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78425 Textil Ropa 2016-04-25 2014-10-15
  Descripción : Baby organic bamboo textiles and bedding
77547 Textil Tejidos 2015-01-01 2014-08-11
  Descripción : Searching GOTS certified textiles

Firm in Denmark looking for contacts to buy organic certified textiles..

We are ONLY interested in connections with fabrics making GOTS certified textiles...

If the factory is connected to production of the already made fabrics, into clothing, beddings and others... ect...will only be a plus...

Thank you in advance

Britt Caballero
Eco von moii
76991 Textil Tejidos 2015-02-13 2014-06-16
  Descripción : dog pillows
dog bag
76790 Textil Ropa 2015-12-12 2014-06-03
  Descripción : I am looking to start a new business that will produce fine organic bed linens, and later, towels. I wish to use 100% organic cotton, or possibly a mix of organic cotton, and environmentally friendly processed bamboo. I am based in Cuenca, Ecuador.
75661 Textil Ropa 2016-01-01 2014-03-21
  Descripción : Our primarily supply will consist of 5 basic sportswear items for women, which include two singlets (one loose fit tank and one tight fitted style), one pair of sports shorts, one sports bra, as well as a pair of tights. We will focus on environmentally friendly production and fabric, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and bamboo. But since we are in the initial stage of creating our company and brand, we are still relatively open for alternative options of the fabrics as long as it is eco-friendly. However, we are quite determined to have bamboo as the fabric of the tights.

We are therefore looking for manufacturers who offer custom-made design, logo-printing & eco-friendly fabrics and production.
73502 Textil otros Textil 2015-07-01 2013-11-26
  Descripción : I am looking for a manufacturer of high quality-luxury ORGANIC home textiles. Looking for organic cotton bedding (GOTS certified) in different colors and thread counts. Also looking for manufacturer of pure linen cushions and plaids.
Short productions may be required.

Delivery place : France
Thank you
69838 Textil Ropa 2014-03-20 2013-04-08
  Descripción : Baby Clothes!
we are looking for high quality of baby clothes manufacturers from TURKEY only. That produce highest quality organic baby clothes.
69157 Textil otros Textil 2014-01-15 2013-02-18
  Descripción : ORGAMIT looking for organic cotton sateen and percale, 200 TC and more. 270 - 300 wide. Natural and organic bleached. Organic dyed. Order minimum from 200 - 1000 m.
68941 Textil Ropa 2013-10-10 2013-02-08
  Descripción : We are looking for good quality organic clothes, manufactured from our design
68643 Textil Tejidos 2013-07-27 2013-01-21
  Descripción : organic certificated cotton
68526 Textil Ropa 2013-05-12 2013-01-10
  Descripción : We need organic Bamboo tees and boxers, in great quality
67549 Textil otros Textil 0000-00-00 2012-11-20
  Descripción : Looking for organic leather or suede
66674 Textil otros Textil 2013-03-03 2012-09-27
  Descripción : Tejidos de fibras naturales
65985 Textil Ropa 2013-01-10 2012-07-26
  Descripción : Looking for Earth-conscious products
64239 Textil otros Textil 2013-02-02 2012-03-28
  Descripción : je recherche un fabricant pour la conception de basket bio et textile car notre société développe une ;arque de sport, si vous pouvez me renseigner ou si vous êtes un fabricant contactez moi merci
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