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Offre N°CatégorieCertificationOrigineProduitValidité de l'offreDate de l'offre
91388 Huiles Other Canada Tournesol 2020-12-12 2019-05-14
  Description : NOP/COR/EU Certified Organic (Certifier: Pro-Cert) High Oleic Sunflower Oil

ORIGIN: Canada

Contact us for full specifications.
91389 Huiles Other Canada Colza 2020-10-09 2019-05-14
  Description : NOP/COR/EU Certified Organic (Certifier: Pro-Cert) Canola / LEER Rapeseed Oil

ORIGIN: Canada

FFA: 0.5%
Phosphorus: <3PPM
PV: <0.1 meq./kg

Contact us for full specifications.
91249 Huiles Ecocert Tunisie Olive 2020-04-10 2019-05-14
  Description : - huile d'olive extra vierge - acidité <0,5: marque "TERRA BELLA"

- huile d'olive extra vierge - acidité <0,8: marque "La Medina"
97676 Huiles Other Tanzanie Autres huiles 2019-09-30 2019-05-08
Description : Moringa seeds oil, EXW prices is 50 usd per litre. Negotiations allowed
84822 Huiles Ecocert Belgique Olive 2020-11-21 2019-03-21
Description : Huile d'olive vierge extra BIO
Nouvelle récolte 2015
Certificat ECOCERT
Bouteille en verre de 250ml et 500ml
Possibilité personnaliser l'étiquette
Produit en Tunisie
82034 Huiles Other Maroc Autres huiles 2020-03-10 2019-02-25
  Description : huile d'argan bio cosmétique et alimentaire.
Certifié par ECOCERT et USDA.
97062 Huiles Other Ukraine Tournesol 2019-12-31 2019-01-25
Description : We offer organic sonflower oil bottled and in a bulk, refined/unrefined/classic/HOSO
96499 Huiles Other Canada Autres huiles 2020-10-10 2018-11-05
  Description : Natural Organic Argan oil for salads, cooking, coos cous,spreads etc
96450 Huiles Other Afrique du Sud Olive 2020-02-10 2018-10-17
Description : We grow 10.000 organic Koroneiki olive trees on Canetsfontein. First commercial harvest is in 2020. Expected long term yield is app. 300 tons.

Koroneiki is very high in polyphenols and gives a fantastic organic olive oil that we intend to produce on the estate.

Buyers are welcome to buy olives, olive oil in bulk or in bottles.

Please contact us.
83874 Huiles Other Tanzanie Sésame 2020-02-15 2018-10-08
Description : We are a supplier of Sesame Seeds Our Seeds originate from Tanzania.
83378 Huiles Other Pays-Bas Autres huiles 2020-05-27 2018-08-14
  Description : Organic coconut oil
83379 Huiles Other Pays-Bas Palme 2020-10-10 2018-08-14
  Description : Organic palm oil
95851 Huiles Other Tunisie Olive 2020-08-30 2018-08-14
Description : Huile d'olive biologique en vrac de Tunisie extra vierge
82913 Huiles Other Sri Lanka Autres huiles 2019-02-02 2018-05-15
  Description : Smith food (Private) Limited has been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. We have never compromised on the quality and the services provided to the customer. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price.

We Specialize in Manufactured.

Organic Virgin coconut oil, Non Organic virgin coconut oil, Organic Whole kernel virgin coconut oil, Non organic whole kernel virgin Coconut oil Pure creamed coconut, Organic & Non Organic Coconut flour and Natural virgin Coco Hair Oil as well.

We are proudly informing you that our all products are free from added preservation and no additives, as well as available as conventional & 100% organic (USDA Organic certificate).

In addition to above certifications we are able to obtained and maintain ISO 22000, , JAS,USDA,EU Control Union Certification, Europe Union quality certificate, HACCP System certificate, Sri Lanka Standards GMP
Certification, and several local awards.

83032 Huiles Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Espagne Olive 2020-10-07 2018-04-18
  Description : Somos productores y envasadores de aceite de oliva virgen extra ecologico.
Somos una empresa familiar y toda nuestra producción de aceite ecologico es de nuestra propia finca.
Nos adaptamos a sus necesidades, podemos trabajar con diferentes formatos, envases, idiomas, capacidades

EStamos buscando distribuidores/ importadores, en diferentes paises, si estas interesado no dudes en contactar con nosotros.
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