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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
34010 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : Citrus flavours and flavonoids extraction
34009 Ingredients Other Matières aromatisantes, colorants, gélifiants
Description : Citrus essential oil and derivates doe Parfumery, cosmetics, pharmacy application , as well as for any food application
33847 Ingredients Other Matières aromatisantes, colorants, gélifiants
Description : Organic flavorings
33685 Ingredients Ecocert Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : Tonka Beans for the comestic industry
33396 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : Fragrances, Essential Oils
33390 Ingredients Other Vanille
Description : Extracts
33389 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : Perfumes, Essential Oils
33336 Ingredients Bioland Autres ingredients
Description : Since the company foundation in 1987 Naturkost Uebelhoer GmbH & Co. KG has specialised in the sourcing of certified organic food raw materials and is today importing more than 200 products from more 30 countries all over the world. With these products we supply customers in the food industry, wholesalers and bakeries in more than 20 countries. We accomplish this task with a team of 20 employees. We see our strength in a high level of service and flexibility. We all like it very much to interact with the people and products of the organic food market and we know well that this requires a sense of responsibility which we are prepared to exercise day-to-day.

Products :Grain, Flakes & Muesli, Flour, Rice,Pulses & Beans,Seeds, Jams,Preserved Food, Sweeteners,Sugar, Cocoa & Carob, Nuts, Dried Fruits, Oils, Baking ingredients, Herbs & Spices, Nutspread, Sojaproducts,
Fruit concentrate
31820 Ingredients Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Vanille
Description : Vanilla extracts, Concentrates and Flavors
30356 Ingredients Control Union Vanille
Description : We are groing Vanilla since 1991 in southern part of Indian tropical forest. Our product is exported to US and EU since 1996. Our anual vanilla production in
2007 is expected about 20,000Kg\'s dry, out of which 3000Kg will be organic certified
by SKAL international HOLLAND.
30275 Ingredients Other Autres ingredients
Description : The fruit and vegetable powders produced and distributed by our company are exclusively made from natural and bio raw materials. Due to the special vacuum-drying process developed by our company, the original ingredients that are responsible for taste, flavour, aroma, scent and colour are preserved in a concentrated form similarly to the vitamins, the macro- and microelements and most of the biologically active components.No artificial, synthetic additives, colouring agents or preservatives are used during the manufacturing.
29878 Ingredients Other Vanille
Description : Vanilla (Dry beans) - Organically cultivate, produced and certified by "INDOCERT", (Indian Organic Certification Agency), Aluva, kerala, India.

We can export as per buyer's requirement. The price of this item is @US$ 420.00 for 5 KG.
Our usual payment terms: FOB, KOCHIN PORT
And Mode of Payment: By Bank Wire Transfer (swift)
30026 Ingredients Other Matières premières pour cosmétique
Description : We are a Fair Trade business and distribute tamanu oil (Callophyllum Inophyllum) and noni juice (Morinda Citrifolia) of a local small producer. These products are organic but we do not have a certification yet. We can supply up to 3500 l of tamanu oil and 10 000 l of Noni juice that we have in stock.
29739 Ingredients Imo Autres ingredients
Description : we have 200 hectares organic green tea plantations and 2 producing process line which imported from Japan.Our mainly production is organic Green Tea Sencha ,a japaness type green tea .yield is about 1000T.
29672 Ingredients Letis S.a. Autres ingredients
Description : Ofrezco AZUCAR MASCAVO ORGANICO, en bolsas de 20 kilos.
Con certificación BIO de Letis - IFOAM.

También se lo concoe como Azúcar no refinado o no cwntrifugado.
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