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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
60584 Productos del mar Other Pescado congelado
Descripción : Venta de Pescado de Tilapia en Filet
60451 Productos del mar Other Otros productos del mar
Descripción : camaron organico
59332 Productos del mar Qualite France Platos preparados, conservas
  Descripción : We are selling : seafood steaks and seafood mousses (smoked salmon, saegrass, scampies, scallop, crab).
Local products of Britanny (France).
59327 Productos del mar Other Pescado fresco
Descripción : We can supply frozen seafood especially prawn, squid and fish.
57277 Productos del mar Ceres Platos preparados, conservas
  Descripción : Certified organic quinoa burger
31232 Productos del mar Letis S.a. Pescado congelado
  Descripción : Our company is dedicated to the breed of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) in the middle of the Argentinean Patagonia, immersed in an environment that is barely touched by the hand of man where the nature takes care of producing excellent fish, that we feed and we treat with norms of quality, assuring an excellent final product.
The Products are offered in bulk or by units, fresh (refrigerated with ice) or frozen. In thermal boxes with ice if the fish is fresh and of cardboard if is frozen (whether separated or in block).

Also we can coordinate with you, specific productions for punctual dates, or to establish programs of production jointly for your better convenience and demand of the market.
55140 Productos del mar Ecocert Platos preparados, conservas
  Descripción : Rillettes de Saumon Bio
Recette de tradition "bio" qui apporte à vos apéritifs et entrées le bon goût naturel des saveurs du terroir.
55139 Productos del mar Ecocert Platos preparados, conservas
  Descripción : Sardines à l'huile d'olive vierge extra Bio
Découvrez cette incomparable saveur "bio" aux vertus reconnues.
55138 Productos del mar Ecocert Platos preparados, conservas
  Descripción : Filets de truite au naturel BIO
Produit issu de l'Agriculture Biologique
55133 Productos del mar Ecocert Platos preparados, conservas
Descripción : Fabricant de conserves de rillettes de poisson, filets poissons à l\'huile et marinés.
51179 Productos del mar Agrior Ltd Algas
Descripción : We are growers and processors of premium organic seaweed with extremely high nutritional values and great aroma and taste
31587 Productos del mar Other Pescado ahumado
Descripción : Organic smoked catfish . Ready to eat packaging.

Processed catfish in tomato sauce. Canned Packaging. Ready to eat.

Pricing upon request. ( Based on quantity order)
49711 Productos del mar Ecocert Pescado fresco
Descripción : saumon bio origine Ecosse toutes tailles disponibles
1/2 au 6/7
39627 Productos del mar Other Algas
Descripción : Fresh seaweed preserve by salt :
Sea lettuce (Ulva sp.)
Nori (Porphyra sp.)
Dulse (Palmaria palmata)
Wakame (Undaria Pinatifida)
Sea spaghetti (Himantalia elongata)
Royal Kombu (Laminaria saccharina)
39628 Productos del mar Ecocert Algas cocidas
Descripción : Fresh seaweeds marinated and seasonned :

Seaweed relish : Sea lettuce, Dulse and wakame, chopped and marinated with olive oil, capers, shalots, gherkins in vinegar, onions, garlic and wallnut oil.

Norinade : Nori with olive oil, shalots, red wine vinegar and Tamari.
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