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Descripción : From the Himshikha project, india, sustainable development project.
we are organic certified by control union and organic and fair trade upon the bioequitable standards controlled by Ecocert SAS.
Designed by Eric Ducoin, this project is an answer to the european market bringing a sustainable development to the population and the environment.

Biocoton India can provide fiber, yarns, fabrics or finished products GOTS certified, TS, polos, towels, bed sets...

Join our valuable textile customers, bringing your business to Himshikha project.

Do not wait too long!
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Descripción : We may support you with your project, feel free to contact our expert on organic and fair trade topics.
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  Descripción : games about environment and nature
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  Descripción : Games
We are a sustainable development company and all our products have been ecodesigned for 10 years now.
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  Descripción : spécialiste en cryobroyage de plantes,epices,aromates ainsi que des aliments à destination animale
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  Descripción : Cryoplantes is a french society specialised in cryogrinding of spices, plants...
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Thanks to two well-established processes, we are able to meet many requests from the food-processing industry.

Cryogenic granulation

This is a well-known industrial process which offers many advantages to the food-processing industry.


This is a well-known industrial process which offers many advantages to the food-processing industry.

-production of relatively homogeneous powders without destroying original compounds

-no oxidation (crushing in a neutral atmosphere)
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Descripción : Green Farming is a monthly International Journal of Agricultural Sciences. The Journal publishes original research papers, reviews and technical articles on all various disciplines related to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, animal husbandry, dairying and rural development etc. The Journal also provides latest and applied technology to various readers such as scientists, experts, research scholars, administrators, policy makers, extension workers, private organizations and progressive farmers etc for application of organic and eco-safe farming & animal husbandry practices.
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Descripción : BioBenessere, a triennial project financed by the European Union along with the Italian Government and realized by PRO.B.E.R., effective from 2008 until 2010, is for the promotion of organic products, certified in accordance with the CEE 2092/91 regulations for extra European countries. The project concerns the USA, Russia and Japan in particular

The informative and promotional campaign will be prevalently addressed to cover the following range of organic products: processed and unprocessed vegetables, wine and vinegar, balsamic vinegar IGP, processed and unprocessed cereals, olive oil, cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano (DOP), honey, processed and unprocessed meat. It is an informative and promotional project, that will concern the following countries:

1. The United States
2. Russia
3. Japan
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Descripción : Green marketing is a marketing consultancy in the organic food business working for organic farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Green marketing also works with foreign companies wishing to enter the CEE organic food markets or export organic foodstuff from the CEE region. Green Marketing offers a comprehensive array of services to help companies and organizations to market and promote themselves to their designated audiences. Green marketing collects the most comprehensive marketing information across the entire organic products supply chain. We help clients make accurate and insightful decisions about their businesses.
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Descripción : We are manufacturing cutting machines for dehydrated medicinal herbs, aromatic plants, botanicals and spices.
For more information please refer to:
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Descripción : we search for any organic product, contacted suppliers or direct producers, negotiate and verify quality, quantity and price
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Descripción : We are one of leading feed machinery manufacturers in China, hereunder is part of our products for reference.

Since mid of 80’s, our factory started to R & D the feed machinery due to local demanding rising sharply, the first electronic control unit ZPS5000 was successfully and completely accepted by both Government and overseas buyers. Currently, we are enlarge our production scale and would like to introduce more and more new models for industrial buyers worldwide.
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Descripción : PaperIBC is a oneway disposable Bag In Box container.It is capable of storing 1000liters of non hazardous liquid products.It is an ideal replacement for steel or plastic drums and give better protection to your products.

PaperIBC- the most cost effective and efficient oneway bulk liquid packaging system.
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Descripción : Formacion y asesoramiento, intercambio de informacion y de resultados de investigacion
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