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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
61263 Alimentación animal Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Cría
Descripción : soybeans and Millit
61012 Alimentación animal Agro-oko-consult Berlin Cría
Descripción : Biofeed supplement nutritive for animal increase milk intake and provide essential vitamins for healthy behaviour of animals
60617 Alimentación animal Other Otros alimentación animal
Descripción : Organic sunflowerseed expellers in cakes
60616 Alimentación animal Other Cría
Descripción : Organic sunflowerseed expellers in cakes
58073 Alimentación animal Ecocert Otros alimentación animal
Descripción : Organic Soybeans/Screenings feed grade
57980 Alimentación animal Other Animales domésticos
Descripción : Cow Feed
Ingredients: Corn, Wheat,barley,other
57911 Alimentación animal Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Cría
Descripción : Oraganic Cosmetics
57656 Alimentación animal Ecocert Cría
  Descripción : We can supply the following organic feeds suitable for poultry , pig , goat, cattle , and sheep.

Organic Soybean – Feed Grade, Broken, Meal, Cake
Organic Broken Rice
Organic Sunflower – Broken Kernels , Meal, Cake
Organic Corn – Meal , Pieces
Organic Buckwheat
Organic Pumpkin Meal
Organic Flaxseed Meal

Packaging: 50kg, 1000kg totes, bulk in container.

Certified Organic : USDA NOP, EC 834/2007,
57530 Alimentación animal Other Otros alimentación animal
Descripción : Organic Alfalfa Pellets from SUN Cured hay. Available,bulk,totes or bags. 16% protein.Can also provide meal,& blend ingredients.
8161 Alimentación animal Other Animales domésticos
Descripción : Dear Sirs,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves that we are manufacturers and exporters of Dog Treats made of Buffalo Achilles Tendons - 100% Natural & low Fat.

Description of our Buffalo Tendon Dog Treats -

Beef Tendon Dog Treats are a 100% natural product without artificial additives and are produced from fresh Bovine knee tendon raw materials, solely through drying. The drying process ensures that the important proteins, vitamins and minerals are retained and is processed hygienically.

The dogs love them, they are odorless treats, and they are mess free. They also last a long time! Buffalo Tendon Dog Treats also promote dental health for your dog.

They are a good dog chewing exercise and are extremely low in fat dog treat and highly digestible. Natural beef tendons provide dogs chewing satisfaction. Beef Tendon Dog Treats also promote dental health for your dog. Beef tendons last long enough to occupy dogs for sometime with their real-meat flavor.

One of the best chews available for the smaller dog, puppies or seniors. Because tendons are stringy, they act as natural dental floss for your pup.

Crude Protein (Min.) - 89 %
Crude Fat (Min.) - 1.00%
Crude Fiber (Max.) - 0.82%
Moisture (Max.) - 14%

If you are interested our products, kindly contact us.

With best regards,

S.P.A. PRESS (Import-Export)
# 137(28), Mambalam High Road,
T.Nager, Chennai- 600 017.INDIA
Phone & Fax : + 91 - 44 - 28141121
Mobile: + 91 - 9445330853
E.mail :
57149 Alimentación animal Inac Otros alimentación animal
Descripción : Analize Report of Chicken Fertilizer
organic matter :%50
total nitrogen :3
organic nitrogen :2
total P2O5 :5
humidity :20
solty dS/m :8,5
pH :7-9
57145 Alimentación animal Inac Otros alimentación animal
Descripción : Turkiye
55827 Alimentación animal Other Cría
Descripción : organic soy meal is available for sell. It is free from any chemical like hexane because oil is extract from unique mechanical mechanism. Anti-nutritional factors can be deactivated, modified or reduced by this mechanical extraction.

protein min : 44 %
Fat min 6% max 8%
Moisture min 5% max 8%
Sand/silica max 2.5 %
Crude fiber max 7%
55786 Alimentación animal Control Union Animales domésticos

Repel Neem – Petcare Concentrate Refill
Certified Preserva-Mundi Organic Neem (Azadirachta Indica)

Neem is a sacred Indian tree used over 4.000 years for multiple health and personal care purposes. It is well know as a powerful natural repellent, acting on more than 400 different insects and pests.

Pet recommended use:
For preventive control, mix 2ml of Repel Neem Petcare Concentrate (1/2 lid) with 200ml of water applying the mix on the pet once a week. It will help protect it from ticks, fleas, lice, scabies, myiasis and many other pests.

To treat scabies or high ecotoparasite infestation, increase the dosage of Repel Neem Petcare Concentrate to 8ml (2 full lids) with 200ml of water. Apply two-four times a week.

Ingredients: Alcoholic extract of Preserva-Mundi Organic neem leaves, seeds and neem oil.

Keep out of the reach of children and avoid contact with eye. External use only.
If in eye, hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes.

Non-toxic, biodegradable and non-corrosive.

Non-toxic to humans and animals.
55071 Alimentación animal Other Cría
Descripción : The unique process is totally \"solvent-free\", yielding soy ingredients that are free of the “soy” taste that some consumers find unpalatable. Traditionally, most soy ingredients, including soybean oil, are produced using a chemical solvent called \"hexane\". This method is believed to be responsible for the “grassy” or “beany” flavor that has historically slowed the acceptance of soyfoods. our processing method is entirely mechanical and requires no chemicals such as hexane. The result is very bland, naturally-produced soy ingredients that can be used by food manufacturers without negatively impacting the flavor of their product.
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