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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
32300 Huiles Qualite France Autres huiles
  Description : Argand'Or GmbH is the world market leader for hand pressed argan oil. Products include food oil,
cosmetic oil and related products such as supplement caps, cream and body lotion. Our products
have been sold on every continent.

I do not know how far you far you have studied about argan oil, so maybe I can give you a short description:
Argan oil is pressed from the fruit of the argan tree which only grows in the southern part of Morocco.
This oil is traditionally used for cooking (it has a nutty taste) and for skincare by the native Berber population.
Modern research has found it to be the richest oil in tocopherol(vitamin E) and anti-oxidants like spinasterol and schottenol, making it useful for anti-aging treatment and cancer prevention/healthy lifestyle. The oil is pressed traditionally in Morocco and controlled and then bottled in Germany. It is conforming to European standards for biological food and dermantologically tested, assuring the highest quality. Machine pressed argan oil (which today is the majority) loses most of its ingredients during pressing, and as the outer shell is rarely removed in such a process, making it bitter. Argand'Or argan oil is marketed in Europe and other countries as a premium class oil for users concerned about nature and health.
46673 Huiles Ecocert Autres huiles
46198 Huiles Ecocert Autres huiles
Description : Huile d'argan
46111 Huiles Other Autres huiles
Description : Our main product Virgin Coconut Oil is the naturally processed, chemical-free and additive-free product from fresh coconut meat or its derivative (coconut milk and coconut milk residue) which has not undergone any chemical processing after extraction. It is the purest form of coconut oil, water white in color, contains natural Vitamin E and with very low free fatty acid Content and peroxide value. Bulk and retail packaging available for export from the Philippines.
45799 Huiles Other Tournesol
Description : oil, confectionary
45797 Huiles Other Palme
Description : palm oil, stearin, olein
45457 Huiles Other Tournesol
Description : Organic Sunflower Oil
45252 Huiles Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Autres huiles
Description : Organic oils and expeller:

120. Organic pumpkin oil,
121. Organic sunflower oil and expeller.
122. Organic peanut oil.
123. Organic linseed oil.
124. Organic soybean oil and expeller.
44909 Huiles Other Tournesol
Description : Organic Sunflower Oil
44908 Huiles Other Sésame
Description : Organic Sesame Oil
44907 Huiles Other Olive
Description : Organic Olive Oil
44906 Huiles Other Noisette
Description : Organic Hazel Nut Oil
44905 Huiles Australian Certified Organic Amande
Description : Organic Sweet Almond Oil
38996 Huiles Qualite France Autres huiles
Description : Huile d\'AVOCAT extra-vierge SAN PIETRO obtenue par extraction à froid (centrifugation)

Huile d\'OLIVE extra-vierge SAN PIETRO obtenue par extraction à froid (centrifugation)
39040 Huiles Qualite France Autres huiles
Description : Huile biologique extra-vierge d\'AVOCAT
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