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90381 Café, thé, chocolat Ecocert France Thé 0000-00-00 2017-03-22
Description : Découvrez notre gamme de thé Santé, Boost, Detox. Bénéficiez des bienfaits du thé ainsi que de certaines plantes très connues et appréciées pour leurs vertus..

Boost and Energy BIO 50G : Thé vert China Gunpowder*, thé vert matcha*, citronnelle*, maté vert*, arôme naturel, thé blanc Mao Feng*, écorces de citron*, mauve*, thé noir de Chine Pi Lo Chun Longkou*, prêle*, dent-de-lion*, spirulina*, guarana*.

Detox Super Green BIO 50G : Thé vert de Chine Sencha*, maté vert*, citronnelle*, ortie*, thé blanc Pai Mu Tan*, écorces de citron*, gingembre*, thé vert matcha*, arôme naturel.

Jolie Silhouette BIO 50G : Rooibos naturel*, maté vert*, fenouil*, racine de réglisse*, gingembre*, écorces d'orange*, arôme naturel, cardamome*.

Infusion Amincissance BIO 50G : Menthe*, maté vert*, thé vert de Chine Sencha*, ortie*, honeybush*, citronnelle*.
90103 Café, thé, chocolat O.i.a. Argentine Sucre 2017-12-31 2017-03-06
Description : we offer organic cane sugar produced in the north area of Argentina, Salta.
This product is certified locally by SENASA and OIA. Also, to be export are certified by EUREPGAP - USDA - NOP - BIOSUISSE and JAS.
The organic cane sugar is exported in bags og 25 each one or Big Bags of 1 Tn with the mark in the front of the bag.

66476 Café, thé, chocolat Other Etats-Unis Cacao, chocolat 2018-03-23 2017-02-02
  Description : Fairly Traded Organic's sugar operations have been producing organic certified raw sugar cane in Paraguay South America since 1994 and the mill is the oldest continuously operating organic sugar mill in the world. Our mill is also one of only 3 in the world to produce sugar that is both organic and Fair Trade certified.

All of our organic raw cane sugars and sugar products are GMO-free and are certified organic under USDA/NOP, JAS (Japan), EU 2092/91, and Bio Suisse (Switzerland) standards and regulations. All of our sugar products are also Kosher certified and can be Fair Trade certified.
58680 Café, thé, chocolat Other Belgique Cacao, chocolat 2018-03-07 2017-01-16
  Description : High quality organic Belgian Chocolates

BARS 50gr,flavours : plain,Orange,Green Tea ...
NEAPOLITAN 8,5gr & 3gr different flavours
HOT CHOCOLATE different flavours
FONDUE flavours

PRALINES assortment
TRUFFLES : cocoa, coffee,...
67805 Café, thé, chocolat Other Argentine Sucre 2018-02-10 2017-01-09
Description : Full organic Certificate Stevia dry leaf.

Also we market (conventional):

A) Conventional Stevia dry leaf.

B) Highly purified Stevia extract, starting from (in terms of quality) Steviol glycosides 95% purity without any special reference to Rebaudioside A up to purified Rebaudioside A 98% including all the intermediates (Reb-A 40% 60% 80%). It is worth mentioning that all products are according to European standards.
88851 Café, thé, chocolat Ecocert Turquie Thé 0000-00-00 2016-11-22
Description : Organic Lemon Verbena Dried Leaves
- cut
- tea bag cut
- whole leaves

Organic Lemon Balm (Melissa)
- cut
- tea bag cut

Organic Spearmint
- cut
- tea bag cut

Organic Peppermint
- cut
- tea bag cut

Organic French Tarragon
- cut
- finecut
51463 Café, thé, chocolat Instituto Biodinamico Brésil Café & succédanés 2018-02-10 2016-11-21
  Description : 100 % Arabian coffee. Originated of states of Sao Paolo and Minais Gerais
Guaranteed freshness : a year before manufacturing date.
88703 Café, thé, chocolat Other Inde Cacao, chocolat 2018-12-31 2016-11-07
  Description : Leading exporter from India who produces and exports Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ, and RFA Cocoa.

We are certified in accordance with NOP, USDA, EU organic- regulation 834/2007 , Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and FLO-CERT the fair-trade standard.
88702 Café, thé, chocolat Other Inde Café & succédanés 2018-11-21 2016-11-07
  Description : The leading coffee processors and exporters based in Kottayam, Kerala, India. We produce Specialty Coffee from the Western Ghats of Kerala, India which is one of the top 25 bio-diversity hotspots of the world. We supply guaranteed premium quality coffees - Arabica & Robusta - to our global partners. Our finely grown Arabicas with its large grayish-green coloured beans create a balanced cup with an intense aroma and a citrus flavour. Our Robusta coffee is fully bodied, soft and sweet and exhibit hardly any bitterness.

We are certified in accordance with NOP, USDA, EU organic- regulation 834/2007 , Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and FLO-CERT the fair-trade standard.
69761 Café, thé, chocolat Ecocert Inde Sucre 2018-00-00 2016-11-07
Description : organic sugar cane golden light,brown(demerara)
81663 Café, thé, chocolat Other Cameroon Cacao, chocolat 2018-08-15 2016-09-28
Description : we are cocoa beans suppliers and we are looking for more buyers.
our cocoa beans are from Cameroon (central Africa).
We actually sale only cocoa beans bio. We can send sample by DHL
81787 Café, thé, chocolat Other France Café & succédanés 2018-07-07 2016-09-28
Description : tea rich in selenium due to the planting soil. Selenium is essential to health, also a great dietary supplement. It helped prevent cancer, particularly prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and lung cancer, reduce the side effects of cancer treatments. These have the added value of our teas, also a very interesting point in the market. Our tea are picked during spring, there are : Yin Zhen, Mao Jian, Chao Qing and black tea .

thés riche en sélénium grâce au sol de plantation. Le sélénium est essentiel à la santé, aussi un complément alimentaire idéal. Il est contribué à prévenir le cancer, notamment le cancer de la prostate, le cancer colorectal et le cancer du poumon, à réduire les effets indésirables des traitements anticancéreux. Ces derniers ont la valeur ajoutée sur nos thés, également un point très intéressant sur le marché. Nos récoltes sont des thés de printemps, ce sont des thés d’origines : Yin Zhen (Aiguilles d’argent, thé blanc très réputé), Mao Jian (thé vert), Chao Qing (thé vert), et thé noire.
81834 Café, thé, chocolat Other Argentine Sucre 2018-12-31 2016-09-19
Description : Certificated Organic Sugar
Bags with 25 Kg & Big Bags with 100 Kg
The best sale in Argentina
87510 Café, thé, chocolat Other Côte d'Ivoire Café & succédanés 2018-01-01 2016-08-18
Description : Hello,

we are looking for customers for export sales of our cocoa grade 1 and grade 2 and our coffee.
We are certified rainforest utz certified , fairtrade etc ...
we are reactive and can provide up to 25,000 tons yearly .
Best regards,
87508 Café, thé, chocolat Instituto Biodinamico Brésil Sucre 2018-01-01 2016-08-18
Description : Our company is a direct partner of Brazilian plants and we sell various types of sugars and guarantee the best prices in the Brazilian market.

SUGAR ICUMSA 45 to 1500;

Skype: giovanni_alpha

With our office located in Port of Santos, we monitor all our shipments.

Warranty: Our shipments are accompanied by SGS inspectors with Certificates, Weight/Quantity and Quality.
Payment: SBLC; MT103; Letter Credit; T/T (Telegraphic Transfer).
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