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96658 Céréales dérivés Other Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre)
  Description : SEAWEED EXTRACT (enzymes and minerals)


Falling number, vomitoxin, protein, dockage, humidity, % hull, official grading



Dieter oats (conventional and organic)
OAC Perth soybean (conventional and organic)
BR 07M91
BR 14A91
BR 21B50

BR 23A71
BR 25M75
BR 26A17
BR 29B17
MC 463
MC 468
BR 23L99
96657 Céréales dérivés Other Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre)
Description : We grow organic and conventional seeds.
Our organic seeds are certified by Ecocert Canada.
We offer seed-growing contracts.

We distribute the following line of products:
Spring Grain
Dieter, AC Rigodon, Naked oats...

Wheat, Spelt and Triticale
AC Barrie – Bread wheat, Nass – Feed wheat, Mégantic – Bread wheat, Spring spelt...

Encore – six-row barley, POLARIS – six-row barley, AC KLINCK – six-row barley, CDC Mc Gwire- Naked barley – 2-row...

CDC Golden, 40-10 field peas, CDC Tucker field peas, CDC Meadow peas, Agassiz peas...

Winter Grain
Wheat, Spelt and Triticale
FTHP Redeemer (winter wheat), Winter spelt...

Hazlet rye...

Other Seeds
Pronghorn triticale, AC Manisoba buckwheat, Mancan buckwheat, Sierra sunflower...

Maizex, Blue River Hybrids, De Dell...

Laurent soybean, OAC Oxford soybean, OAC Perth soybean, OAC Prudence soybean...

Mapleseed, General Seed Company...
96655 Céréales dérivés Other Céréales (blé, orge, maïs, épeautre)
  Description : Founded in 1962 by Raymond and Roger Proulx, the business began producing pedigreed seeds in a barn. In the 70s and 80s, several investments were made to improve the efficiency of the facilities in order to better serve its customers. Around that time, the company abandoned milk production to concentrate on field crops.

In 1996, David Proulx, son of Raymond Proulx, joined the business. The willingness to continue serving their customers to the best of their abilities led to the expansion of the plant and facilities and improvement of the work methods. The facilities underwent major expansions in 1999, 2005 and 2010.

In order to meet today's agricultural challenges, the business added organic grains and seeds to its mission in 2000.
96027 Produits laitiers Other Autres produits laitiers
Description : Our Infant Formula Milk Powder for feed has the following specs:
Protein: 11 – 15%
Fat: 22 - 26% (DHA, AA)
Carbohydrates / lactose: 48 – 56%
Moisture: Less than 3%
Added complete Minerals & vitamins

We provide full set of original shipping documents include Cert of Origin, Cert of Analysis, Health Cert, Form D/E CO upon request. OEM/ Private Label are welcome, shipment from Malaysia/ Singapore.

Let me know if you are interested on the above.
95946 Produits cosmétiques Ecocert Soins du corps
  Description : Organic argan oil is offered to cosmetic labs and cosmetic private label formulators as well as importers as one of the most popular cosmetic ingredients for hair and skin care as well as nails and skin stretch marks, blemishes, acne, burns, anti aging, anti wrinkles
95962 Ingredients Ecocert Matières premières pour cosmétique
  Description : Organic argan oil is offered to cosmetic labs and cosmetic private label formulators as well as importers as one of the most popular cosmetic ingredient for hair and skin care.
95971 Produits diététiques Ceres Extraits de plantes fraîches
  Description : Moringa Oleifera naturally pure Moringa "Miracle tree" whereby every part of the tree is used for natural health care and well being from the roots,seeds, leaves, bark , for oil, powder seeds, from for the human condition, for animal feed and even for purifying water
95972 Boissons Ceres Boissons à base de plantes (tisanes, concentrés, elixirs)
  Description : Natural Organic Moringa is used for many varieties of teas super drinks, shakes or any type of liquid according to personal; tastes
95973 Boissons Ceres Autres boissons
  Description : Moringa Oleifera , "the Miracle Tree"..derivatives have been used for generations as a natural healing food supplement for many human conditions as well as animal feed supplement and for the purification of water
Moringa is widely used in the cosmetics field for hair and skin care as well, shampoos ,lotion, skin creams and serums and nail care Containing all the amino acids and many vitamins , A,B,D, and as many dozens of studies have shown worldwide.
Organic argan oil too is mostly used in the cosmetic laboratories for product formulations for private label cosmetics for hair and skin care as well
95974 Epicerie Other Pâtes à tartiner
  Description : Natural Organic moringa can be used as spread, or sprinkled on toast or any edible commodity , soups,, pasta, bread sops etc.,
95975 Epicerie Ceres Autres epicerie
  Description : Moringa can be used in all forms of foods, salads,soups etc cooking oil, super drinks coolers, teas etc., confections candy, etc just sprinkle it on in powder form or add the oil to whatever.
95976 Plantes aromatiques medicinales Ceres Plantes médicinales
  Description : Moringa Oleifera the world Miracle tree whereby every part of the tree is useful for traditional, Natural health care even the purification of water. Hundreds of studies have been performed worldwide out lining truly worth while health benefits of Moringa Oleifera not only for humans but as an animal and fowl food supplements as well.
From aiding in diabetes, lower high cholesterol, to blood circulation. Moringa is an anti oxidant and helps in the prevention of infection and diseases Containing all the amino acids, with high levels of A, B C and help reducing overweight and obesity as well as stimulating your libido.
95977 Huiles Ecocert Autres huiles
  Description : Natural Organic Argan oil for salads, cooking, coos cous,spreads etc
95978 Ingredients Ecocert Matières premières pour cosmétique
  Description : Natural Organic oils and powders for cosmetic lab and private label manufactures
95979 Ingredients Ecocert Autres ingredients
  Description : Organic cosmetic and private labelformulations in bulk for skin and hair care for shampoos, anti aging, anti wrinkles, skin creams skin irritations and minor burns, acne stretch marks
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