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83134 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other La India Aceites esenciales 2019-02-02 2018-04-18
Descripción : Essential Oils, Oleoreins, Deodorized Oils, Spa Oils, Total Extracts
64078 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Martinique (Fr.) Aceites esenciales 2019-03-31 2018-03-28
Descripción : Bay Saint-Thomas
94464 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Bulgaria Plantas aromáticas 2020-02-02 2018-02-22
  Descripción : Medicinal and aromatic plants, herns, fruit
82707 Plantas aromáticas medicinales National Organisation For Certification And Inspection Of Agricultural Products -agrocert Grecia Plantas aromáticas 2020-02-02 2018-02-22
  Descripción : Dear Sir or Madam,
The Aroma Mediterraneo is a small group of producers who cultivates, collects and processes Greek aromatic and medicinal plants, adopting proper farming practices to privately owned land in the area of Northern Greece, providing high quality products.
The cooperation with the Aroma Mediterraneo is the best choice for your company because of our faith in the traditional principles of mutual consistency, respect to nature and the consumers.
Our Products:
The Aroma Mediterraneo is organized into two business units (Business divisions) to cover every modern need with the supply of bio aromatic and medicinal plants. These divisions are:
Dry peels,
- Processing,
- We cultivate and develop, at our private land in the region of Northern Greece and in collaboration with scientific guidance counselors-teachers of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, these aromatic and medicinal plants:
Origanum vulgare ssp hirtum in an area of 20 acres with annual production of 1000 kg of dry peels.
- Salvia officinalis in an area of 4 acres with annual production of 500 kg of dry peels.
- Thymus vulgaris L in an area of 5.5 acres with annual production of 500 kg of dry peels.
- Melissa officinalis L in an area of 5.5 acres with annual production of 1500 kg of dry peels.
- Rosmarinus officinalis L in an area of 5 acres with annual production of 500 kg of dry peels.
- Chamomile matricaria L in an area of 25 acres with annual production of 1000 kg of flowers' heads.
- Laurus nobilis in area of 5 acres with annual production of 300 kg leaf.
- Mentha spicata in area of 2 acres with annual production of 500 kg leaf
55885 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Francia Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2020-02-10 2018-02-22
  Descripción : Gaïa Diffusion exports key products from the Provence / Mediterranean region of France, but only in their organic, natural and ethical versions.

We pay special attention to the selection of our providers in order to offer high quality products made in Provence. Our organic products are all certified by ECOCERT
73439 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Grecia Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2020-02-01 2018-02-22
Descripción : I have started cultivations of herbs and medical plants in north-west Greece . This is a conventional cultivation for the time being and it is going to be an organic In about a year from now, by the certification

I have started cultivating a small piece of land (2000m2 of mint piperita) and I see very good results.I have already exported from the first cut( dry leaf of mint piperita) to Germany. I am also experimenting with very small piece of land of oregano, lavender , salvia oficinalis, rosemary and I see very good results too. As I am sure you realize , that was the experimental period and from now on, the cultivated land will be increased year after year.
73435 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Francia Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2020-02-15 2018-02-22
Descripción : production de:
menthe,menthe rouge,cerfeuil,mélisse,aneth,thym,thym citron,estragon,sauge,sariette,liveche,persil plat,
persil frisée,basilic,ciboulette,coriandre,oseille,origon,
66427 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Belgica Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2020-01-10 2018-02-22
Certifiées bio
91588 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Egipto Plantas medicinales 2019-10-01 2018-02-08
  Descripción : Any kind of organic herbs and spices.

we provide organic herbs and spices with high quality and competetive prices. we ensure also that we provide an organic and certified products which meet the EU standards and Egyptian Center of Organic Agriculture "ECOA" inspection measures. the ECOA inspects and guides our cultivation according to EU measures of Organic cultivation.
74836 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Marruecos Plantas aromáticas 2019-02-06 2018-02-06
Descripción : Dans le cadre du développement et d'élargissement de notre gamme de produits biologique, notre société proposera une large gamme de plantes médicinales et aromatiques biologique certifiées par ECOCERT:
- Aneth BIO
- Armoise BIO
- Bourrache BIO
- Fleurs d'oranger bigaradier BIO
- Laurier BIO
- Lavande BIO
- Livèche BIO
- Marjolaine BIO
- Mélisse BIO
- Menthe BIO
- Origan BIO
- Oseille BIO
- Persil BIO
- Romarin BIO
- Rose BIO
- Sauge BIO
- Thym BIO
- Verveine BIO.
83191 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Rumania Plantas aromáticas 2019-12-20 2018-01-23
Descripción : Urtica dioica;
Rosa canina
83196 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Rumania Plantas aromáticas 2019-12-20 2018-01-23
Descripción : Rosa canina
94203 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Egipto Plantas aromáticas 2020-02-23 2018-01-22
Descripción : Dear Sir
Since 2004 Aros Elnil has been exporting, processing and selling aromatic herbs, spice herbs and seeds to customers. We only do process natural raw elements without additives in accordance with our customers' requirements. Our products are from both organic and conventional agriculture. The company's main area of expertise is the procurement of high-quality raw materials at the best prices, as well as expertise in the processing of materials in accordance with customer specifications
We are able to facilitate supply of the following range of medical plants, with quality and packing arranged to suit your individual specifications. Your interest is invited our products are as follow.
Herbs :
Chamomile (Flowers, powder and/ or seeds)
Calendula (Flowers, and / or petals)
Hibiscus (Flowers, TBC, Slices)
Lemon Grass
Spices :
Hot Chills
Dry Lemon ( yellow , black )
Sesame seeds (white, red, and golden)
White Beans
Egyptian berseem ( Clover seeds)
Alfalfa Seeds
All agricultural seeds
We are with great interest looking ahead to hearing from you .
We would gladly demonstrate you our efficiency.
Sincerely yours,
Ahmed Bakr
94200 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Madagascar Aceites esenciales 2019-01-29 2018-01-22
Descripción : Endemic plant Oil essentials of Madagascar
73242 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Imo La India Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2019-07-14 2018-01-18
  Descripción : We are producers and processors of major organic medicinal and aromatic herbs. We have more than 1000 acres of farms were we grow medicinal herbs and plants.

- We dry them in our state-of-art facility, sterilize, powder (large granules) and vacuum pack in food grade bags

- In addition we provide quality certificate (from NABL accredited Laboratory) for each batch that we process.

- We completely guarantee all the products that we process for its quality and hygienicity
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