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68654 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes 2013-06-28 2013-01-22
  Description : Dried tropical fruits and vegetables with a moisture content of around 12-14%. These fruits and vegetables should be free from any additive, preservative and sugar.
68522 Fruits legumes Portugal Purées de fruits 2013-03-31 2013-01-09
  Description : Searching for aseptic puree of peach, strawberry and raspberry (red or black), preferably supplied in bags of 5 Kg approximately.
68516 Fruits legumes Légumes frais 0000-00-00 2013-01-09
  Description : We are distributors of vegetables in the Hotel sector .We have presently have standing orders for the weekly supply of the following lettuces :

Romaine (100kg/week)
Sucrine (little Gem)60kg/week)
Arucola Wild(50 kg/week)
Red Oak leak(50 kg/week)
Green Oak leak(50 kg/week)
Lolo Rosso (50 kg/week)
Iceberg (100 kg/week)

We would be grateful you could send us your best quotation in view of developing a standing long-term business relationship.

Kind Regards

Arvind Dookhun
Executive Director
67237 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2014-02-23 2012-11-05
  Description : We search organic items:
Apple or grape concentrates for fruits spreads, & IQF Frozen fruits;

Our purchaser: sonia quenez 33 / 5 53 40 09 99 or 33 / 553405560
56544 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes déshydratés 2013-07-31 2012-09-12
  Description : dried extracts

--> Acerola 50/100/200kg
--> Aloe vera 50/100/250kg
--> Gingembre 25/50/100kg
--> Guarana 100/250/500kg

If possible from Brasil with an organic certification recognized by UE.
66140 Fruits legumes Autres fruits legumes 2013-07-01 2012-08-09
  Description : As one of the largest importers/exporters of organic food ingredients in Europe, we buy organic sultanas (Turkey), organic apricots (Turkey), organic dried banana slices (Sri Lanka), organic mango slices, organic apple dices, organic plums, or any other fruit.
65990 Fruits legumes Portugal Fruits ou légumes en conserve 0000-00-00 2012-07-26
  Description : Looking for acetic diced fruit (organic and non organic), in particular apricot and strawberry
56545 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes déshydratés 2013-01-29 2012-07-25
  Description : POUDRES:
--> Açaí 50/100/200kg

--> Guarana 100/250/500kg

--> Gingembre 25/50/100kg

--> Nopal 100/250kg

Nous recherchons de préférence des entreprises brésiliennes qui produisent et exportent des produits de cette liste. Avec les certificats BIO valables pour l'UE
65908 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes surgelés 2012-10-10 2012-07-18
  Description : We are looking for :
-organic strawberry Iqf Frozen
- 2 full truck for beginning of September
-whole product without petiole
-origin UE or EXTRA-UE
-packging : 10 kg boxes
-prices DDP Marseille (France) or Milan (Italia).
-Destination of the product : Jam
65832 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes en conserve 2013-10-26 2012-07-12
  Description : Dices of aseptic Fruit
Delivery place : Portugal
65156 Fruits legumes Fruits secs 2013-02-02 2012-05-24
  Description : Organisme stockeur
Collecte de céréales, oléagineux et protéagineux biologiques
Vente de fruits secs et autres graines
Conseils en AB
Vente intrans (semences, amendements, ...)
64234 Fruits legumes Fruits frais 2013-01-10 2012-03-27
  Description : Organic top fruit (apples and pears)
Organic bananas
Organic stone fruit
64086 Fruits legumes Fruits ou légumes surgelés 0000-00-00 2012-03-15
  Description : Strawberry
64080 Fruits legumes Fruits secs 2013-02-02 2012-03-15
  Description : dried fruit
63972 Fruits legumes Inde Fruits frais 2015-12-31 2012-03-05
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