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6869 Cafè, té, chocolate Ecocert Azúcar
32886 Cafè, té, chocolate Other Azúcar
  Descripción : Description:
Organic Sugar, Icumsa 300min / 1300max

50 or 25 Kilo poly bags with liner

20’ containers reinforced / 25MT per container

Organic Sugar, Polarization 99.36, moisture 0.055 max, humidity 0.15 max, ash 0.128, ICUMSA 500 min 550 max.
45796 Cafè, té, chocolate Other Azúcar
Descripción : cane sugar, demeara, fair trade
45795 Cafè, té, chocolate Other Cacao, chocolate
Descripción : cocoa butter, powder, beans, liquor
45456 Cafè, té, chocolate Other
Descripción : Kenyan Tea, loose or bagged
45279 Cafè, té, chocolate Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Descripción : I wanted to give details of our highest quality BCS-EU-USDA Certified LYCOS Organic Herbal Teas and Black Teas in 20 teabag boxes and bigger size 48 teapot boxes. Since We are experienced with organic and conventional dried fruit sector in Turkey, LYCOS is another extreme solid brand of organic tea segment of us. We have also capacity to do Private Label and details may be discussed individually.

We are expanding to globally so I am looking for partners to gain market recognition of our quality products, I am familiar dynamics of Organic Retail Market in Europe, US and Canada. Please get these offer and belowed info and return to us with specific details of your demands.


Organik Sage (Salvia Triloba) 20 teabags
net Wt.24 gr. 2,05 $

Organic Thyme (Oreganum Vulgare) 20 teabags
net Wt.24 gr. 2,05 $

Organic Nettle 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr.2,15 $

Organic Chamomile 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,15 $

Organic Fennel 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,15 $

Organic Rosemary 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,05 $

Organic Slim (Mixed Herbal Tea) 20 teabags
net Wt.30 gr. 2,15 $

Organic Black Tea 20 teabags
net Wt.40 gr. 2,20 $

Organic Earl Grey (Bergamot Flavoured) 20 teabags
net Wt.40 gr. 2,20 $

Organic Black Tea - Teapot 48 teabags
net Wt.144 gr.3,50 $

Organic Earl Grey(Bergamot Flav.)–Teapot 48 teabags
net Wt.144 gr3,50 $

PAYMENT : Irrevocable and confirmed L/C at sight
45090 Cafè, té, chocolate Other
Descripción :
We offer full range of Organic Chinese Green/Black/Oolong/White/Jasmine Teas, Organic Teabags, Organic Decaffeinated Teas

Certified Organic (NOP/EEC) by IMO Switzerland;

From own tea estates, processing factories, packing factories, with competitive Price;

Short Lead Time;

Leaf & Fanning Grades all available;

All main kinds of Chinese Teas are available;

Certified Organic Tea Bagging (Double/Single Chamber) OEM service available;
44277 Cafè, té, chocolate O.i.a.
Descripción : Podemos ofrecer una linea de tés certificados orgánicos : té verde, té rojo, té de rosa mosqueta, té de yerba mate y té natural de jazmín envasados en pequeñas bolsitas de uso individual .
44224 Cafè, té, chocolate Other Café y sucedáneos
Descripción : We supply Indian Coffee
42979 Cafè, té, chocolate Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh
Descripción : We as TRNC Foreing Trade Co.Ltd.Would like to introduce ourselves as one of the main producer of organic herbal teas, organic dried fruits, organic nuts,organic pulses,carob fruit and normally dried fruits in Aegean and Mediterranean Region in Anatolia.Our all products have USDA,HACCP and ISO 22000 Internationally-recognized organic certifications
Our Organic Herbal Teas
Organik Sage (Salvia Triloba)
Organic Thyme (Oreganum Vulgare)
Organic Nettle
Organic Chamomile
Organic Fennel
Organic Rosemary
Organic Form (Mixed Herbal Tea)
Organic Black Tea
Organic Earl Grey (Bergamot Flavoured)
Organic Black Tea - Teapot
Organic Earl Grey (Bergamot Flavoured) - Teapot
42452 Cafè, té, chocolate Ecocert Azúcar
Descripción : Evaporated Cane Juice is defined by The Sugar Association as single-crystallization cane sugars \"that retain more of the character of the juice from which they are recovered than multiple-crystallization sugars.\" AMI” GOLDEN LIGHT ORGANIC RAW BOWN CANE SUGAR Evaporated Cane Juice products are milled right on the farm, in a simple, one-crystallization process. The juice is pressed from freshly-cut sugarcane, washed, filtered and crystallized--all on the day of harvest.
“AMI” GOLDEN LIGHT ORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR evaporated Cane Juice products are the most natural and earth-friendly sweeteners on the market. They contain no artificial additives or preservatives, and are certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT – kosher- USDA/NOP, with no animal by-products used anywhere in the process. The simple one-crystallization milling yields minimally processed sweeteners available in both natural and organic varieties. “AMI” GOLDEN LIGHT ORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR also uses sustainable agricultural practices such as crop rotation, organic to protect farming and renewable energy the environment and preserve the earth\'s natural resources.
AMI” GOLDEN LIGHT ORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR complete farm-to-package integration and nationwide distribution network allow us to consistently deliver the highest quality and reliability standards in the food industry. The functionality, natural processing characteristics and environmental integrity of AMI” GOLDEN LIGHT ORGANIC RAW CANE SUGAR Evaporated Cane Juice products enable food manufacturers to meet the increasing market demand for sweeteners that meet the strict performance and labelling provisions of the natural and organic foods industry.

AMI Organic Cane Sugar 25 KG is packed in bags.
1x20’x23 metric tons packed in 920 bags 3 paper Kraft plies + poly liner
Under AMI BIOSUGAR lable
Under private lable
packaging available in different weights 5gr to 1kg
38372 Cafè, té, chocolate Control Union Azúcar
Descripción : We may take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as an exporterand domestic bulk supplier of Certified Organic Products located in India.

We take great pleasure to offer you Skal/Control Union Certified,Government of India, European Union EEC No. 2092/91 and National Organic Program (NOP) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Organic Products at the most competitive rates.

41673 Cafè, té, chocolate Other
Descripción : Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a devoted organic and fair trade company in Sri Lanka which we are involved in growing, processing, and exporting of Organic green, black, flavoured teas, spices and herbs. We have our own loyal organic small farmers of more than 2000 in numbers all over Sri Lanka. They are from rural, poor farming communities. We really keen on uplifting their living standards by offering them a reasonable price for their qualitative products. Because they are really small holders and their yields are sometimes uneconomical. Therefore for their survival, we have to buy their uneconomical yield at a reasonable price while giving them a fair margin for their agricultural products.

Also it is a pleasure for us to inform that we are the world first fair trade certified spice processor. We do possess certifications vis-a-vis: FLO-Fair Trade, Demeter Certification for Bio dynamic products, Bio Suisse, USDA-NOP, JAS, Naturland, and Control Union Certification etc. We have very good market potentials in USA, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, Japan and South Africa.

Best regards,

Bio Foods (Pvt) Ltd.,

41437 Cafè, té, chocolate Dirección General De Alimentación Y Cooperativas Consejeria De Agricultura Y Medio Amblente Cacao, chocolate
Descripción : Chocolate against Chainsaws.

For every bar of Single-Origin, Premium Organic Chocolate purchased, Organic Meltdown™ in partnership with the World Land Trust (WLT) helps to save one tropical forest tree from being destroyed. Forever. Their goal is to save 5 million trees by 2012, which will surely leave a lot of smiles on our faces while taking a big bite out of global warming.

Now available in nine TREE-rific flavours, Organic Meltdown has paired our traditional favourites like 73% Organic Dark, Cocoa Nibs and Milk Chocolate with first-time flavors like Rooibos with Raspberry, the spicy Chili, or alluring Maca.

Organic Meltdown is the innovative sweet solution to climate change. Bar by bar, tree by tree, we can fight global warming and help to avert the real Organic Meltdown.
40921 Cafè, té, chocolate Other Café y sucedáneos
Descripción : Production of organic coffee from Honduras
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