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8743 Productos cosméticos Other otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : Pure and natural, organic-rich baby skincare products formulated for pregnancy, baby and the entire family.
8695 Productos cosméticos Ohga otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : We have high quality of Tea Tree Oil - Certified Organic A (essential oil) in stock.
8694 Productos cosméticos Ohga otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : We have high quality Macadamia Nut Oil - Certified Organic A in stock. It is 80% monounsaturated with good oxidative stability. It has an excellent skin feel.
8686 Productos cosméticos Associazione Italiana Per L'agricoltura Biologica otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : To see the full range of our cosmetic line product go to The Bee products in the "Evan" cosmic line, come directly from the hives of Evan Bartholomew , an organic bee keeper since twenty years. The Evan cosmetic line is certified by AIAB, the Italian Organic Association, and by LAV, the Alliance for the Abolition of Vivisection. It is also controlled by ICEA, the Ethical and Environmental Institute . These trademarks guarantees that the products are in respect of nature and are not harmful to one's health, 1800 chemical substances, commonly used in cosmetics, are excluded from the formulas, there is no experimentation on animals, OGM or ionize radiations . The Beehive's Biological products, rich in vitamins, fructose and glucose are very valuable for the skin's treatment and protection, they make it elastic tonic and firm. The precious natural oils are emollient, protective and rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant. These properties, together with the Retinol and the Vegetable Liposome, retard the skin aging process. The “Evan” line of shampoo and detergents has replaced the foaming aggressive ingredients found in the majority of detergents with Betain, a cellulose compound combined with grain, corn and rice starch. The Biological ingredients like Honey, Propolis and Essential Oil of Lemon, plus the gentle foaming agents, make this line suitable also for children.
8611 Productos cosméticos Bfa otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : WARNING: What Are You Feeding Your Skin? What you don’t know could be killing you! Introducing... Health Food for Your Skin™ This is the ONLY range of Third Party Certified Organic Skincare in the world. Our competitors may contain some organic ingredients, but none of them can carry a Certifying Body’s Logo such as the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) or the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) to authenticate their certification. We know that you’ll find our Certified Organic, 100% synthetic - chemical free products to be an oasis for all your personal care needs. In fact we guarantee it. If you’re not satisfied with the improvement in the look and feel of your skin, simply return the products to us at Looking Good Organics for a full refund. 100% Guaranteed. Forever.
8599 Productos cosméticos Qc & L. - Gesellschaft Für Kontrolle Und Zertifzierung Von Qualitätssicherungsstystemen Gmbh otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : DAYENNE Sistema para el cuidado del cutis sensible e impuro (acné etc.), a base de células jóvenes de levadura de cerveza.
8596 Productos cosméticos Control Union otros Productos cosméticos
8526 Productos cosméticos Other otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : combs of wood and horn, brushes for hair and skin, shaving brushes, cosmetic brushes, accessoires
8419 Productos cosméticos Dio Certification And Inspection Organisation For Biological Production Methods otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : Biotopos is an organic food and health store in the centre of Rhodes town and it offers a whole range of bio-certified products
8364 Productos cosméticos Ecocert otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : Largest ECOCERT certified ecological, organic, wild-crafted, chemical-free body care line in the world (since 1979).
8348 Productos cosméticos Other otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : We sell Natural Organic Skincare, 100% Pure ingredients, free from alcohol and synthetic chemicals for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
8330 Productos cosméticos California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : El lubricante orgánico certificado desnudo ofrece las ventajas sanas, holísticas incomparables en otros lubricantes personales comercialmente disponibles. Este perfil de ventajas apoya la salud sexual agradable para los hombres y las mujeres sin el uso de productos químicos y de preservativos ásperos.
8143 Productos cosméticos Imo otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : wide range of cosmetic products
8035 Productos cosméticos Oregon Tilth Certified Organic otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : Soaps made with organic oils. Other body care products in development.
8012 Productos cosméticos O.i.a. otros Productos cosméticos
Descripción : Non ionic organic surfactants for liquid soaps, shampoo,cosmetics
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