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93729 Frutas y verduras Other Iran Frutas secas 2019-12-30 2017-11-28
  Descripción : The ostore Salar kavir in Iran (Sirjan) produces the best quality pistachio directly!
Competitive price! Fast deliver !Colorful package! High quality pistachio all of them only in in OSTORE SALAR KAVIR
Buy now and give discount!
Discount is only for customer who call us and make effect after 5 days
Join us
Tel: +98_9330450021
93728 Textil Other Francia Ropa 2020-10-10 2017-11-28
  Descripción : Organic clothes for babies
93644 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Alemania Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales 2019-12-30 2017-11-21
  Descripción : Organic plants
93640 Cereales derivados Other Italia Cereales (trigo, cebada, maíz, escanda) 2019-12-31 2017-11-21
  Descripción : In Agribio we want to connect different markets and different cultures, integrating the typical characteristics of distant places, resulting in trade of organic products by member companies who want to share our aims, creating Oasis Bio, where anyone can find a guaranteed and certain supply chain. Of fundamental importance for our company and for the realization of our project is searching for advanced logistic services, which can reduce the environmental impact. We try to optimize transport with modern means to limit the emission of CO? and other pollutants.

Our interest is not only the trading of raw materials, but also the enhancement of crops that have nutraceutical properties, beneficial to human health.

Among the various products treated, you can find quinoa, chia, hemp seeds and algae such as spirulina, crops known not only for its nutritional properties, but also for the pharmaceutical sector.
93639 Alimentación animal Other Italia Cría 2019-12-12 2017-11-21
  Descripción : AgriBio helps its partners in the research and supply of goods. In fact, an accurate and constant research in the world market has led us to open a real network of companies.
Fundamental in animal nutrition are cereals and protein panels, in fact from AgriBio you will ?nd a wide range of products with excellent nutritional values, that integrated fodder and minerals, helping the animals in their growth and maintenance, bringing proteins and energy from carbohydrates.
Proper nutrition of our animals will provide higher quality in meat, eggs, milk and dairy products which in turn will then be part of our diet.
93638 Productos cosméticos Other Italia Cuidados del cuerpo 2019-12-12 2017-11-21
  Descripción : Not by bread alone does man live” No less important than nutrition is our care towards our body and our beauty. Once again nature gives us the oils from which we can get creams that provide softness, moisture and protection from the elements with which we are in contact every day. Seeds such as sa?ower, the argan, shea nuts, hemp and almonds, are cold-pressed to preserve their components and their bene?cial properties without the use of synthetic chemicals. For this, the organic cosmetics are de?ned as eco-friendly and naturally hypoallergenic.
93635 Frutas y verduras Other Tunez Frutas y verduras exóticas 2019-12-15 2017-11-21
Descripción : Organic dattes ( deglet nour )
93634 Cafè, té, chocolate Other Perou Cacao, chocolate 2019-12-12 2017-11-21
Descripción : We are a real Bin to Bar company producing chocolate Bars from diferent Origins.
Organic and Bio
93633 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Bosnia y Hercegovina Plantas medicinales 2019-12-12 2017-11-21
  Descripción : NOP /USDA EC Certified organic helichrysum italicum immortelle essential oil and hydrosol direct from the manufacturer.
93612 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other China Plantas medicinales 2019-12-12 2017-11-20
  Descripción : ECO-CERT,CERES

YESHERB factory has passed QS authentication and ISO9001 verification, our products have passed organic cert by EU and USDA. Our planting base is located in Shaanxi province, and we have sales company in Guangzhou city and after service & storage branch in New Jersey America. We control quality of our Plant Extracts from raw material. Our lab have advanced equipments such as HPLC,UV, AAS and GC instruments. we have cooperations with Northwestern University, which guarantee our products can fully comply your needs. Our main product scope including Plant Extracts,Mushroom Extract,Fruit Powder,Vegetable Powder,Super Foods.
92802 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Demeter Standards Ltd (dsl) Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association In Ireland (bdaal) Portugal Plantas aromáticas 2019-11-10 2017-11-20
Descripción : We are a company working in the field of producing and exporting Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs such as : Calendula, Cornflower, Lemon Grass, Lemon-verbena, Bay Laureal, Common Thyme, Peppermin leaves, Spearmint, Sage,Centaurea Cyanus, Mint. For further information please contact us by email or phone.
92758 Productos cosméticos Other Reino Unido Cuidados del cuerpo 2019-12-31 2017-11-20

About the product
United Kingdom
Frankincense Water Frankincense Facial Wash: 50ml /Frankincense Intense Cream Frankincense Cleanser: 1 dose × 7 / Frankincense Facial Serum 1dose × 2ml / sheets
92503 Especias condimentos Nasaa Sri Lanka Otras especias condimentos 2019-12-31 2017-11-17
  Descripción : Organic Herbs Spices are growed in our organic farms for sales
93569 Especias condimentos Other Sri Lanka Otras especias condimentos 2019-12-12 2017-11-17
  Descripción : we greenfield supply Organic Products like TEAS,SPICES, HERBS, CASHEW ITEMS, FRUITS and COCONUT PRODUCTS. we are the growers,producres and sellers in the Trade.
74462 Productos dietéticos Other E.E.U.U. Complementos alimenticios 2019-10-10 2017-11-17
  Descripción : Dear/Dearest,
Green herb is proud to present you :
Total Elimination
This dietary supplement was researched and produced by European Master Herbalists for Green Herb inc. to clean parasites and yeast out of the human body the natural, safe way.
Like elimination, eliminies cleanses children from parasites. Children are especially prone to intestinal parasites like pinworms, tapeworm, hookworms and threadworms. Eliminies includes a 30 day parasite elimination strategy.
Replenish Probiotics
A maximum strength whole food active probiotic for adults and children.
Green Herb Replenish uses a proprietary blend of 14 active probiotics.
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