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91335 Epices condiments Other Iran Épices, poivres 2022-01-01 2020-03-10
Description : The company’s basic philosophy identifying and selling to reputable suppliers in the world for products that in many countries as A grade materials are considered.
We are proud of having a small family, we can offer the best quality and service to all people of the world .
We can supply saffron excellent condition
,it would be great if you can inform me about kind
and amount that you need then I'll suggest you the best
With kind regards
99134 Epices condiments Other Inde Épices, poivres 2022-04-04 2020-03-10
  Description : We are the largest processor and exporter of Organic Herbs, Spices. We have our own ICS and certified fields with more than 14,000 contracted farmers.

We can also supply you following products as an ingredients, which kindly note.

We are processor and manufacture of following Organic Products :

1. Organic Herbs & Spices, Extracts
2. Organic Cold Pressed & Essential Oils
3. Organic glycerin – Soy Glycerin, Non Soy Glycerin
4. Organic Sun flower & Soy Lecithin,
5. Organic Corn starch
6. Organic Natural food color – Annatto, Beetroot, Turmeric
7. Organic Protein – Psyllium, Sesame, Flax
8. Organic Herbal Dietary Supplements in Tablets and Capsules

You may please find attached PRODUCT CATALOGUE for your reference.

Looking forward to initiate healthy and long term business relationship with your esteemed organization.
62939 Epices condiments Other Etats-Unis Épices, poivres 2022-12-01 2020-03-03
  Description : Dried Hot Peppers & Powders Dried ají powders are made from selected native Peruvian ají varieties cultivated in coastal valley of Topara, 200 Km South of Lima. The plantations are skillfully managed with strict Organic Practices and the “Organic certification” is recognized by the Netherlands based SKAL organization. INCA FLAME™ DRIED AJI consist of fully ripened ají pods which are carefully hand-picked and sun dried before using conventional air drying methods to reach the final moisture content
84579 Epices condiments Other Perou Autres epices condiments 2020-02-02 2020-02-03
  Description : Organic Maca (lepidium meyenni)

Maca is a powerful root from the Peruvian Andes, especially the High Plateau of Junin, used as a food and health source for thousands of years before the Inca period. With its high glucosinolate and macamide content it increases energy levels, and combats physical and mental fatigue and stress. It is important for sportsmen and women because of its effect on physical resistance and mental clarity. It balances the diet, giving protection from manutrition, and raises the libido.
74804 Epices condiments Other France Épices, poivres 2021-12-12 2020-02-03
  Description : Espelette pepper PDO certified Silver award concours general agricole Best quality powder on the market
2013 harvest DLUO 2 years
86162 Epices condiments Other Inde Épices, poivres 2021-02-02 2020-01-15
  Description : At the moment we can offer 12 Mts of fresh ginger and other ground spices and also processed spices from India. All our products are certified by SKAL Netherlands.
86163 Epices condiments Other Inde Autres epices condiments 2021-02-02 2020-01-15
  Description : Red stick chilli, Coriander seeds, cumin, musterd(small and big), Turmeric, Fenugreek, Fennel, Garlik,Ginger.
98569 Epices condiments Other Inde Épices, poivres 2022-02-02 2019-12-17
Description : 100% Certified Organic Spices
98510 Epices condiments Other Iran Épices, poivres 2021-02-02 2019-12-12
Description : The best quality sargol Iranian saffron
97731 Epices condiments Other Iran Autres epices condiments 2020-10-31 2019-11-14
  Description : Greetings from KSTco., proudly, We are into most of The agricultural and forestry products exporting such as; Medicinal Herbs, Organic Foods, Truffles, Dried flowers, fruits & vegetables Leaves, Seeds, Spices, Essential Oils, Iranian Gum & Resin etc..... And much, main products includes: Saffron, Assafoetida, Borage, Truffle, Echium, Tragacanth, gallnut, Organic Tarragon, Mallow, Spearmint, Peppermint, Chamomile, Hibiscus, Rosemary, Calendula, it will be a great pleasure for us to be one of your suppliers. please send us any orders at any time without hesitation. Certainly, we will provide competitive price with high quality for you. I hope that you can give me the chance to introduce my company to you. We hope to start some serious new work with your estimated company. Please contact me for receiving complete catalog of our products.
Kimia Sabz Atrak Co

Mobile & Whats App:+989155338038
98402 Epices condiments Other France Épices, poivres 2020-10-10 2019-11-14
Description : Premier produit d’Afrique subsaharienne ayant bénéficié en 2013 d’une appellation d’origine et de qualité attribuée par l’Union européenne, le poivre blanc de Penja.
98383 Epices condiments Other Inde Épices, poivres 2022-04-17 2019-11-04
Description : Spices are the seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily used for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Spices are frequently confused with herbs, which are the leaves, flowers, or stems of plants used for flavoring or as a garnish. Most of the spices have antimicrobial properties.

Organic Products India is one of the leading spices suppliers in India and throughout the world.

Natural Sesame Seeds
Hulled Sesame Seeds
Black Sesame Seeds
Psyllium Seeds
Psyllium Husk & Powder
Black Cumin Seeds
Yellow Mustard Seeds
Black/Brown Mustard Seeds
Turmeric Fingers & Powder
Fennel Seeds
Basil Seed
Cumin Seeds
Pulses & Lentils
Fenugreek Seeds
Herbs & Other Products
92447 Epices condiments Other Cambodge Épices, poivres 2021-10-10 2019-11-04
Description : Certified organic wild harvested Black pepper seeds, Powder.
78422 Epices condiments Other Espagne Épices, poivres 2020-04-25 2019-09-25
Description : Product (all certified organic)

Bay Leaf
Cardamom Powder
Chilli Powder LH (Low Heat)
Chilli Powder MH (Medium Heat)
Chilly Low Heat
Chilly Medium Heat
Black Pepper Powder
Black Pepper Whole
Cinnamon Powder
Coriander Dry Seeds
Coriander Powder
Cumin Powder
Cumin or Jeera
Fennel Seeds
Fenugreek Seeds
Horse Gram
Black Pepper
Black Pepper Powder
Cumin Seed
Cumin Powder
Fennel Seed
Fenugreek Powder
Black Cumin (Kalongi)
Mustard Black
Mustard Yellow
Sesame Seed - Black
Sesame seed - White
Red Chilli Whole Desi Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Flakes Desi Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Powder Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli whole Mathania Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Flakes Mathania Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli Powder Mathania Having heat units of 15,000 to 19000
Red Chilli whole (Guntur Variety) Having heat units of 40,000 to 45,000
Red Chilli Flakes (Guntur Variety) Having heat units of 40,000 to 45,000
Red Chilli powder (Guntur Variety) Having heat units of 40,000 to 45,000
Chilli Whole (Byadgi Chilli- Having heat units of 10,000 to 12000)
Chilli Flakes (Byadgi Chilli- Having heat units of 10,000 to 12000)
Chilli Flakes (Byadgi Chilli- Having heat units of 10,000 to 12000)
Red Chilli Desi Whole Having heat units of 30,000 to 35000)
Red Chilli Desi Flakes Having heat units of 30,000 to 35000)
Red Chilli Desi Powder Having heat units of 30,000 to 35000)
Naga chilli Having heat units of 1000000)
Naga chilli Flakes Having heat units of 1000000)
Naga chilli Powder Having heat units of 1000000)
Coriander Whole
Coriander Split
Coriander Powder
Coriander Leaves
Coriander Leaves Powder
Flax Seed
Turmeric Powder 2% - 3%
Turmeric Powder 4% - 5.5%
Turmeric Powder 6% - 8%
Ginger Powder
Vanilla Beans 18cm/14-16cm
Dry Ginger TBC Cut
Dry Ginger Powder
Black Cardimom
Green Cardimom
Kasuri Methi Crushed
Garlic Powder
Dry Mint Leaves with Dandi
Dry Mint Leaves without Dandi
Mint Leaves Powder With Dandi
Mint Leaves Powder Without Dandi
Clove Whole
Clove Powder
Cinnamom whole
Cinnamom Powder
Nutmeg Powder
Curry Leaves Crushed
Cinnamon Sticks
Bayleaf whole
Cinnamon Powder
Mace Whole
White Pepper Whole
White Pepper Powder
98051 Epices condiments Ceres Iran Épices, poivres 2022-01-05 2019-08-13
  Description : Farakesht Co., Ltd., is an innovative farming company established in 2010-by more than a century back up of its veteran- to share happiness with its all worldwide customers through its fresh special agricultural products which consider as Iran’sexclusive pure and fresh natural golden souvenirs.
Farakesht Co., Ltd owned 300 Hectares of fertile farming lands which located in North East of Iran known as Khorasan Razavi Province where by its special climate circumstances brought us unbelievably fresh, rich and exclusive Agriculture Crops like saffron, Pistachio, medicinal plants, herbs and so on .
In our company, whole processes from cultivation and harvesting to qualifying, packing and delivery accomplish by our well experienced and well-studied experts in different fields including agricultural engineers, management and commerce under strict observations and professional handling to guarantee the quality of the final products and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.
Our Gardens and fields flourishing different crops varied from different kind of fruits like pomegranate, saffron, medicinal plants, pistachio, nuts, cumin, date and barberry.
Flourished Crops brought in to delicate and complicated process but full of fun of producing Products “Arta” such as Saffron packs, Dried fruits, Pomegranate sauce, Iran special candy, Curd, fruit snack, fruit tubes and concentrate.
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