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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
91451 Fruits legumes Other Fruits frais
Description : Fruits: clementine, oranges, lemon, jujube, pomegranate, melon, avocado, cactus pears ...
Other fruits & vegetables
91020 Fruits legumes Consejo Regulador Agroalimentario Ecológica De Extremadura Fruits frais
  Description : Nous sommes des producteurs de fruit à noyau Bio: des prunes, des nectarines, de l'agriculture biologique et biodinamique.
We are producers of organic stone fruit: plums, nectarines, from organic and biodynamic agriculture.
91250 Fruits legumes Other Légumes frais
Description : Fresh Organic Ginger. Variety: Hawaiian. Color: Yellow. Country of origin: Philippines. Price: US$10/kg FOB. Payment method: T/T. Size: 250+
90604 Fruits legumes Other Fruits secs
Description : WACMAC has been in business since 2000. The dynamic development of the company is the result of good work organization, reliability, as well as through the support of European Union funds. Of great importance in our development have contacts with foreign partners, jointly implemented projects promising long-term commercial success.

Our offer is directed to wholesalers, retailers, bakeries, pastry shops and stores. We offer dried fruit, nuts, dried fruits and various grains, seeds, and seeds. We provide time delivery of goods, we have experience in dealing with business customers.
90751 Fruits legumes Other Purées de fruits
Description : Organic Aseptic Apple Puree 12-14% BRIX
Organic Plum Puree Aseptic 8-10 % BRIX
Organic Apricot Paste
90749 Fruits legumes Other Fruits secs
Description : Organic Dried Plum with stones, moisture 22%
Organic Dried Fruits, Nuts and Raisin from Turkey
90432 Fruits legumes Other Fruits frais
Description : Fresh Pears - Conference and Ksenia with organic certification from Ukraine
90045 Fruits legumes California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) Légumes frais
Description : I am open for production of any type of vegetable! Year around
89198 Fruits legumes Ecocert Fruits secs
  Description : Organic Cashew W320, W240, W450 and LWP
88861 Fruits legumes Other Fruits secs
  Description : Organic certified dried apricots

Amount - 20 Tons
89188 Fruits legumes Other Fruits secs
Description : Nous pouvons fournir des noix bio
78875 Fruits legumes Bioellas Sa Fruits secs
Description : We are able to sell inshell pistachios as well as pistachios kernels.
88936 Fruits legumes Other Légumes frais
  Description : Eko Kutak is a small company created in 2015. Our main goal is to create an ecological farm in Croatia to produce a variety of vegetables and sub products following the principles of ecological agriculture and permaculture.
88884 Fruits legumes Other Fruits ou légumes surgelés
Description : Organic Frozen Strawberries
Organic Frozen Cultivated Blackberries
Organic Frozen Cultivated Blueberries
Organic Frozen Raspberries

USDA Organic certification
88876 Fruits legumes Other Fruits secs
  Description : Organic dates (Swisscert)

Commercially important Varieties in Iran: There are about 400 varieties known in Iran, but only few of them are commercially important.

Unique ® supplying and exporting 5 kind of Dates:

Mazafati Fresh Dates

Kabkab Dates

Sayer Dates (Pitted & Un-pitted)

Piarom Dates

Zahedi Dates
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