Descripción : Beans : Black Lentils, Cowpea Vigna, Garbanzo Beans, Moong, Beans, Red Lentils, Peas, Pigeon Pea, Soy Beans

Edible seeds, Oilseeds and other commodities : Castor Beans, Chicory Cubes, Flax Seed, Groundnut, Mustard Black, Mustard Yellow, Peanuts, Psyllium, Senna Pods, Senna Leaf, Sesame Black, Sesame Seeds, Sesame Natural, Sesame Hulled, Sorghum
87995 Textil Other Turquia Ropa 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
  Descripción : Basic baby clothing for 0 to 2 years baby boys and girls.
Unisex basic baby garments.
Body, kimono, tshirt, harem pants / shalwar, pants.
GOTS CU 810635 Certified 100% organic very best quality Turkish cotton. Nickel free snap buttons, organic dye.
Cool designs, neutral plain colors. Off-White, Melange Grey, Red - Black tshirt and shalwar.
88694 Frutas y verduras Other Nigeria Otras frutas y verduras 2018-12-28 2017-11-06
Descripción : Bitter kola is a type of nut mostly found in several parts of Nigeria and West-Central Africa as a whole and the tree grows in the (tropical) rain forests. Its biological name is “Garcinia kola” and belongs to the family of “Guittiferal”. Bitter Kola has been identified as a potent antibiotic which could be effective in the treatment of many diseases. The fruit, seeds, nuts and bark of the tropical tree have been used for centuries in traditional medicines to treat many forms of ailments. It helps to treat Osteoarthritis which is the most common form of arthritis, characterized by pain, inflammation and limited movement in the joints. It has been used for centuries to treat chest colds in traditional medicine
88549 Frutas y verduras Other Bulgaria Frutas o verduras en conserva 2019-12-28 2017-11-06
Descripción : rose hip marmalade, produced from bio rose hip,bio sugar
in 300gr jar, best before -24 months
88676 Cereales derivados Austria Bio Garantie, Abg Bulgaria Cereales (trigo, cebada, maíz, escanda) 2019-12-15 2017-11-06
Descripción : spelt(TRITICUM MONOCOCCUM L.) Origin -Bulgaria Quantity-100t. In PP bags of 25kg,dehulled
88847 Frutas y verduras Other Armenia Frutas frescas 2019-07-01 2017-11-06
  Descripción : Armenian Organic Fresh and Dried Apricots

Varieties: yerevanian and Sateni

Yerevanian: Fruits of this variety of apricots are big, weighting 60 – 70 g (can reach up to 110 g), have oval form. Fruits are fleshy, fragrant, juicy, sour-sweetish, contain 11, 3% sugar on average, acidity is about 0, 63%. Stones are easily separable from flesh and are sweet. Ripening period is late June to early July. Fresh - 400 Tones

Sateni: Fruits weight 40 – 50 g, they are round, a little bit dented from sides, asymmetric, amber yellowish or little bit darker, with pale pink tinge on the side most exposed to the light. Flesh is firm, not very juicy and fragrant but very sweet and contain about 14-15% sugar on average and only 0,3% acids. The stone is easily separable from flesh. Kernel is sweet. Ripening is mid of July. Fresh 100 Tones, Dried - 20 Tones
92954 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ceres Macedonia Plantas medicinales 2018-07-01 2017-10-16
Descripción : We sell high quality Silybum Marianum seeds, Ceres certified, packaged at the request of the buyer.
92809 Productos azucarados Other Reino Unido Miel, gelatina real, todos los productos de la colmena 2019-01-01 2017-10-10
Descripción : Sourced directly from beekeepers working to the highest ethical standards, our premium honey is produced from remote forests and mountainous regions around the world. The Al-Ameen range of Organic Honeys fully meet all conditions and regulations as established by the European Union for the organic farming sector
92807 Productos del mar Other Francia Algas 2019-01-01 2017-10-10
Descripción : Production de Spiruline
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