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39628 Productos del mar Ecocert Algas cocidas
Descripción : Fresh seaweeds marinated and seasonned :

Seaweed relish : Sea lettuce, Dulse and wakame, chopped and marinated with olive oil, capers, shalots, gherkins in vinegar, onions, garlic and wallnut oil.

Norinade : Nori with olive oil, shalots, red wine vinegar and Tamari.
46234 Productos del mar Other Otros productos del mar
Descripción : Saltygreens® forms a part of Oosterschelde Fish & Greens. This department has specialized in the import and export of fresh sea greens and its aims are exclusivity plus quality in the first place.

How do we come up to our own standards?
• We work together with the internationally operating seed improvement company. And the result? Fresh samphire and sea aster of an excellent quality throughout the year.
• In our opinion the customer is always right, regardless of the quantity of the order placed with us. How do we deal with that? By listening to our customers and thinking along with them we try to support them to the best of our abilities. The result? A biologically sound packaging with our client's company logo on it!
• The transport is carried out by specialized companies, all working in accordance with the strict HACCP standards.
• A varying database with exclusive recipes.
44961 Productos del mar Ecocert Pescado congelado
Descripción : frozen salmon smokes, trout, sea perch, gilt-head.
44274 Productos del mar Letis S.a. Pescado congelado
Descripción : La firma Aguas Claras S.A. que represento es criadora de truchas certificadas orgánicas y naturales de la Patagonia argentina, la que trabaja con la genética mundialmente conocida de Troutlodge de USA . Ofrecemos la concertación de contratos de crianza de truchas con las especificaciones, tamaños y color que el cliente requiera con una proyección de ocho a diez meses para el cumplimiento de los primeros embarques por ser el tiempo que requiere la crianza de las truchas. También ofrecemos del estoque disponible truchas congeladas naturales. Pueden visitar la página web : .
43982 Productos del mar Other Platos preparados, conservas
Descripción : Famous in Italy for its quality ready-to-eat-fish.
We offer ready to eat organic fish - steamed, cold or hot smoked -. The fish - trout - comes from our farm. We are supplier of Italian company Ecor, and other Companies in all Europe. As we believe in organic food, we are looking for a distributor that can sell our products in other countries....
40728 Productos del mar Other Otros productos del mar
Descripción : All types of seafoods
40727 Productos del mar Other Pescado congelado
Descripción : All type of frozen seafoods
40726 Productos del mar Other Pescado fresco
Descripción : All type of fresh Seafoods
38891 Productos del mar Qualite France Pescado ahumado
Descripción : saumon fume,truite de mer fume Irlandaise
36482 Productos del mar Organic Trust Ltd Pescado congelado
Descripción : Organic Salmon Fillets
Organic Salmon
35399 Productos del mar Other Otros productos del mar
Descripción : Certified organic, these crops grow by the seaside where the tide goes in and out twice a day and it is there the little plants absorb the salty water via their roots, which gives them their characteristic taste. The sea greens which are cultivated all have the same unique taste. One of the greatest advantages of this type of cultivation is that the greens are very clean. They acquire a delicate flavour and because they are not affected by the sediments from the sea, they are pleasant to the eye and always look very fresh.

Our range of products:

• Fresh samphire. Nutritional value per 100 gr: 0.8g sodium, 40mg calcium, 20mg iron, 1.6g protein, 1.6g carbonhydrates
• Fresh sea aster. Feeding value by 100 gr: 1g sodium, 150mg calcium, 3.3mg iron, 2.9g protein, 2.4 carbonhydrates
• Organic Samphire
• Fresh exclusive SaltyGreens®
• Samphire in vinegar
• Samphire mustard
• Samphire dressing

Our fresh sea greens can be packaged in quantities ranging from 100 grams to 5 kilos per packing unit. We deliver according to the client's wishes! Of course there is always a possibility to opt for environment-friendly or biological packaging.
32308 Productos del mar Organic Food Federation Pescado fresco
Descripción : Chilled head on gutted salmon
Chilled fillets Trim B-E
Chilled portions, loose, IQF, vacuum sealed
32307 Productos del mar Organic Food Federation Pescado congelado
Descripción : IQF fillets Trim B-E, loose glazed or vacuum sealed
IQF portions, loose glazed or vacuum sealed
32098 Productos del mar Organic Food Federation Pescado fresco
Descripción : Chilled, Head on gutted whole salmon, Chilled or IQF fillets trim B-E,
Chilled or IQF bespoke portions loose or vaccuum sealed.
31230 Productos del mar Letis S.a. Pescado fresco
Descripción : Our company is dedicated to the breed of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) in the middle of the Argentinean Patagonia, immersed in an environment that is barely touched by the hand of man where the nature takes care of producing excellent fish, that we feed and we treat with norms of quality, assuring an excellent final product.
The Products are offered in bulk or by units, fresh (refrigerated with ice) or frozen. In thermal boxes with ice if the fish is fresh and of cardboard if is frozen (whether separated or in block).

Also we can coordinate with you, specific productions for punctual dates, or to establish programs of production jointly for your better convenience and demand of the market.
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