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Offre N°CategorieCertificationProduit
62133 Alimentation animale Ecocert Élevage
Description : Dry Seaweed
62092 Epices condiments Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China Épices, poivres
Description : Walnut kernel

Spec: Light half

Light quarter

Light pieces

Light amber half

Light amber quarter



Packing:5kg/vacuum bag,20kg/carton

62093 Epices condiments Ecocert Autres epices condiments
Description : Organic dried goji berry



sulfur:under 10ppm

organic certificates:EEC&NOP issued by Ecocert
62123 Produits laitiers Other Fromage
Description : Organic Sheep Cheese
Organic Goat Cheese
Organic Buffalo Cheese
Organic Yak Cheese
Organic Cow Cheese
62122 Semences Other Autres semences
Description : Organic Brown Flax
Organic Golden Flax
Organic Hemp Seed
Organic Hemp Seed
Organic Brown Mustard
Organic Yellow Mustard
Organic Soybeans
62121 Fruits legumes Other Fruits secs
Description : Organic Walnuts
Organic Cashew Nuts
Organic Hazelnuts
Organic Almonds
Organic Pistachios
Organic Pinenuts
Organic Peanuts
Organic Macadamia Nuts
Organic Brazil Nuts
62120 Huiles Other Autres huiles
Description : Organic Olive Oil
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Flax Oil
Organic Hemp Oil
Organic Sesame Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Organic Soybean Oil
62119 Céréales dérivés Other Autres cereales derives
Description : Organic Hard Red Wheat
Organic Amber Durum Wheat
Organic Malting Barley
Organic Rye
Organic Buckwheat
Organic Spelt
Organic Millet
Organic Einkorn
Organic Oats
Organic White Quinoa
Organic Red Quinoa
Organic Amaranth
Organic Cañihua
62091 Fruits legumes Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China Fruits ou légumes en conserve
Description : PRODUCT: DRIED goji berry

10kg/carton with double polybags inside
10kg net per /carton. About 11MT in one 20ft container 28.75 CBM
We can also try our best to follow the clientS requirement

STORAGE: Store in closed bags in which ambient is clean, dry, ventilate, avo
Sunlight, dampproof, free from infestation

SHELF LIFE: Under the above conditions, 12 months

Flavour and Odor: Sweet, typical of fruit
Colour: Dark red
Moisture: Max 13%
Purity: Around 99.95 %
62090 Fruits legumes Organic Food Development & Certification Center Of China Fruits secs

DESCRIPTION: Walnut kernels have been obtained through shelling, dring
Hand-picking, boulting, blowing, sorting, etc

INGREDIENTS: 100% walnut kernels

PACKAGING: Normally, the kernels are packed in vacuum poly bag with external strong carton suitable to provide protection during the transit and storage. Net weight carton 25 kg (2x12.5kg poly bags).
Or packed in multi-paper bag. 25 kg net. (according to the requirement of customer )
About 10 MT ( ELH/ LH /LAH /AH, LQ/LAQ/AQ ) or about 12 MT ( LP/LAP/AP, MC ) in one 28.75 CBM
STORAGE: Store in closed bags in which ambient is clean, dry, ventilate,
Avoid sunlight, dampproof, free from infestation under 20 degrees

SHELF LIFE: Under the above conditions, 12 months

INFESTATION: Free from live infestation, insect bodies or larvae, and evidence
Of contamination by rodents and/or birds

TRANSPORTATION: All products are transported in ambient temperature controlled transportation. Trailers swept clean no odors. No rodent feces or other droppings root, wall and floor in good condition with no holes or leaks

Flavour: Typical of pumpkin seeds kernels. Free from Strong, Flat, or foreign flavours
Odor: Characteristic Pumpkin Seeds kernels Odors. Without Off or foreign Odors
Colour: Light or maize yellow, typical of this kernels

Glass, Metal, Stones: 0%
Moisture: Max 8 %
Purity: Above 99.90 %
Broken kernels: Max 3 %
Bad kernels: Max 1%
Rancid: Max 2%
62083 Pain confiserie chocolaterie California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) Chocolat
Description : I am manufacturing single origin organic dark chocolate 72 %
62053 Céréales dérivés Other Oléagineux, protéagineux (colza, tournesol, soja, sésame, pois, fèves)
Description : Lentils (Laird, Eston, Dupuy, Crimson, Beluga)
62034 Fruits legumes Ecocert Légumes frais
  Description : We have around 5 acres of organic farm at karjat (Mumbai-Pune Road, Maharashtra, India), where we have started growing organic vegetables, fruits, cereals, pusles etc. since last year (2010).

We have inhouse vermicomposting unit producing approx 2000 Kgs per month.
We also have genuine GIR cows for cow dung / cow urine.
We have also started producing panchagavya for the nutrition supply to the plants/crops.
62033 Fruits legumes Ecocert Fruits et légumes exotiques
  Description : Vegetables : Lady\'s Fingure (Bhindi, Okra), Drumstick, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Carrot,Raddish, Beet Root, Sweet Potato, Yam (Suran), Chawli, Tuvar, Gavar, Brinjal ( 4 varieties), Tomatoes (2 Varieties), Green Chilli, White Kohla, Ridge Gourd (Turiya), Bottle Gourd (Dudhi, Loki), Bitter Gourd (Karela), Round Gourd (Tinda, Tensa), Sponge Gourd (Galka), Snake Gourd (Padval), Cucumber (2 varieties), Pumpkin, Tondli (Tindora).

Exotic Vegetables : Baby Corn, Squash, Thyme, Gherkin (Chinese Cucumber), Broccolli, Lettuce,
Purple Cabbage, Pak Choy Green, Parsely, Celery.

Fruits : White Corn, Sweet Corn, Banana, Velchi Banana, Papaya, Musk Melon, Pineapple, watermelon.
62031 Services Other Consulting
Description : “Balkan Biocert” is the First national Inspection and Certification body which operates with well trained and highly professional staff and provides high quality and affordable services to interested organic farmers, processors and traders.
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