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97075 Especias condimentos Ceres Otras especias condimentos
  Descripción : Farakesht Co., Ltd., is an innovative farming company established in 2010-by more than a century back up of its veteran- to share happiness with its all worldwide customers through its fresh special agricultural products which consider as Iran’sexclusive pure and fresh natural golden souvenirs.
Farakesht Co., Ltd owned 300 Hectares of fertile farming lands which located in North East of Iran known as Khorasan Razavi Province where by its special climate circumstances brought us unbelievably fresh, rich and exclusive Agriculture Crops like saffron, Pistachio, medicinal plants, herbs and so on .
In our company, whole processes from cultivation and harvesting to qualifying, packing and delivery accomplish by our well experienced and well-studied experts in different fields including agricultural engineers, management and commerce under strict observations and professional handling to guarantee the quality of the final products and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Our Gardens and fields flourishing different crops varied from different kind of fruits like pomegranate, saffron, medicinal plants, pistachio, nuts, cumin, date and barberry.
Flourished Crops brought in to delicate and complicated process but full of fun of producing Products “Arta” such as Saffron packs, Dried fruits, Pomegranate sauce, Iran special candy, Curd, fruit snack, fruit tubes and concentrate.
97048 Carnicería chacinería y embutidos Other Bovinos , ovinos , porcinos
  Descripción : 100% Grass Fed USDA Certified Organic Beef
96918 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales
  Descripción : Basil Cardui Benedicti Peppermint menthae piperitae folium leaf Lemon bal Melissae folium leaf
Sweet fennelFoeniculi dulcis fructus fruit
Wormwood Absinthii herba herb
Hyssop Hyssopi herba herb
Chamomile Matricariae flos flower
Thyme Thymi vulgaris herba herb
Small-flowered willow-herb Epilobii herba herb
Common yarrow Millefolii herba herb
St. John's wort Hyperici herba herb
Common vervain Verbenae officinalis herba herb
Garden savory Saturejae herba herb
Milk thistle Silybi fructus fruit
Horehound Marrubii herba herb
Sweet clover Meliloti officinalis herba herb
Safflor Carthami flos flower
Motherwort Leonuri cardiacae herba herb
96898 Servicios Other Consulting
Descripción :
How We Work

GGGI supports its member governments to achieve the commitments expressed under the Paris Climate Agreement, and their Sustainable Development Goal targets.

Our delivery model combines rigorous technical assistance to governments through embedded country teams, and helps to mobilize finance into climate resilient projects.

Together with the commitment of our members, GGGI is leading the implementation of a new development paradigm, focused on a model of economic growth that is both environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive: Green Growth.
69796 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Aceites esenciales
BIO certificados por Ecocert.

Productor y mayorista, proponemos más de 200 aceites esenciales diferentes y también varios aceites vegetales y aguas florales certificados.

Tenemos producciones contractualizadas a través del mundo: Madagascar, Paraguay, Francia, Egipto, Marruecos, Africa del sur…

[Lavandas, tomillos, ylangs, helichrysums, pinus, citrus, eucalyptos, geraniums, ravinsara, sándalo…]
97108 Frutas y verduras Certiplanet, Certificao Da Agricultura Frutas y verduras exóticas
Descripción :
We sell fresh yacon.
96722 Productos dietéticos Ceres Otros productos dietéticos
  Descripción : Organic Birch Sap
96724 Bebidas Ceres Bebidas a base de plantas (tisanas, concentrados, elixires)
  Descripción : Organic Birch Sap
96725 Frutas y verduras Ceres Frutas secas
  Descripción : Organic freeze-dried lingonberries, organic freeze-dried bilberries, organic freeze-dried cranberries
96726 Frutas y verduras Ceres Frutas o verduras congeladas
  Descripción : Organic IQF lingonberries, organic IQF bilberries, organic IQF cranberries
96727 Frutas y verduras Other Puré de frutas
  Descripción : Organic lingonberry puree, organic bilberry puree, organic cranberry puree
96539 Especias condimentos Other Especias, pimienta
Descripción : We can supply organic spices from India .
96411 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Other Plantas medicinales
Descripción : Nous pouvons vous proposer toutes les plantes aromatiques et condimentaires poussant en climat méditerranéen
possibilité de proposer également tout type d'huiles essentielles méditerranéennes ( géranium , menthe , ...)
97046 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Plantas aromáticas
Descripción : Certificat: Ecocert.
Nos huiles sont 100% pure, Obtenues dans les meilleurs conditions de l'étape de l'échantillonnage jusqu'à l'extraction et le stockage.
97045 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Ecocert Aceites esenciales
Descripción : Vendeur des huiles essentielles pure à 100% avec le label algérien. Huiles essentielles originales. Nos vous proposons une gamme de produits selon vos besoins.
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