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8661 Commodities Argencert Tea
Description : organic tea (blends)
8592 Commodities Control Union Sugar
8556 Commodities Soil Association Certification Ltd Sugar
Description : We are importing Organic Cane Sugar direct from Cuba and Colombia. It is very pale in colour, and a small granule. This makes it ideal for manufacturers, as it dissolves easily without colouring the product. We also offer Organic Icing Sugar, which is produced from the Organic Cane Sugar.
8445 Commodities Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Cocoa beans, Cocoa butter, Cocoa licor, Cocoa powder in organic and biodynamic certification quality
8406 Commodities Ecocert Tea
Description : Lemon Grass Tea/ Oil Citonella Oil Rosemary Oil Geranium Oil Chanomile Tea/oil
8381 Commodities Other Tea
Description : FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD SUCH A BIG ORGANIC TEA MOVEMENT HAS TAKEN PLACE (single estate 1millionkg., also we have already started converting another of our Assam T.E., Belseri towards Organic which produces at present also approx. 1million kgs of black tea) SECONDLY FIRST TIME ORGANIC TEA IS PRICED AT PARITY WITH CONVENTIONAL TEA PRICES TO GENERATE VOLUME BUSINESS & SPREAD THE AWARENESS FOR PURE PESTICIDE FREE TEA. our company goal is to take this product to the masses. We have successfully converted this whole garden to organic farming, meaning no usage of pesticides, chemicals, weedicides etc. & simultaneously NOT LOST CROP & NEITHER HAVE WE INCREASED OUR COSTS. This has been a tremendous finding in the world of agriculture. Basically we use various herbal extracts in liquid form diluted with water, which are sprayed on the tea bushes. We also tried it in tobacco fields & wheat crop, barley, spices, flowers etc. & there also the yield has increased & the size of the crop has drastically increased. For this reason we can price our Organic Tea at the same level as non-organic teas. We guarantee the best offer price for organic tea in the world. We can offer consumer pack of 100gm, 250gm & 25tea bags & 100gm. (handmade paper/100% recyclable) gift boxes also. We are also open to private labels & are looking for partners worldwide to market this new product. In the same Organic Methodology we have already started converting another of our Assam Tea garden, Belseri T.E. which also annually produces 1million kgs. We have tested our Jalinga Organic Teas for pesticide residue at Eurofins Laboratory in Germany & it complies with the EU norms for Organic Teas. We can offer Bulk Loose Organic Assam Tea at USD 2.00/kg. FOB Calcutta, India. We can also submit the Eurofins Lab. Testing report for Organic Tea. We do Private Labels also. Hope to hear from you soon on your inquiry of Organic Tea supply. Please visit us at for organic tea inquiries Also you can look up our company site for our business profile. Best Regards Ketan Patel For K. Manibhai & Co. 229 A.J.C. Bose Road, 3rd Floor Crescent Towers Calcutta-700020 West Bengal, INDIA Ph: +91-33-22808294/95/80, 22808524/22874048 FAX : +91-33 22808525 Email: Website:
8278 Commodities Imo Tea
Description : We represent an IMO Germany certified Organic Tea Factory in India that produces CTC Organic Tea. The Tea is cultivated organically by a group of growers, without using chemical or hazardous materials as per IMO Germany specifications. The Tea brewed of these Organic Tea leaves is refreshingly tasty. We are in a position to supply Organic Tea.
8277 Commodities Imo Tea
Description : Our company is an enterprice involving tea growing, processing and marketing.It is one of the earliest and leading organic tea producer in China, with 530 hectares of tea plantaitons and 6 processing factories.Gotten the IMO,USDA,OFDC and OFRDC certification,our products have been exported far USA,Australia and other tea- consuming countries.
8275 Commodities Ecocert Coffee & substitutes
Description : Organic coffee produced under shade, 1550 m over the sea level. Washed Arabic Coffee
8244 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Coffee & substitutes
Description : arabica coffee
8209 Commodities Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Coffee & substitutes
Description : ORGANIC GENUINE GALAPAGOS COFFEE Cantidad 400 bags of 46 kilos net Origen : Islas Galapagos
8208 Commodities Control Union Coffee & substitutes
Description : We offer SKAL certified orgainc Coffee both ARACICA and ROBUSTA. we can supply any required quantity based on your requirement. Thanks and please write us for more information.
8207 Commodities Other Tea
Description : - - Jalinga Tea Estate Dear Sir/Madam, We take great pleasure to announce the launch of our JALINGA T.E. site at with also the successful organic conversion technology described within. This is the Single Largest Organic Tea Estate in the World. Will be launching our full range of Organic Teas(chemical & pesticide FREE Teas) in 250gm/100gm packets, 25 & 100tea bags & 100gm hand made paper(100% recyclable) gift boxes in Calcutta, India next month & pricing it almost at parity with the conventional teas & almost half price of any organic teas in the market. Our new pack design can be seen at: Please give your feedback & interest & we will send you some samples Best Regards Ketan Patel For K. Manibhai & Co. 229 A.J.C. Bose Road, 3rd Floor Crescent Towers Calcutta-700020 West Bengal, INDIA Ph: 91-33-22808294/95/80, 22808524/22874048 FAX : 91-33 22808525 Email: Website:
8185 Commodities Other Tea
Description : We are selling both organic rice and tea in Taiwan and are very confident of our quality and the sense of taste . Although we are not so sure whether or not these type of rice and tea will be accepted by your local people . But It is extremely worth for us to introduce such a good products to you , we believe we can provide you delicious rice which is totally different from European long rice , also either Overseas Chinese or Japanese and most Asia people will be absolutely fond of this kind of Organic rice and tea .
8183 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Coffee & substitutes
Description : freeze dried instant coffee roasted and ground coffee whole bean coffee
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