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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
28107 Ingredientes Other Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Costa Rican cocoa products. cocoa powder, cocoa liquor....
Certified by : Eco LOGICA
6478 Ingredientes Other Otros ingredientes
Descripción : We are in a need of coco/coir poles. Spec: coconut fibre fixed around a PVC pole
27298 Ingredientes Australian Certified Organic Vainilla
Descripción : Vanilla and vanilla extract from the South Pacific
26322 Ingredientes Other Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Organic Aloe Vera gel,concentrates and dehydrated powders. Grown in the finest volcanic soils of North West Costa Rica. First Aloe offers the freshest aloe vera...guaranteed!
25955 Ingredientes Qualite France Vainilla
Descripción : Vanille en gousses de tailles différentes, triées et selectionnées, origine Reunion, bio, de 12 à 21cm,
variété planifolia,

à l\'unité, sous vide, par 500g; ou par kg, par 100kg

à la demande,

échantillon possible contre remboursement,
3 euros les 3 gousses plus frais d\'expédition et de dédouanement,

possibilité de contact par mail ou par courrier

adresser demande à l\'adresse site
e-mail :
24769 Ingredientes Other Materias aromatizantes, colorantes, gelificantes
24601 Ingredientes Other Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Ciranda® is a worldwide supplier of certified organic ingredients to manufacturers and distributors.
Tapioca-Lo-Conversion/Hi-Maltose/Sweet Syrups
Tapioca Chocolate Syrups
Tapioca Natural Honey Flavor Syrups
Tapioca Cinnamon Syrups
Tapioca Custom Flavor Tapioca Syrups
Tapioca Syrup Solids
Tapioca Dextrose
Tapioca Maltodextrins
Tapioca Starch, Native
Tapioca Granules, Quick-cooking
Tapioca Pearls
24447 Ingredientes Ecocert Otros ingredientes
Descripción : DOSIC manufactures and exports the highest quality Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs). DOSIC is the first company who exproted Chinese origin Evening Primrose Oil to the international market. Backed technically by the Dalian Institute of Chimical Pahysics (DICP) and with the experienced professors and the advanced analytical apparatus (GC, HPLC and etc.) in DICP, our quality is always to the customer\'s satisfactory. DOSIC is also the pioneer of organic EFA oils in China.
23033 Ingredientes Other Vainilla
Descripción : Vanille gousse, vanille poudre
21478 Ingredientes Other Vainilla
Descripción : We sell vanilla products to retail stores, restaurants, hotels etc
21239 Ingredientes Control Union Vainilla
Descripción : SKAL certified spices - whole, powdered , TCB such as Black Pepper, Capsicum etc . Refer to for details.
19236 Ingredientes Other Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Bulk botanicals harvested in Northern Manitoba Canada
19151 Ingredientes Other Otros ingredientes
Descripción : We are a Bulk Organic commodity - bin display wholesaler in Canada servicing the Natural / Health food retail channels. We currently use the OTA Organic Trade association to source ingredients
9482 Ingredientes Argencert Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Organic Grape Juice Concentrate (JAS,NOP,INFOAM)
minimum size one container 68 drums (296 kg per drum)
9416 Ingredientes Quality Assurance International (qai) Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Potato Starch Color: white Taste and odor: neutral Moisture: max. 20 % for special applications dried potato starch qualities e.g. max. 14.0 / 12.0 / 10.0 / 8.5 / 6.0 / 4.0 % Crude protein: max. 0.13 % on dry basis Crude fat: traces only Ash: max. 0.3 % on dry basis Sulphur dioxide: max. 10 mg/kg pH value: 6.0 - 8.0 Standard Packing: Paper Bags 50 lbs net each
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