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69508 Especias condimentos Bioellas Sa Otras especias condimentos
Descripción : laurus nobilis , origanum dictamus, origanum majorane ,
69366 Especias condimentos Quality Assurance International (qai) Ajos, cebollas
Descripción : Khushi Foods Ltd. offers dehydrated Vegetables as dehydrated white onions, dehydrated red onions, dehydrated pink onions and toasted onions in the form of kibbles, flakes, granules, powder, minces, slices and cubes.

Dehydrated products are useful for elongating the life of vegetables. These products are available in moisture free packing to increase its shelf life and to protect the fragrant essence.

Dehydrated onions are very much in demand by manufacturers of fast foods and instant foods. They act as one of the most useful ingredients in instant foods. Dehydrated soups are very popular among youngsters today primarily because of their convenience. Large volumes of instant foods are supplied each year and hence, there is a great demand for dehydrated onions. Also, these dehydrated onions are in demand with foreign countries.

Dehydrated onions is one of its many commercial forms like flakes, chopped, minced, granulated and powder having a very strong persistent aroma and taste. Garlic powder is extremely hygroscopic and should be kept in an air pack containers.
69340 Especias condimentos Other Otras especias condimentos
Descripción : We sell medicinal herbs:

Tilia argenta
Sambucus nigra
Juniperus communis
Rosa canina
69269 Especias condimentos Other Otras especias condimentos
Descripción : We offer Organic Ethiopian spices for export.
69268 Especias condimentos Other Especias, pimienta
Descripción : We offer Organic Ethiopian spices for export.
69267 Especias condimentos Other Ajos, cebollas
Descripción : We provide various Organic Ethiopian spices for export. We sell either processed or raw products depending on the needs of our customers.
68354 Especias condimentos Other Ajos, cebollas
Descripción :

Dear Sir.

We are Egyptian supplier and exporter of dried herbs and spices Organic & conventional. We will provide good-quality at competitive price and full support to your business. This is a list of herbs that we have in our company. Please contact us for any possibility of cooperation.

1. Basil Crushed
2. Basil Fine Cut
3. Henna Leaves
4. Henna Powder
5. Peppermint Whole Leaves
6. Peppermint Crushed
7. Meloukhia Crushed
8. Meloukhia Whole Leaves
9. Marjoram Green Crushed
10. Marjoram Green Fine Cut
11. Marjoram Grey Fine Cut
12. Marjoram Grey Crushed
13. Spearmint Whole Leaves
14. Spearmint Crushed
15. Hibiscus Slides
16. Hibiscus TBC
17. Dill Crushed
18. Parsley Crushed
19. Lemongrass
20. Oregano
21. Rosemary
22. Sage
23. Thyme
24. Anise Seeds
25. Cumin Seeds
26. Fenugreek Seeds
28. Coriander Seeds
29. Fennel Seeds
30. Caraway Seeds
31. Sesame Seeds (white&Gold)
32 Chamomile Flower
33. Chamomile Seeds
34. Chamomile Petals
35. Calendula Petals
36. Calendula Flowers
37. Hibiscus Flowers
We will send you our quotation for the products you name.
68269 Especias condimentos Other Otras especias condimentos
Descripción : Available all Spices like Ginger, red Chilly, Turmeric, Black pepper, cardamom, Cinnamon, Orange peel, lemon Peel etc
68178 Especias condimentos Socert Portugal - Certificação Ecológica, Lda Otras especias condimentos
Descripción : We are at the beginning of our Company in the production of medicinal and aromatic plants in organic, in a about 2 hectares in the municipality of Coimbra - Portugal.
I thought to produce the following species: Valeriana oficcinalis, Medicago
sativa, Astragalus membranaceus, Equisetum arvense, Silybum marianum, Hipericum
perforatum, Anethum graveolens, aloe vera, Aloysia triphylla, Thymus citriodorus,
Cymbopogon citratos, Petroselinum sativum et Origanum majorana.
68132 Especias condimentos International Certification Services Inc. Especias, pimienta
Descripción : Based out of India, we are experts in bulk trading, contract farming & processing of more than 242 organic products (Herbs, Spices, and Grains). Carmel Organics has more than 500 registered farmers involved in certified organic farming practices, with an average experience level of 5 years. The total certified land area looked after by our company is around 1500 hectares. What it means to you as a customer is unmatched quality with highly competitive prices backed by a sustainable and robust supply chain.

Needless to say, our produce comes with certifications such as India’s National Programme for Organic Produce (NPOP), National Organic Program Technical Standards by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) among others.
67935 Especias condimentos Other Especias, pimienta
  Descripción : We was founded in April 1999 as an organization for supply of bio-manure and bio-fertilizers to farmers in South India. Today it works closely with over 10,000 farmers meeting all their input requirements. Subasri Marketing is certified by Control Union for export of Organic Products under NPOP and USDA - NOP standards. Over years it has created a formidable network of farmers who have joined hands with the Organisation for the exports of their Certified Organic Produce.

Black pepper
Red Chillies

Custerd apple
67807 Especias condimentos Other Otras especias condimentos
  Descripción : Our farms area Placed in Egypt and estimated at about 3000 acres divided between organic and inorganic most of them produce the medical herbs & spices & seeds.

Our Organic Farms certified by ECOA which mean our farms are certified by (NOP & BIO & JAS & EUREPGAP ) plus the BCS certificate.

Marjoram (green, gray), basil, spearmint, chamomile (flowers, powder, whole, TBC, petals) Peppermint, hibiscus, dried dill, dried parsley, sage, Senna leaves, lemon grass, oregano leaves (not very big quantity), Thyme, rosemary, calendula…

SPICES & Seeds:
Dry Chili, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, caraway seeds, cumin seeds, corn (white, yellow), black seeds (Nagila sativa), anis seeds, sesame, rice, dill seeds, clover seeds, fenugreek, peanuts, cinnamon, Ginger, ….
67590 Especias condimentos Other Otras especias condimentos
Descripción : Ashwaganda Organic pepper, organic curcuma/ turmeric, ginger and all spices.
67589 Especias condimentos Other Especias, pimienta
Descripción : organic pepper garbled and ungarbled , malabar garbled- 12000 euros /metric tonnes
67588 Especias condimentos Other Ajos, cebollas
Descripción : organic garlic from 2013 febraury. onions available
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