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93287 Textile Other Etats-Unis autres Textile 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : OmniPrint International is one of the leading DTG manufacturers in the world. We offer solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded in 2003 with the goal to create a cost-effective solution for full color garment printing, we are now in our 10th year of business. Our products include patented features, such as our ‘Wet Cap’ system. As we continue to grow, we strive to continue our personable, humble approach. Our clients satisfaction is our top priority.
93286 Intrans Other Inde Fertilisants , engrais 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : GreeNeem Neem Cake-Slow Release Organic Fertilizer- OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute)
Neem Cake/Neem seed meal – an excellent bio degradable slow release organic fertilizer with pest repellent and nematicide property. Has rich plant nutrients and also slows the Nitrogen intake from the soil and thus the plant gets a prolonged supply of nitrogen from the soil. Can be well applied as itself or along with the other Organic or Inorganic fertilizers. Rightly called as Bio Soil Fumigant.
92205 Fruits legumes Other Bulgarie Fruits frais 2019-10-20 2017-11-06
Description : 20 000 kg of fresh organic quince fruits for the industry- juices, jams, alcohol drinks etc. Three different brands.
93284 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Other Macedonia Plantes médicinales 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn or Milk Thistle seeds organic certificated production from Macedonia.
78753 Produits de la mer Other Sénégal Poisson frais 2019-12-12 2017-11-06
Description : SENEFRANCE PECHE est une société française située sur la Côte d'Azur et importateur de poisson sauvage FRAIS de la pêche du jour, les différentes plages du Sénégal avec des arrivages journaliers par avion de Dakar directement sur ??les différents aéroports européens.

Notre usine de fabrication à Dakar transforme également du poisson CONGELE et envoi les produits directement par transport maritime à des clients en Europe, Asie et partout dans le monde

Notre sélection de produit est faite directement par les pêcheurs artisanaux de l'arrivée des pirogues sur les plages le long de la côte entre haute Dakar et Saint-Louis, Mbour, Kayar.

Les poissons sont transportés immédiatement sur ??la glace en utilisant des véhicules frigorifiques dans notre établissement Dakar être nettoyé, préparé éviscérés par espèces ou filetée.
62245 Fruits legumes Ecocert Arabie Saoudite Autres fruits legumes 2019-12-01 2017-11-06
  Description : Al Watania Agricultural Company was established in 1982. Providing more than 20 Years of service to the Kingdom, It was founded by Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, who continues to be the chairman of the Company right from its inception

The company is ISO 9001 registered, and gained the EcoCert agricultural certificate for organic products from the European organization, to become the pioneers among working agricultural companies.

At Watania we work hard to select the varieties best suited to our environment, and in line with our local habits. The natural way of growing (Organic farming) used by Watania adds to the goodness, both in taste and nutrition of our produce. Our fruits and vegetables are not only famous locally but also among our customers abroad
79824 Café, thé, chocolat Naturand Verband Für Naturgemässen Landbau E.v. Inde Café & succédanés 2019-02-28 2017-11-06
Description : organic and fairtrade certified


cherry and parchment
80288 Intrans Ekoagros Lithuanie Fertilisants , engrais 2019-04-25 2017-11-06
Description : bio-organic input, extract of vermicompost tea with prolonged expiry date, suitable for industrial applications
60252 Fruits legumes Imo Bulgarie Fruits secs 2019-04-04 2017-11-06
  Description : Excellent quality Organic Dried Fruits/seeds prompt available.
85760 Céréales dérivés Ecocert Chine Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre) 2019-12-31 2017-11-06
Description : We manufacture and export high quality organic herbal ingredients. We have our own 6000 acre Organic certified planting base.The main products are organic barley grass powder, organic wheat grass powder, organic alfalfa powder, Organic goji berry powder, organic sea buckthorn powder and Organic stevia extract
86382 Epices condiments Lacon Gmbh Inde Épices, poivres 2019-06-30 2017-11-06
Description : Organic Steam Sterilised Black pepper
83929 Epicerie Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Allemagne Pâtes 2019-03-31 2017-11-06
  Description : Creana Pasta is a family -operated manufacturer in Germany, approximately 100km East of Frankfurt/Main. Our main product is special artisanal pasta produced by lamination of dough instead of extrusion. Pasta with Durm or Spelt Wheat from Organic Farming following EU-Regulations .with customized recipe example:with or without Eggs.
Private labels designs can be customised. Prices will vary according to Quality,Shape and design chosen.
86810 Epicerie Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Allemagne Pâtes 2019-07-31 2017-11-06
  Description : Durum-hard-wheat with egg:

Tagliatelle 8mm
- Ingredients: Durum hard wheat semolina, egg (25%)
all ingredients 100% organic following EU-legislation
- packed 12 x 500g
- customised labels could be applied
- min. shelf life will be 2 years from delivery
- price ex-works 2.60 EUR per bag of 500g
86811 Epicerie Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Allemagne Pâtes 2019-07-31 2017-11-06
  Description : Durum-hard-wheat with egg:

Soup Noodles 1mm
- Ingredients: Durum hard wheat semolina, egg (25%)
all ingredients 100% organic following EU-legislation
- packed 12 x 500g
- customised labels could be applied
- min. shelf life will be 2 years from delivery
- price ex-works 2.60 EUR per bag of 500g
63017 Fruits legumes Ecocert Chine Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2018-12-15 2017-11-06
  Description : FC was established in 1999 and specializes in developing, farming, processing and exporting fresh produce, frozen fruits and vegetables. Taking the advantage of local skilled workers, good farming practices and experienced management team, It has been able to supply the best quality products at very competitive price. In the past 10 years, more than 100,000 metric tons of products have been exported to Europe, North America, Mid-East, Southeast Asia and other areas around the world. Now, SFC is one of the leading frozen vegetable and fruits processors and exporters in Eastern China.

SFC’s state of the art facilities include: two produce packing houses, three frozen fruits and vegetables processing workshops, three IQF tunnel freezers, three quick frozen houses, an onsite lab and URSCHEL cutting equipments. Its current daily processing capacity is 40 metric tons of frozen products and 60 metric tons of fresh produce.

SFC controls the production from seeding to the finished products, which is certified by ECOCERT and Orthodox Union. SFC applies the latest technology to farming, processing, testing, and packaging. Its plant is implemented and accredited by SSOP, GMP, GAP and HACCP.
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