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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
20454 Textil Control Union Tejidos
Descripción : organic fabric
20453 Textil Control Union Ropa
Descripción : organic cottom mens shirts, bed sheets, pillow covers
20102 Textil Other Ropa
Descripción : SOCIEDAD QUIMICA MERCANTIL Segun OHSAS 18001:1999. Tintes Biodegradables para uso exclusivo de prendas encontacto con la piel.
tintes Ecologicos.
18166 Textil Imo Ropa
Descripción : Our company is specialised in the distribution of textile products made of 100% organic cotton associated with fair trade principles. Our products range from bed and bathroom linen to childcare products. Feel free to visit our website at:

9276 Textil Other otros Textil
Descripción : Grey Fabrics, Processed Fabrics in Bleach, Dyed and Printed. Raw Cotton, Carded and Combed Yarn.
9198 Textil Other otros Textil
Descripción : INTEGRATED SPINNING,KNITTING AND DYEING UNIT. Organic cotton yarn's capacity 12875 tons/annum,count 14s to 44s. Organic cotton Fabric(100% and blends)-capacity= 5535 tons per annum Organic cotton Garments- capacity 22 million pcs undergarments p.a. and casual wear 12.78 million pcs p.a.
9192 Textil Other otros Textil
Descripción : Maggie’s Organics, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, provides durable and affordable socks and apparel products made from organic fibers including organic cotton, organic wool, hemp and linen, since 1992. Its socks, tights, T-shirts, camisoles and criss-cross tops can be found throughout the Unites States, predominantly in natural food stores such as Whole Foods and Central Market. Maggie’s tops are made in Nicaragua, while the socks and tights are made in the U.S. and Peru. To order of for additional infomation go to http://www.organicclothes.com
9181 Textil Organic Growers And Buyers Association (ogba) otros Textil
Descripción : Organic cotton mattresses, sheets, pillows, made in Ohio by a collective of Amish.
9088 Textil Bio-gro New Zealand otros Textil
Descripción : Tapestry Knitwear is the first and only knitwear company in the world to be BioGro certified in 2001. Tapestry's organic merino wool is sourced only from the South Island high country in New Zealand. We have certified farming systems that respects both animal welfare (mulesing is not practiced) and the environment. 'One of Me' is a unique organic baby wear range that is designed and produced by Tapestry Knitwear. This is the perfect gift for babies ensuring our precious little ones will sleep, laugh and play comfortably without the risk of unhealthy impurities.
8979 Textil Other otros Textil
Descripción : Assisi Garment industry got its starts in the year 1994 pioneering in the manufacture of Cotton garments using Organic cotton. We are non-profit rehabilitation program in Tamil Nadu India. The company is first of its kind in Tirupur, which is run by Fransican Sisters where 120 young women who are handicapped and / or economically disadvantaged. We primarily focus our production of organic cotton knitted products like T-Shirts that are so soft and sophisticated to feel and fall in love with it.At present we are certified with ISO 9001 – 2000 certification, the company is involved in the process of achieving SA 8000 certification. Our Organic cotton is certified by the ECO-CERT certification from Germany, we also confirm ECO –standard labels as that of SOIL Association Logo and OTA according to the specified guideline process such as that of IVN. We are enriched to be a member of the IFAT family.
8941 Textil Other otros Textil
Descripción : Sckoon is a stylish New York brand of Organic Cotton Baby clothes and toys, a wide range of organic cotton baby diapers, and the world's largest selection of organic cotton washable menstrual pads for women. All products are made of Demeter certified 100% Egyptian organic cotton - super-soft, absorbent, breathable, and the most luxurious cotton in the world. We do wholesale and retail via www.sckoon.com
8397 Textil Imo otros Textil
Descripción : Nova Bravo Ltd. Designs, manufactures and distributes high quality , exclusive Organic Cotton Home Textiles and all types of Clothing composed of 100% naturally grown organic cotton, non dyed, or unbleached, or organically dyed . The the production and processing of the company has been certified by IMO ( www.imo.ch ) that is an independent inspection and certification body for organic produce which has the accreditation of inspection and certification according to organic farming regulation EEC 2092/91; 45004 and 45011 (ISO 65) .
8071 Textil Control Union otros Textil
Descripción : t-shirt bio
8010 Textil Fødevareregion årlius otros Textil
Descripción : All goods are certified through SKAL (not as listed above - you did not show SKAL/India -). We produce a complete line of certified organic cotton tote bags. We also produce custom bags and custom product packaging. We sell only finished goods. We do not sell raw materials.
7686 Textil Demeter Standards Ltd (dsl) Bio-dynamic Agricultural Association In Ireland (bdaal) otros Textil
Descripción : organic cotton garments, fabrics and yarn
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