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71235 Aceites Other Espana Oliva 2015-12-10 2013-07-01
Descripción : Almazara 'As Pontis' produces and manufactures respecting the environment, which is a priority in our new projec. Almazara 'As Pontis' is one of the most advanced oil factory with milling technology in Spain

Almazara 'As Pontis' began its activity in November,2008 with the clear objective of producing a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. That is not all, besides with the aim that all phases of production process repect the environment.

Pomace: it is transported to olive-pomace extraction factory where is processed.

Olive pit: : it is used like raw material in our bio-mass boiler

Sewage water and "alpechin": thery are processed in our sewage treatment plant, using the clean water to wash the olives and sewage sludge that is dried and used like fertilizer in our olive grove.
71175 Aceites Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Oliva 2015-03-10 2013-06-26
  Descripción : Organic Olive Oil PDO - Acushla:
- Bottle 250ml - Box of 12 units
- Can 500ml - Box of 24 units
- Bag in a Box 5L - Box of 4 units

The olive oil Acushla presents a yellowish-green color, smell and fruity aromas with notes of fresh grass, green spike and almond, enveloped by the feeling bitter and spicy, with its long and persistent end.

Processing type: First Cold Crushing
Olive Varieties:Cobrançosa, Cordovil, Madural, Negrinha, Verdeal
Origin: Alto Douro - Vila Flor, Trás-os-Montes - Portugal
Cultivation type: Organic
Classification:Protected Designation of Origin Beira Interior Region
Flavor & Fragance: Olive oil greenish yellow color, smell and taste fruity and spicy. Presents an end of mouth elegant and persistent
Validity: 2 years
Acidity level (% oleic acid < 0.8 ): 0.1%
Peroxides index (mEq O2/kg) Max 20 : 3 meq O2/Kg
62991 Aceites Other Great Britain (UK) Otras aceites 2014-07-20 2013-05-27
Descripción : Organic Extra virgin coconut oil
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