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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
49920 Boucherie,charcuterie Bioagricert (bac) Autres boucherie, charcuterie
Description : Carne organica empacada al alto vacío
49926 Boucherie,charcuterie Biokontroll Hungaria Közhasnu Tarsasag Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Organic beef and veal meat
36339 Boucherie,charcuterie Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De Castilla Y León Autres boucherie, charcuterie
Description : Original Organics Sausages from Spain: Serrano Ham, Salami, Chorizo (Salami With Paprika), Loin, etc.

Original Spanische Bio - Wurstdelikatessen.
46383 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Autres boucherie, charcuterie
Description : Venison - Red Deer Venison.
45089 Boucherie,charcuterie California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Certified Organic Cattle Hides
42231 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Volaille, charcuterie, abats
Description : certified organic chicken
our major target is quality and secure products. We do get involved during the entire life of the chicken only, if we can offer more to our chickens than mother nature does. The organic fudder which we feed is well balanced and delivers strenght to our high quality chicken. Right next to natural growing we are one of the leading producers concerning quality control which is done continously pointing out health and shape of our chickens. This leads into this premium quality which we stand for.

Organic chicken farms in Austria are well known all over Europe for premium quality and animal welfare. This tradition is continuing at Organic Food Partners. Transparency and traceability of each single lot is the base of success.

organic chicken premium quality – prizewinning by success of our customer
41589 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Procert Organic Systems
40774 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Volaille, charcuterie, abats
Description : Frozen Free Range chicken/pieces availabale in any presentation.

Private enterprise with own abattoir and packing facility.

Container/Truck volumes.
39723 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Head on leaf in carcasses for delivery to Central America
23455 Boucherie,charcuterie Organic Trust Ltd Volaille, charcuterie, abats
Description : Organic Chicken necks
Organic Chicken carcass
Organic MRM and Baader Meat
Organic Chicken Thigh Meat
Organic Chicken Breat Meat
36483 Boucherie,charcuterie Organic Trust Ltd Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Organic Lamb
36306 Boucherie,charcuterie Ekogwarancja Ptre Ltd Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Since 1989, the company Elkopol has dealt with sale of beef and pork.
Our customers respect our professional services as well as high quality of products.
Since 2006, have expanded our offer by organic beef and pork meat.
Offered products:
Chilled and frozen beef meat
Chilled and frozen pork meat
Our partners:
Polish Beef Association
Group of Cattle Producers - “ Grassland of River Bug ”
33126 Boucherie,charcuterie Ecocert Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : I am a producer of organic meet (bovine cattle) certified by ECOCERT-Portugal.

Right now I am producing only for the Portuguese market. After September 2007, I am planning to expand the activity to other markets and contribute with other organic meet products such as pork, lamb and chicken. Together with other patners, we have started the implantation of a transformation room (packaging etc) and we are in final steps of process certification and quality assurance.
28124 Boucherie,charcuterie Organic Farmers & Growers Limited Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Grass Fed Organic Beef. No concentrates fed all year round, only Hay / Silage.
27699 Boucherie,charcuterie Other Bovin, ovin, porcin
Description : Nuestro frigorífico realiza el ciclo completo de producción de carne ovina y caprina hasta la elaboración de los cortes y su posterior comercialización.
La planta posee una capacidad de matanza de 2.000 cabezas por día, una capacidad de procesamiento de 500 toneladas al mes, y una capacidad en los corrales para 2.500 animales.
La superficie de la Planta es de 2.5 hectáreas, siendo la superficie cubierta de 10.000 m2, y su capacidad de enfriamiento y congelado es de 2.000 animales diarios.
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