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19121 Services Other Consulting
Description : Gala Group produce according to organic farming regulations (EU reg. 2092/91), different crops on a land surface exceeding two million square meters distributed in different Lebanese regions to ensure continuous production benefiting from diversity of climate conditions.

Gala Group Scientific team include Lebanese and international experts: - Qualified agriculture engineers experienced in different sectors covering Animal production and welfare, Vegetables production, Production under greenhouses, Arboriculture and orchard management, Soil fertility, agricultural Machinery, Food and dairy processing, as well as - Marketing experts, - Geologists, Hydro geologists, - GIS experts, - and Experts in Social works, in addition to large scale farmers experimented in production problems and financial threats.

Field of activities:
Gala Group field of activities include the following:

-Evaluation and SWOT analysis of ongoing organic projects.
-Project design market survey and feasibility study.
-Consultancy for farmers on the production and management of organic fields.
-Consultancy for organic livestock keepers on regulations, ration formulation, feeding principles, pastures and management of different farm types.
-Technical sheet elaboration
-Training for farmers and technicians on organic farming principles and techniques.
-Organization of seminars, training and workshop considering organic farming either for public or professionals.
-Farm design, integrated farming and permaculture.
-Consultancy for composting projects.
-Consultancy on marketing of organic products.
-Marketing of certified organic products.
19109 Services Other Consulting
Description : Conseil en stratégie Marketing et Commercial France/export pour les entreprises de l\'agro alimentaire Bio, de la diététique et du complément alimentaire
18353 Services Imo Autres Services
Description : organic control and certification. The certification body has been established in close collaboration with IMO, and FiBL, Switzerland.
8391 Services Other Autres Services
Description : Green and safe pest control
7226 Services Control Union Autres Services
Description : We make cotton bags wtih your company logo so that you can pack your products in these nd show the world how ecologically sensitive you are.
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