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Oferta n°CategoríaCertificaciónProducto
37201 Ingredientes Instituto Biodinamico Otros ingredientes
Descripción : High Quality Cocoa beans, fermented and dried.
37200 Cafè, té, chocolate Instituto Biodinamico Cacao, chocolate
Descripción : High quality organic cocoa products:
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Liquor
Cocoa Nibs
Cocoa Powder

*We do not produce chocolate yet, but stay informed, we will!
37199 Frutas y verduras Instituto Biodinamico Frutas o verduras en conserva
Descripción : Organic Preserved Heart of Palm.
Glass containers, 520 g, 300 g drained weight.
Produced with mineral water.
Two species:
Pupunha: sweat and soft.
Açaí: strong and firm.

CABRUCA Heart of Palm is planted in organic agro-forestry systems, designed to conserve soil and climate, and even recover degraded areas.
37198 Frutas y verduras Instituto Biodinamico Frutas o verduras congeladas
Descripción : Frozen fruit pulp, no water or conservants added. Ready to mix to a juice or smoothy.
Açaí, Cupuaçu, Cacau, Abacaxi, and many more.
Packaging in units of 40 g to 1 kg.
37197 Frutas y verduras Instituto Biodinamico Frutas secas
Descripción : Fruits from organic agro forrestry, dried, and packed in units of 100 g, ready for the consumer.
1. MIX: Banana, Coconut, Papaya.
2. Dried Jenipapo (iron rich native fruit of the Atlantic Rainforest, try once and you are hooked)
3. Dried Jackfruit: Sweetness and richness, very exotic and traditional.
4. Dried Cupuaçu: No way to describe!
37196 Bebidas Instituto Biodinamico Bebidas alcohólicas (aperitivos, cerveza, cidra, champagne, aguardiente, vino)
Descripción : This beverage is based on fermentation of the cocoa fruit\'s own pulp, without addition of sugar or any other ingredient.
It\'s soft sweetness, and clean taste makes CABRUCA Vinho de Cacau the ideal dessert wine or aperitiv. Exotic, and good for your health and strength.
37195 Productos preparados Instituto Biodinamico Otros productos preparados
Descripción : Organic Preserved Heart of Palm.
Glass containers, 520 g, 300 g drained weight.
Produced with mineral water.
Two species:
Pupunha: sweat and soft.
Açaí: strong and firm.

CABRUCA Heart of Palm is planted in organic agro-forestry systems, designed to conserve soil and climate, and even recover degraded areas.
37092 Cereales derivados Control Union Otros cereales derivados
Descripción : PRODUCT ORIGIN UNIT Amaranth PERU 25kg Barley NL 25kg Barley hulled NL 25kg Barley pearled NL 25kg Buckwheat hulled CHI 25kg Kasha CHI 25kg Buckwheat grits fine CHI 25kg Buckwheat grits coarse CHI 25kg Buckwheat hulls CHI 12kg Bulghur coarse TUR 25kg Bulghur fine TUR 25kg Corn cleaned by Doens GER 25kg Corn grits 2-4mm GER 25kg Corn grits 1-2mm degermed ITA 25kg Corn La Plata ARG 25kg CousCous white FRA 25kg CousCous whole FRA 25kg Durum Wheat ITA 25kg Semolina durum fine ITA 25kg Kamut CAN 25kg Millet hulled CHI 25kg Millet hulled CAN/USA 25kg Millet whole CAN 25kg Oats whole NED 25kg Oats hulled NED 25kg Oats bran DU 25kg Oats nude SLO 25kg Popcorn HUN 25kg Quinoa BOL 25kg Rye DUI 25kg Spelt hulled GER 25kg Wheat TSJ 25kg Wheat bran coarse NED 25kg Wheat germ BEL 25kg Wheat gluten SPA 25kg
37091 Ingredientes Control Union Otros ingredientes
Descripción : Corn starch AUS 25kg Potato starch NED 25kg Wheat starch BEL 25kg
37087 Cereales derivados Control Union Oleaginosos, proteaginosos (colza, girasol, soja, sésamo, guisantes, habas)
Descripción : PRODUCT ORIGIN UNIT Soy bits NED 25kg Soy floar toasted NED 25kg Soy flour nontoasted NED 25kg T.V.P NED 10kg
37088 Pan confitería chocolatería Control Union Panes, panes especiales
Descripción : Almonds brown SPA 25kg Almonds white SPA 25kg Almond flakes SPA 25kg Almond flour SPA 25kg Cashew W320 SRI 20kg Cashew pieces LWP BUR 20kg Coconut dessicated fine SRI 25kg Coconut dessicated coarse SRI 25kg Hazelnuts 11-13 TUR 25kg Hazelnuts 13-15 TUR 25kg Hazelnut pieces toasted TUR 25kg Peanuts natural 50/60 CHI 25kg Peanuts R&S CHI 25kg Pinenuts - vacuum ESP 10kg Paranuts PER 20kg Walnuts 1/2 light UZB 10kg Pistachios R&S TUR 25kg
37089 Frutas y verduras Control Union Frutas o verduras congeladas
Descripción : Banana slices SRI divers Mango chunks SRI divers Papaya chunks SRI divers Pineapple chunks SRI divers
37102 Semillas Control Union Otras semillas
Descripción : Alfalfa CAN 25kg Anise TUR 25kg Anise ground TUR 25kg Caraway seeds NED 20kg Caraway seeds ground NED 25kg Celery seeds NED 25kg Red Clover CAN 22,7kg Coriander HON 10kg/20kg Coriander ground HON 20kg Cumin TUR 25kg Cumin ground TUR 20kg Fennel sweet TUR/EGY 25kg Fennel bitter EU 25kg Fennel ground TUR/EGY 20kg Fenugreek CAN 25kg Hemp seeds CAN/CHI 25kg Juniper BUL 20kg Mustard seed brown CAN 25kg Mustard seed yellow CAN 25kg Mustard seed oriental CAN 25kg Mustard yellow ground DUI 25kg Nigella TUR 25kg Radish China Rose CHI 25kg Radish seed Daikon CAN 22,7kg
37090 Plantas aromáticas medicinales Control Union Otras plantas aromáticas medicinales
Descripción : ENGLISH NAME LATIN NAME Basil Ocimum Basilicum Camomile tea bag cut Camomille matricaire Camomile flowers Camomille matricaire Chaste tree berry Vitex Agnus-castus Rosemary 2-5mm Rosmarini folia 2-5mm Rosehips fine Cynosbati fructus Roseships grof Cynosbati fructus Sage 30 mesh Salvia officinalis Thyme 30 mesh Thymus vulgaris Marjory Origanum Maiorana Lavander Lavendula Officinalis Laurel leaf Folia Lauri Nettle 30 mesh Urfica Dioica Star Anis Illicium verum Lemon grass tea bag cut Cymbopogon Citratus Liqourice root cut Liquiritiae Radix Liqourice root whole Liquiritiae Radix Hibiscus Hibiscus Subdariffa Hibiscus powder Hibiscus Subdariffa Hibiscus tea bag cut Hibiscus Subdariffa Oregano 30 mesh Herba Origani Parsley cut 2-5mm Petroselinum crispum Echinacea Echinacea purpurea Peppermint tbc Menthae Piperitae Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Blackberry leaf Rubus fruticosus Raspberry leaf Rubus idaeus Bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus Melisse lemon cut Melissa Officinalis Melisse lemon whole Melissa Officinalis
37099 Frutas y verduras Control Union Verduras secas
Descripción : Dark green speckled lentils CAN 25kg Brown lentils (Berg) TUR 25kg Eston lentils (small, green) CAN 25kg Laird lentils (large, green) CAN 25kg Black lentils Beluga CAN 25kg Red split lentils TUR 25kg Red lentils whole TUR 25kg
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