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Offre N°CategorieProduit
14554 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : we are buyers of organic processed foods. We are most interested in consumer packed, shelf-stable organic foods including snacks, crackers, cookies, candy, packaged convenience meals and soups, conserved fruits and vegetables in cans or glass, coconut products, sauces.
21646 Epicerie Pâtes
  Description : I am looking for a company to produce a special recipe of Tomato Ketchup.
I also need a producer of Whole Wheat and Whole Spelt Pastas.
21447 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : Country Farm is dedicated to an exciting mission of introducing affordable quality organics food to be the general public in Malaysia and the surrounding regions through its retail outlets and attached restaurants cum cafes. Its restaurants and cafes are also dedicated to develop more creative ethnic organic dishes, thus changing the public impression that organic food is tasteless and expensive.

Country Farm Organics' outlets carry a larger and better product range than most of the competing organic stores. The product range includes grocery items, as well as organic fruits, vegetables, meats (free-range chicken, venison and moose meat etc), soy products, organic breads and personal care items. In fact, Country Farm is the first organic company to introduce soy ice cream and soy smoothies in Malaysia . Qualified nutritionists or well-trained shop assistants are at hand to offer free and friendly advice to help customers understand better the organic products that they are buying.

Country Farm Organics started its business as an importer and wholesaler of organic dry goods, groceries, household products, environment-friendly organic detergents, organic fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs in Malaysia . It also buys a wide range of produce from local organic growers. Currently, it supplies to a number of organic stores and provides special delivery services.
19683 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : only produced in China
19680 Epicerie Pâtes à tartiner
  Description : only produced in China
19679 Epicerie Soja et dérivés (graines, germes, sauces, desserts, galettes)
  Description : only produced in China
19678 Epicerie Pâtes
  Description : only produced in China
19677 Epicerie Muesli, corn flakes
  Description : only produced in China
19674 Epicerie Produits apéritifs
  Description : only produced in China
19673 Epicerie Courts bouillons sauces
  Description : only produced in China
19672 Epicerie Aliments pour bébé
  Description : only produced in China
17580 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : n/a
17222 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : n/a
17171 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : n/a
17128 Epicerie Autres epicerie
  Description : n/a
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