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66057 Céréales dérivés Ceres Perou Farine 2018-05-29 2017-02-01
  Description : Product: ORGANIC MACA POWDER

Obtained of 100% dehydrated and milled Maca root (Lepidium meyenii).
- HS-Code: 1106.20.10.00
- Origin: Junin, Peru.
- Aspect: Homogeneous powder
- Color: Beige
- Flavor: Characteristic
- Moisture: max 8%.

* Microbiological characteristics:
- Aerobic Microbial Count: 10 000 cfu/g max.
- Combined Mold and Yeast Count: 1000 cfu/g max.
- Escherichia coli: Absent
- Salmonella sp.: Absent
- Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Absent
- Staphylococcus aureus: Absent

* Main actions:
- Excellent invigorator and natural energizer.
- Effective stress reliever, faiths the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
- Improves the state of mind, recommended for loss of memory, fatigue and mental weakness.
- Ideal for treating male impotence and erectile dysfunction.
- Increases fertility in men and women.
- Helps to relieve pre and post menstrual symptoms since has a balancing effect on the hormones.
- Produces a reducing effect of diastolic arterial pressure.
- Improves the count of red blood cells, strengthens the hemoglobin and leukocytes
- Has an anti-anemic effect since it increases the level of iron in the blood.
- Rejuvenates the endocrine system for both men and women.
- Consumption of Maca produces a “general sense of well being”.

* Uses:
Dietary supplement for manufacture of capsules or tablets and as additive to fortify products, formulas and food.
77650 Céréales dérivés Other Ukraine Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2019-10-12 2017-02-01
Description : Our company is the supplier of raw materials for the organic animal feed and human consumption sector at entire EMEA region with opportunity to deliver goods by vessels in bulk as well as by trucks in big bags to any destinations you are interested in. From crop 2014 you could be interested in the list of the following goods that are ETKO certified:
-organic corn;
-organic flax;
-organic millet;
-organic mustard;
-organic yellow peas;
-organic rape seed;
-organic soybean;
-organic sunflower seed;
-organic wheat;
-organic oat;
-organic spelt.
contact via skype: luxomark-eco1
89591 Céréales dérivés Other Benin Oléagineux, protéagineux (colza, tournesol, soja, sésame, pois, fèves) 2018-02-12 2017-01-23
Description : Le Bénin faisant partie des plus grands producteurs de soja de très bonnes qualités, nous fournissons des graines soja de première qualité 100% bio et conservées dans les meilleures conditions.
89649 Céréales dérivés Other Inde Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-12-12 2017-01-23
Description : We are Certified Organic Fruits,Vegetables,Sugar Supplier company from India.

We have more than 2000 farmer group association. They are growing Organic Fruits and Vegetables as per given plans.All farmers are Organic Certified.

So we can supply you best quality with certifications and analysis reports.We are also working for yearly contract basis.
85756 Céréales dérivés Other Inde Riz, sarrazin, avoine, seigle, divers 2018-12-12 2017-01-23
  Description : Organic Cereals

Pearl Millet / Bajra

89648 Céréales dérivés Other Finlande Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2019-01-01 2017-01-23
  Description : Organci spelt products

Spelt flour from Birkkala are milled in a stone mill that mills the grain gently, so that the vitamins and minerals are not damaged. There are no preservatives in the products of Birkkala farm.
64638 Céréales dérivés Other Italie Autres cereales derives 2017-12-12 2017-01-16
  Description : Agricola Grains is the first specialised centre for the harvest, drying, stocking and toasting of cereals and oil seeds from organic agriculture.
66291 Céréales dérivés Other Serbie Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-10-10 2017-01-16
  Description : Ecoagri Serbia in its complex owns and operates a Gravel pit for producing and processing gravel in the coastal area of river Nera in Bela Crkva.

Alongside agriculture and gravel exploitation, ’Ecoagri Serbia’ expanded its scope of activities to farming – raising special sorts of mangulice pigs and raising Lipizzaner horses in ’Ecoagri Serbia’ stable.

Serbian certification is Suolo e Salute from Belgrade, being subsidiary to Suolo e Salute Bologna
68569 Céréales dérivés Other Russie Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-06-30 2017-01-16
Description : Offering organic grain as follows:
Millet (groats), Football Red lentil (without husk), Spilt Red lentil,
Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oats, Wheat bran,
Millet, Sorghum,
Chickpeas, Yellow Peas, Lentil Green/Red,
Sunflower seeds, Flax, Coriander, Saff Flower Seeds, Camelina sativa, Corn
The company was founded in 1992 and is situated in Saratov. Saratov region is a big farming region in Russia where different agri products grow. For its production the Company uses only organic produce grown without use of unhealthy chemicals and GMO.

The Company has its own processing facilities which occupy more than 10000 m2 and are equipped with cutting-edge machines. Production capacities are now 18 000 tons per year, thanks to 2 production lines, which allow to process different types of produce. Company specialists perform quality control at every stage of technological process starting from warehouse acceptance inspection of raw material up to shipping the final products. Thanks to strict production process control the Company can guarantee uniform excellent quality of offered products.
The characteristic competitive advantage of the Company is delivering full range of services to its Buyers.

Company’s production facilities are equipped with peeling, calibration machines, aerodynamic separator, precision photo separator, which allow achieving the best consumer appeal of products.

Products can be packed into 25/50 kg pp bags, big bags, handled in bulk or packed according to customers' requirements.
Delivery is made by all transportation means: by road, by railway road, by river or sea, container shipping.

Handing in full package of necessary documents (Certificates, licenses, SGS certificates)
89487 Céréales dérivés Other Perou Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2017-12-31 2017-01-09
Description : We are offering peruvian white organic quinoa for export, pls if you need any info or request do not hesitate on contact me. I can send all the info you need about the product and certifications.
67565 Céréales dérivés Other Etats-Unis Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-03-14 2017-01-05
  Description : Our award-winning, certified organic TIMELESS NATURAL FOOD retail line is found in several hundred fine natural food stores, grocery stores, and specialty food stores across the USA. From the wide range of organic grains we produce, we created this premium line by selecting the most beautiful and most nutritious varieties. They range from the familiar--like green lentils. golden flax, and yellow split peas-- to the truly unique—like our trademarked Black Beluga, Lentils, Purple Prairie Barley, and Black Kabuli Chickpeas. In addition to being GMO-free and certified organic, you will find these are of unequalled quality.
68610 Céréales dérivés Other Royaume Uni Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-03-07 2017-01-05
Description : We are are one of the major traders in the UK organic grain sector and deal exclusively in organic and in-conversion products. We have over 20 years experience of the organic industry

We buy and sell a wide range of organic and in-conversion grain of both domestic and imported origin.

Feed wheat
Milling wheat
Milling Oats
Feed Oats
Soya Beans
Feed barley
Malting barley
Oilseed rape
88871 Céréales dérivés Other Canada Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-12-31 2016-11-23
  Description : Trawin Seeds is a licensed organic seed processor and dealer. The organic seed produced and processed at our facility meet and exceed the Canadian Organic Seed Standards and Regulations.

GAZELLE SPRING RYE – Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Yield = 45-70 bushels / acre
Good for lodging
Maturity = 100 days
Height = 103 cm
Protein = 14.5%
Starch = 53.2%
Gazelle rye is slightly less susceptible to ergot than the prolific species it was bred from. The medium straw thickness improves its lodging tolerance.

WINTER RYE – Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Yield = 50-60 bushels / acre
Allelopathic nature – produces biochemical that influence and reduce weed competition
Conventional parentage
No Treatment
Packaging – Bulk hopper, mini tote, 50 lb. or 25 kg bag
Can be used as a cover crop, for grazing or for grain production.
88870 Céréales dérivés Other Canada Oléagineux, protéagineux (colza, tournesol, soja, sésame, pois, fèves) 2018-12-31 2016-11-23
  Description : Wholegrain

Cleaned to buyer specification
Packaging = 25 kg, 1000 kg polywoven tote/bag
88869 Céréales dérivés Other Canada Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2018-12-31 2016-11-23
  Description : Organic wheat

We carry various varieties of Western wheat classes for production of bread, feed, and ethanol markets. The seed we sell meets and surpasses the regulatory standards for certified seed.

To sell certified seed we must prove to you that the quality, germination, vigour and overall agronomics of the variety are worth your money over farm saved seed. We believe that the only way to prove this is by consistently providing seed at a level that is not only of high visual quality, but directly produce better results.

Our spring wheat seed is top quality. The varieties that we sell were chosen based on each ones agronomic traits and suitability to a given area
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