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66898 Services Other Consulting
Description : We've got great knowledge about chicken farming, so we can act as a consultant to all types of chicken farming
66069 Services Other Associations
Description : We have the associated who work for us.
65407 Services Other Consulting
Description : Value chain analysis and SME competitiveness enhancement.
64563 Services Other Consulting
Description : Promar International's Agriculture and Food (Agri-food) team has a wealth of experience and a rich heritage. The food consultancy was originally named Produce Studies and was set-up in 1958 at the specific request of the UK National Farmers’ Union. The company’s first project was to assess how “UK food and drink products could be more effectively promoted to consumers and the commercial trade.” A topic that is still of considerable interest today!
63490 Services Other Consulting
Description : Lupuna Consultores S.A.C. is a peruvian company created to offer operational and regulatory advisory to producers, manufacturers and traders who seek for Organic Certification by third party.

Our consultants have years of experience in inspection and certification of Organic products under the main organic standards worldwide. As we are located in Latin America we have the experience of having worked with Internal Control System Schemes, small, medium and large agricultural farms, manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of produce.

Lupuna Consultores objective is to improve the knowledge of the organic operations in order to let them understand the dynamics and principles of the organic management, reaching the goal of a successful certification, with an appropriate balance of productivity and sustainability.

If you want to know about our services please visit the Web page: or contact us to
62031 Services Other Consulting
Description : “Balkan Biocert” is the First national Inspection and Certification body which operates with well trained and highly professional staff and provides high quality and affordable services to interested organic farmers, processors and traders.
61542 Services Other Autres Services
Description : Somos una empresa Latinoamericana líder en certificación de sistemas de producción agricola como pecuarios y silvestres.

Nuestro sistema de calidad permite garantizar a los productores, elaboradores y comercializadores una producción que cumple con las normas y la reglamentación internacional y nacional.

Nuestro liderazgo se ve reflejado en nuestras representaciones: Bolivia, Perú, Colombia, Nicaragua y Venezuela, también trabajamos en Panamá, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador Ecuador y Mexico. Nuestra sede central se encuentra en la ciudad de Lima – Perú.

Brindamos un servicio competente a nivel mundial. BIO LATINA cumple con la guía ISO 065 (EN 45011) y es reconocida en la Unión Europea y en los E.E.U.U. ante el USDA. Estas acreditaciones se complementan con convenios que garantizan el acceso de los productos orgánicos al mercado japonés.
56821 Services Comité De Agricultura Ecológica De La Comunidad De Madrid Autres Services
  Description : Cestas de regalo para cualquier ocasión con productos ecológicos. Se elaboran cestas de empresa para navidad y para particulares, para cumpleaños, aniversarios, románticas, de desayuno, canastillas de recien nacido, etc. Todo con productos certificados por cada comunidad autónoma. Entra en
60661 Services Other Consulting
Description : Finding the right company to distribute your products or going to the market directly is very difficult. Through its Network Business Aptitude helps you defining the right strategy in the EU and the USA to target the markets and develop.
60605 Services Tüv Management Service Gmbh Consulting
Description : Arcos Consultancy Ltd
Commodities, brokerage and investment consultant services.
60191 Services Other Autres Services
Description :
Most important Confernce and Exhibition for Organic Products in Central and Eastern Europe with participants from 30 countries and presentations in 4 languages:
Organised by EkoConnect
60190 Services Other Consulting
Description :
Information about organic markets in Central and Eastern Europe
58998 Services Imo Consulting
  Description : Consultation about organic farming and certification in Central Asia.
58127 Services Other Autres Services
Description : Quick-Tests (strips) and ELISA-Tests, qualitative and quantitative for:

- GMO (Corn, Soy, Canola, Cotton, Sugar Beet etc.)
- Aflaoxin, Fumonisin etc
- Melamin
- various Plant Pathogenes
- Pesticide residues in water
57561 Services International Certification Services Autres Services
Description : Plastic-Jig votre solution pour le stockage, le transport et la vente de vos produits.Nous sommes distributeurs en Europe en dans les autres pays du monde d\'une grande marque de caisses pliables en plastique pour tous les usages.Normes ISO9001V2000 et Codex alimentaire.Toutes nos caisses plastiques sont 100% recyclables.
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