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19235 Commodities Other Tea
Description : Wild harvested botanicals blended together to create these delicious teas.
19127 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Tea
Description : "Yerba Mate" Tea made out of 100% pure organic green leaf and organic toast. Totally natural obtained after the leaves are dried, cut and standadized.
19126 Commodities Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Coffee & substitutes
Description : Organic green coffee beens 14up packed in 60kgs juta bags
Roasted coffee for espresso (large beens) Mediun roast.
grind and roasted coffee packed with high vacuun
We can produce privet label
8724 Commodities Control Union Tea
Description : Our Brand name OPLINC- Nature's Cup tea is Fair Trade Certified by Transfair Canada and 100% Organic Tea from (Ceylon) Sri Lanka. Our tea is certified organic and has the following International Certifications: a) SKAL - Netherlands NOP Certification and carries the USDA Logo. b) SKAL - Netherlands EU Logo. c) NASAA - Australia for JS - Japanese Certification, d) IMO - Switzerland and
e) OF & G - U.K. f) Bio Terrorism Certification for USA. Our tea comes in enveloped tea bag packs in the following varieties Earl Grey Tea, English Breakfast Tea, Pure Ceylon Tea (Black) and Green Tea. We offer Enveloped Tea bags in pack sizes of 10 tea bags, 25 tea bags and 50 tea bags. We also have Loose Leaf tea Black Tea and Green Tea in 125g pack. Our enveloped string and tag tea bags do not have the Metal Staple. To guarantee 100% Pure Ceylon Tea to our customers, our tea packs are "Tear Tape Sealed" and packed at an ISO 9001:2000 certified factory. We can also supply certified organic black tea and green tea Chinese method and the Japanese Sencha method, in bulk. We also pack under your own private label and can supply Single Estate Teas. We can supply 100% organic tea with Organic Flavor or Natural Flavors - 95/5 rule. Please visit our website: or write to
9412 Commodities Control Union Cocoa, chocolate
Description : cocoa in bulk
9378 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Coffee & substitutes
Description : The Gourmet Splendidus Coffee is 100% Arabic Biodinamic. It is produced in the region of Alta Mogiana( Rural area of Sao Paulo State), well-known for its high quality coffee, wich is appreciated throughout the world.
9314 Commodities Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Coffee & substitutes
Description : Developer and importer of certified organic and fair trade coffees from Central Amerca, South America, Caribbean, Indonesia,Africa Swiss Water Decaf.
9288 Commodities Imo Tea
Description : We are producer and exporters of Darjeeling and Assam Teas both conventional as well as Organic. Orthodox Black Tea / Green Tea / CTC Tea / OOLONG Tea / WHITE TEA
9262 Commodities Nasaa Tea
Description : Nepal organic Green Tea Nepal Organic Black Tea Nepal Organic Tea Bags Nepal Organic Additives/Spices Tea/Tea Bags Nepal Organic Gift Packets
9188 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Coffee & substitutes
Description : The IAO is a 100% arabic coffee produced in the Alta Mogiana region, in the North of São Paulo state/ Brazil. This is a privilegied region for coffee cultivation thanks to the ideial climate, height and soil conditions, wich results in a worldwide coffee recognized for its speciallly unique flavor. IAO coffee is totally free of agrotoxics and made only with the best selected beans. It has more vitality than conventional coffee, besides a great respect for the environment, and human health.
9004 Commodities Letis S.a. Sugar
Description : Organic Granulated Dehidrated Raw Brwoun Sugar
8963 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Coffee & substitutes
Description : I am a productor/dealer interested in selling organic coffee to EU.
8928 Commodities Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Coffee & substitutes
Description : Organic coffee Jas miembro de la Association organic standart
8895 Commodities Bio Inspecta Ag Sugar
Description : Raw cane sugar Unrefined whole cane sugar
8764 Commodities O.i.a. Sugar
Description : Argentbio is exclusive commercial agent for Santa Lucia mills offering a high quality organic sugar for international markets
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